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Chapter 7 Is there anyone in your house?

She turned around and wanted to go back to the room to lie down, but accidentally touched the door and made a noise.

Lan Xuanxuan walked to the back room in doubt, “Is there anyone in your room?”

Hearing Lan Xuanxuan’s words, Zhang Nanxin was frightened to death. She hurriedly found a place to hide, regardless of how painful her body was. She gritted her teeth with tears and did not dare to make a sound.

The door was opened, and there was no sign of Nan Xin on the bed, not even the quilt, “Do you live in this bedroom? There are very few things in it.”

Qiao Mubei didn’t know where Nan Xin was in the room, so he didn’t want to listen to Lan Xuanxuan’s words, opened the curtains, and there was no one hidden under the curtains.

Zhang Nanxin hiding under the bed, because of the limited space, she could only lie on the ground with her face, unable to move.

“Is there a mouse in your room?” Lan Xuanxuan also looked around, her eyes fell on the phone on the bed. The phone shell is pink. She couldn’t help but have some other opinions about Qiao Mubei. .

A man in his thirties can actually use a pink phone case. Isn’t it a problem with sexual orientation? At her school, she met several gay couples.

“Since the mouse is hiding, Brother Mu Bei, you just leave it alone. You can call a housekeeping service later.”

Seeing Qiao Mubei ignored it, Lan Xuanxuan smelled the smell coming from the kitchen again, “Brother Mubei, there seems to be something smelling, it should be the food.”

Qiao Mubei regained consciousness first, and walked to the kitchen, turning off the fire.

“Have you had breakfast?” Qiao Mubei raised his eyes to Lan Xuanxuan.

Lan Xuanxuan seemed flattered, not overjoyed, she hurriedly responded, “Not yet, my mother urged me to hurry up in the morning.”

When she asked for dinner, she said no, that would definitely stay with her for dinner, but the next second, she heard Qiao Mubei’s voice, “Then you go back to dinner.”

The smile on Lan Xuanxuan’s face condensed instantly.

She looked at the kitchen, and it took a long time before she came back, and responded dryly, “Oh, good.”

Just about to turn around, Lan Xuanxuan stopped, pursed the corners of her lips, gathered up her courage, looked up at Qiao Mubei and asked, “Aren’t you sending me back?”

No matter if you didn’t see her, she took the initiative to see him, and his attitude was so cold. She is a thin-skinned person, but since the marriage contract has been concluded and they are an unmarried couple, they should have a good relationship. She has to try to get along with him.

“It’s very convenient to take a taxi at the gate of this community.” Qiao Mubei replied and handed her the bag that Xuan Xuan had put down just now.

Xuan Xuan was a little angry and ashamed, so she took the bag and went out.

I have never seen a man treat a girl so well, but she was sent back after showing her kindness!

Qiao Mubei went back to Zhang Nanxin’s bedroom again, turned the room over, and finally moved his eyes to the bottom of the boat, and reached out to open the bed, “Don’t you hurt?”

There is no closet in the room, and it is hidden under the bed, which is really embarrassing for her.

Nan Xin smiled awkwardly, and then felt the pain that made her cry, “How could it not hurt! Isn’t this all for you? If your fiancee sees me and you, she will definitely fight with you.”

See how considerate she is! In fact, the small abacus she had planned in her heart was too good.

The big palm picked her up and relocated her on the bed, raising her sword eyebrows, “You can lie down and don’t move around.”

Zhang Nanxin stared at his handsome profile stupidly. Uncle was angry!

This is the first time she has seen her uncle angry. It must have been her uncle that Xuan Xuan said just now. Nan Xin stayed clean. Qiao Mubei’s anger definitely has nothing to do with her!

Seeing her stunned little face, Qiao Mubei said in deep thought: “I’ll bring you food.”

He was so good-tempered that she was forced to lose his temper.


Knowing that my uncle is off today, so Nan Xin finished eating and waited for her uncle to clean up the dishes. She had a thought, “Uncle, I’m really bored in bed. I want to watch a movie. Uncle, can you hold me? I go to the living room and watch a movie with me?”

“Well, yes.” Qiao Mubei has always been patient with her, as long as she makes a normal request, he will agree.

Qiao Mubei held Zhang Nanxin, put her on the sofa in the living room, and then handed her the remote control.

When two people watch a movie, the atmosphere is most likely to be formed. The thing that heats up feelings is watching love movies, passionate ones, or watching ghost movies. She was scared into her uncle’s arms.

This is generally performed on TV. Although Nan Xin has never been in love, elementary school students in this era can become love masters because of TV dramas.

What’s more, she is a freshman who is 18 years old.

I have never killed a pig, I have always seen a pig run. So Zhang Nanxin hesitated for a while when choosing ghost movies and passion movies, and finally chose ghost movies.

The reason is that she is worried about choosing a passion movie. If the uncle doesn’t feel anything, or if he does, he won’t do anything to her if he is decent, and it may turn off the movie immediately.

She wants her uncle’s heart to make her uncle like her. When a female voice watches a ghost movie, she will be frightened, which will arouse men’s desire for protection, right?

Zhang Nanxin happily chose a ghost movie, “Uncle, just watch this.”

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