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Chapter 6 You Help Me Wear It

Qiao Mubei, who was standing outside the door, urged her, “You come out quickly, obedient!”

Nan Xin was pouring the shower gel, absent-mindedly, the shower gel poured all over the place. She was thinking about how to let her uncle come in and help her bathe.

But for a long time no movement was heard at the door. So she wanted to take a look at the door, but she just took a step forward.

‘Puff through’! There was a loud noise, followed by’Ah! ‘With a cry, she screamed violently.

“Uncle!” Nan Xin shouted sternly.

Qiao Mubei walked in quickly, and the scene caught in his eyes was that Nan Xin fell to the ground, naked. He quickly pulled the bath towel, wrapped Nan Xin, picked her up, and took her back to the bedroom.

“Where did you fall? Is the wound on your body cracked?” Qiao Mubei wanted to check her body. He just wanted to remove the bath towel from her, and his hand stopped.

She was not wearing any clothes. He almost forgot about this towel.

Zhang Nanxin’s painful tears fell straight, she looked at Qiao Mubei with tears in her eyes, “Uncle, I hurt, it hurts…”

“Which hurts? I’ll take you to the hospital.” Qiao Mubei picked her up.

Nan Xin pulled his collar with both hands, “No, uncle, I’m not wearing any clothes!”

If she goes to the hospital like this, she will be seen by others. She gently shook his collar with her hand, “Uncle, you help me dress.”

Qiao Mubei’s palms were hot, watching the girl in front of him crying all the time, urging him to dress her. He raised his hand to hold her clothes and stared at her, there was no way to start.

At this time, the voice of the nursing staff was heard outside the door, interrupting their current atmosphere, “Miss Nanxin, I have come back from shopping, did my husband come back?”

Finally, it was the clothes that Liu Nursing helped Zhang Nanxin wear, which disappointed her.

Zhang Nanxin went to the hospital to dress up the wound again, and came back at night, because the wound hurt and didn’t sleep all night.

When she woke up the next morning, she saw Qiao Mubei cooking. Nan Xin looked at her eyes as if they were stuck with glue. Her uncle was only wearing simple home clothes. She looked at her uncle’s profile. The hale and hearty lines were clear, and her body was haloed by the light. She couldn’t look away.

“Why are you up?” As soon as Qiao Mubei turned around, he saw Nan Xin staring at her in her pajamas, frowning unhappy.

Zhang Nanxin smiled sweetly, “I remember to eat.”

Qiao Mubei stepped towards her, picked her up, and sent her back to the bed, “I’ll be ready in a while, and I’ll bring it to you. Please don’t move around when you lie down. The wound was just re-dressed yesterday, so don’t give it anymore. Cracked.”

He covered her quilt and turned to leave.

Nan Xin pulled Qiao Mubei with a bitter face, “Uncle, my wound hurts, I don’t know if it’s cracked.”

“Let me see.” Qiao Mubei bent down and opened her pajamas.

He was about to check her wound, when he heard a bang in his ear, he was kissed on the cheek. When he raised his head to look at her, he saw a sly smile on her face, “It’s a lie to you, uncle is really a lie.”

Seeing her smiling happy eyes, Qiao Mubei was startled, but he still said coldly, “Don’t be fooling around!”

Trained again!

Nan Xin was upset, and muttered, “It’s not a idiot! I just want to do something, thank you uncle. I’m sick, uncle, you take care of me, bring me to your place, and cook for me. I am. I’ve always troubled you uncle.”

“Uncle, if you dislike me and don’t like me, you don’t need to take care of me, I can go back to school by myself…” She showed aggrieved appearance again.

Seeing Nan Xin’s appearance, Qiao Mubei couldn’t bear to face her coldly, so he lowered his voice to coax her, “I don’t bother you.”

“You lie down, don’t think about it.” He helped her cover the quilt and said before going out, “You can eat soon.”

Seeing Qiao Mubei going out, Zhang Nanxin felt very frustrated. Although she pretended to be pitiful and made her uncle feel soft, but seeing her uncle’s attitude towards her, she still treated her as a child.

If he always treated her as a child, how could she have a chance?

This will never work!

After finishing her emotions, Zhang Nanxin took out her mobile phone and planned to send Ajiu a WeChat chat. While chatting, I heard someone talking outside the door.

In the living room, Qiao Mubei looked at Lan Xuanxuan and asked, “Why are you here?”

“I heard that you are resting today, so come and have a look.” Lan Xuanxuan put the fruit in her hand on the coffee table, then looked at Qiao Mubei, with a sweet voice complaining, “You come to city a for business trips. God doesn’t look at me either,”

Qiao Mubei frowned, “Recently, I have been busy at work and haven’t found the time yet. I happen to want to see you too.”

Talk to her about the marriage contract.

Of course, because she didn’t say the second half of this sentence, Lan Xuanxuan still saw Qiao Mubei’s indifferent attitude towards her, but she still maintained a smile on her face, “My parents know when you come to city a. Before I came to see you , They also specifically confessed to me that I must let you go home with me for a meal.”

Zhang Nanxin in the room felt very uncomfortable when he heard these words from Lan Xuanxuan and Qiao Mubei.

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