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Chapter 6 That Woman, Not Worth It

Gu Jinhan ignored Ye Youyou and got into a car, leaving behind a piece of dust…

Ye Youyou was messy in the wind, was she abandoned just after receiving the certificate?

“Lin…Young Madam.” Pei Ying walked to the door of another car and opened the door, “I will take you home.”

Seeing Ye Youyou shook his head, Pei Ying added: “Send you back to Shao Han’s house.”

Ye Youyou’s eyes lit up and he quickly got into the car, “Good!”

Pei Ying: “…”


Gu’s headquarters.

This iconic building of Huaxia rises to the sky, like a dazzling pearl.

The Gu family has always been the leader of Huaxia’s shopping malls. Especially in the past few years, it has reached an unprecedented height and created one myth after another.

And the person who created these myths-Young Master Gu, is the king standing at the top of the pyramid, making people yearn and fearful.

As soon as Gu Jinhan walked into the office with his front feet, Mu Nanfeng and Zhao Yi walked in side by side on the back feet.

“Something?” The two of them rarely appear in the company at the same time.

“Something, something big.”

Mu Nanfeng winked and glanced at Zhao Yi, already knowing it, and coughed twice: “I heard that you were calculated last night? I took the doctor to the hotel to see you when I received a call from Pei Ying. Who knows half? On the way, Pei Ying called and said…”

Gu Jinhan leaned on the chair, with her slender legs folded on the desk, her eyes narrowed dangerously, and a burning cigarette appeared on her fingertips.

“Say what? Go on.”

Zhao Yi immediately stunned, haha ​​and hid behind Mu Nanfeng.

If such a threat is so full of meaning, does he dare to say it?

Obviously, dare not.

Zhao Yi didn’t dare, it doesn’t mean Mu Nanfeng didn’t dare either.

“It needs to be said. Looking at your face in the spring breeze, you had a good time last night?” Mu Nanfeng put his hands in his trouser pockets, regardless of Gu Jinhan’s gloomy face, and said to himself:

“It’s a pity, I had known that I had set up a plan for Xu Jiani to find you last night, maybe…”

Gu Jinhan’s eyes sank and shot at Mu Nanfeng with Ling Li’s murderous intent.

“Hehe, what are you doing staring at me?” Mu Nanfeng shrugged indifferently and pointed to the computer on his desk. “Looking at today’s news headlines, I don’t believe you don’t know. News of Xu Jiani and Gu Tianling’s engagement has been flying all over the sky. “

Gu Jinhan didn’t speak, and just sat there, giving people a majestic aura of a dominion over the world.

Raising his hand and inhaling a cigarette, the chill in his eyes spread a little bit, “If it’s okay, go out!”

Mu Nanfeng disturbed her hair lazily, turned and walked outside the door.

“Remind you, don’t be arrogant, that woman, it’s not worth it.” Walking to the door, Mu Nanfeng didn’t look back, leaving a quiet sentence.

The office door opened and closed, and Gu Jinhan stared at the extinguished cigarette in his hand, without any expression on his face.

Isn’t it worth it?

Oh, it’s really not worth it…


Zhao Yi followed out of the office, frowning and asked: “Second brother, what you said just now meant… the old meeting…”

Mu Nanfeng gave him a white look and glanced at the closed door behind him, “Perhaps I think too much. He has never been an indecisive person. This time…I’m afraid I really give up.”

“Yeah.” Zhao Yi touched his chin and nodded, agreeing very much. “You are still right if there is a saying, that stupid woman Xu Jiani, it’s not worth it.”

After a pause, he suddenly thought of something, “But I was a little surprised that Gu Tianling would marry Xu Jiani. Didn’t he never even look at her before?”

“Heh, what’s so surprising about this? For Gu Tianling, Xu Jiani is his bargaining chip. No matter what happens in the future, as long as Xu Jiani is by his side, Jin Han will be scrupulous.”

Zhao Yi frowned, “How come the boss…”

Mu Nanfeng raised his eyebrows and glanced at him, he suddenly understood, frowning deeper.

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