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Chapter 5 Mischief

The next morning, Nan Xin had to go through the discharge procedures.

“You haven’t recovered yet, so stay in the hospital for a few more days.” Qiao Mubei’s tone of voice was soft to children, but it was also mixed with the smell of commands.

Nan Xin got up from the hospital bed, “I don’t want to stay in the hospital. Uncle, you are going to work, and you can’t stay with me in the hospital. I’m alone and don’t even speak.”

The more she talked, the more pitiful she got, and the look on her face was aggrieved.

“You have no one to take care of you when you go back to school. It’s better to stay in the hospital honestly.” Qiao Mubei was out of consideration for her health.

But Zhang Nanxin was stubborn and disobedient. She got up from the hospital bed, and when she got up, she caught the wound on her body. Nan Xin gasped and grinned.

Qiao Mubei quickly held her down to prevent her from moving, “Don’t move, pay attention to the wounds on your body being torn open.”

Although it was a minor operation, there was an opening in the body after all, it was really painful. From childhood to adulthood, Zhang Nanxin has not even suffered a few injuries, and most of her body is a small injury from bumps and bumps. This time is her worst. If she stays at home, she promises to be hospitalized.

But now the situation is different, she wants to stick to her uncle, she doesn’t want to stay in the ward, “I don’t want to be hospitalized, uncle…”

Her appearance is really pitiful and aggrieved, making people feel reluctant to look at it.

“Okay. Then where do you live with me first, I’ll ask a caregiver to take care of you. I finish my work and try to go back as soon as possible.” Qiao Mubei had no choice but to promise her.

Zhang Nanxin responded quickly, “Well, good.”

Promise quickly, as if she was afraid of agreeing to be slower, Qiao Mubei would change her mind.

This really made her very happy. She wanted her uncle to feel relieved, so she asked him to agree to visit her more in the hospital and accompany her more often. Unexpectedly, the uncle let her live in his house directly.

Qiao Mubei invited a caregiver and sent Zhang Nanxin to where he lived and went to work.

Zhang Nanxin looked from left to right in the room he lived in, with strange eyes, “It turns out that uncle’s room is like this.”

“Miss Nanxin, should you go back and rest? You walk around like this, in case the wound opens, it won’t work.” The nurse worried Zhang Nanxin, stepped forward to support her and persuaded.

“Yes, I can’t walk around, then I’ll lie down.” Zhang Nanxin felt that the nurse was right, so she slept directly on Qiao Mubei’s bed.

I fell asleep on my uncle’s bed, really soft, and the quilt still smelled of uncle.

Zhang Nanxin yawned and looked at the caregiver looking at her with weird eyes, “You go out first, I want to sleep for a while. I will wake up later and order takeaway. I will call you if I need it, and you will stay in the living room. Just move on.”

“Okay. But Miss Nanxin, before you go to bed, let me take a bath for you. You probably didn’t take a bath last night. I took a bath for you and you can sleep more comfortably.”

“No, I’ll wake up later, so I can just wash it myself.” Zhang Nanxin refused the nursing.

She thinks it’s weird to ask others to help in the bath or something. And it was for a caregiver whom she only knew to help her take a bath, and she couldn’t accept it.

The caregiver looked at her embarrassedly, “This can’t work. I am Mr. Mu who has invited me to take care of your caregiver. If you don’t let me take a bath for you, I can’t deal with Mr. Mu. If Mr. Mu blames me, I will be fired. .”

“Miss Nanxin, you should cooperate a little bit.” The caretaker looked at the weird little girl in front of him. She looked like a minor. She looked very sweet and looked good and talkative, so she moved with affection. Know the reason.

However, no matter how good her reasoning is, Zhang Nanxin still did not agree, “I just don’t want to wash it. If you talk again and make me sleep, you will be expelled immediately!”

Threatened by Nan Xin, the caregiver immediately closed his mouth, and had no choice but to leave the bedroom and stay in the living room.

Zhang Nanxin was in Qiao Mubei’s bed, and she was so happy that she almost rolled away. She can take advantage of the fact that she can’t take a bath by herself. How can she be so smart!

Well, she is such a clever little ghost!

After waking up, when Zhang Nanxin got up, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. She called the caregiver.

“You call Mr. Joe and ask when he will be back.”

“Okay.” After the nurse answered, he called Qiao Mubei, and returned to Zhang Nanxin after the call, “Mr. Qiao said it’s coming soon, there will be about half an hour.”

Zhang Nanxin rolled his eyes and thought of a good idea, so he dismissed the nurse and asked the nurse to buy groceries in the supermarket.

The nurse agreed because he did nothing today and didn’t help Zhang Nanxin take a bath.

After waiting for a while, Zhang Nanxin heard movement at the door, and hurriedly went into the bathroom, “Is the uncle back?”

“Yeah.” Qiao Mubei followed Nan Xin’s direction.

Zhang Nanxin popped his head and looked at Qiao Mubei who was outside. “Uncle, you came just right. I have a wound on my body and it is not convenient. Uncle, please help me.”

Hearing her taking a bath, Qiao Mubei immediately stopped, worried about the wound on her body, frowning, “Why don’t you see Caregiver Liu? How about her?”

Nan Xin squinted at him with a smile, “Guardian Liu went to help us buy groceries.”

“You have injuries, how can you take a bath by yourself?”

As soon as Qiao Mu was being said, Nan Xin hurriedly answered, “So, uncle, come and wash me. It is not convenient for me to take a bath. The water has been spilled on my wounds. You know, my wounds cannot Got water.”

As soon as the wound gets water, it will become inflamed, and Qiao Mubei reprimanded her coldly, “You are such a fool!”

This kind of tone was when she was a child reprimanding, Nan Xin could still hear her, she drooped her head unhappy, and said softly, “My body is itchy. Uncle, you won’t help me. I’ll go and wash it myself.”

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