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Chapter 5 Fantasy, this is the proof?

In the black Maybach, Gu Jinhan looked at the file in his hand blankly.

Ye Youyou, the unrecognized eldest lady of Ye’s family, was exiled to a foreign country at the age of fifteen. She was tricked into going to a hotel for a blind date when she returned home yesterday afternoon, and then injured someone…

I heard that the Ye family suffered a big loss in the business field some time ago, and they are currently short of capital turnover.

It seems that the idea was hit on this dispensable daughter.

Oh, no wonder you are so anxious to marry yourself out.

It’s better to marry him than to be forced to marry a seven-year-old eighty man, anyway, she won’t be a disadvantage if she gets what she needs.

The car door was opened, Pei Ying stood outside the door, and gestured to Ye Youyou behind him, “Miss Ye, please.”

Ye Youyou glanced at the man sitting in the car, bit his lip, and sat in.

When the car started, Ye Youyou lowered his head and kept knotting his fingers. It took a long time before he raised his head and asked nervously, “Gu Jinhan, you…are you really going to marry me?”

Gu Jinhan squinted at her, “What, regret it?”

“No regrets.” Ye Youyou shook his head almost without thinking.

How could she regret it, since he put a candy in her mouth when he was five years old, he has lived in her heart.

So, for so many years, no matter how hard it was, as long as she thinks of him, she is not afraid of anything.

She dreams of becoming his bride.

Ye Youyou stared at Gu Jinhan with bright eyes, and rushed up into a bear hug, yelling without embarrassment, “Oh~~ Gu Jinhan, I love you, I love you, I love you to death.”

Gu Jinhan’s face was black like the bottom of a pot, and he pushed her away with a look of disgust, “If you don’t want to be thrown out of the car, let me sit there!”

Ye Youyou rolled his eyes, what? People are confessing to him, so they can’t help but keep a straight face.

But when he thought of becoming his wife, Ye Youyou felt like the sun outside the car, incredibly bright.

The co-pilot’s Pei Ying twitched her mouth. Why aren’t the little girls now reserved?

Also, the young man in his family actually wants to marry a woman who has only met once?

Was it stimulated by Miss Xu?

Or is it that the young Han, who had been abstinent from his family for many years, finally wanted to start after a taste of meat?

Pei Ying couldn’t figure it out, and didn’t dare to speculate on his thoughts, and sneaked a glance at Ye Youyou in the back seat from the rearview mirror.

Shao Han’s vision is really good, his face value is more than a little higher than that of Miss Xu.

Soon, the car stopped at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Ye Youyou got out of the car and followed Gu Jinhan. He didn’t care about breathing for a while. For fear of offending him, he turned his face and refused to admit it.

Sign, take photos, stamp…

In just ten minutes, Ye Youyou felt that it would be longer than her 21 years.

Finally, looking at the red book in his hand, Ye Youyou almost jumped up with excitement.

They are getting married…

Ye Youyou and Gu Jinhan are married!

Gu Jinhan looked at Ye Youyou holding the marriage certificate like a darling, smiling like a second fool, staring at the photo of the two on the marriage certificate, and saliva almost came out.

Are you so happy?

Yes, looking at the whole country, there are countless women who want to marry him. Now that she is Mrs. Gu Shao, she should be happy indeed.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The marriage certificate in his hand was suddenly taken away, and Ye Youyou stared at Gu Jinhan with teeth and claws.

“I’ll take care of this.” Gu Jinhan shook the red notebook in his hand and turned to look at Pei Ying, “Send her back.”

“Yes, Young Master Han.”

“Back… Where?” She is completely homeless now, OK.

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