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Chapter 8 Whatever you choose, whatever I want

She has watched foreign horror movies, and the horror level is five stars. She has begun to imagine that she will be frightened in the future, and that her uncle will hold her in his arms and coax her picture.

“Yeah. It’s up to you, I don’t want to.” Qiao Mubei’s attitude was light, obviously he didn’t really want to watch movies.

When the movie started playing, from three minutes onwards, there was a scary scene, and then more and more scary scenes, more and more scary.

Zhang Nanxin tremblingly grabbed Qiao Mubei’s arm and held his breath.

Qiao Mubei curled his eyebrows and looked at her, “Nan Xin…”

“Ah!” Nan Xin was surprised when she heard Qiao Mubei talking in her ear.

“If you can’t watch it, just change to another movie.” Qiao Mubei persuaded her softly, taking care of her emotions.

Zhang Nanxin said quickly, “I can watch it, I can watch it, I don’t want to change it. I recommended this movie to me. I wanted to watch it a long time ago, but I was alone before, so I didn’t dare to watch it.”

“You are so scared, why do you still want to watch?” Qiao Mubei’s eyes fell on her hands that tightly grasped his arm.

He had never seen such a strange girl before, and he wanted to see it even if he was afraid of it.

Nan Xin’s eyes were watching the movie, while returning to Qiao Mubei’s words, “I like it, and watching horror movies can exercise courage. I used to encounter bad things when I was young, and I always had nightmares. Ever since I watched horror After the film, I didn’t have that nightmare.”

Nan Xin was really scared, and she really loved watching. She was so scared that she didn’t know how hard she was holding Qiao Mubei herself, and she even forgot to pounce on him.

Qiao Mu’s expression in Beibei suddenly became secretive, and he wanted to say something.

At this moment, Nan Xin was looking attentively, and suddenly there was a picture of a black cat with bright eyes gnawing on a human head.

“Ah!” Nan Xin was so scared that she screamed again and again, and kept crawling on Qiao Mubei.

When Qiao Mubei saw Nan Xin was so frightened, he took the remote control on the side and turned off the TV. Soothed her, “It’s closed.”

“What are you doing off? It’s exciting!” Zhang Nanxin was fascinated, and quickly reached out to get the remote control in Qiao Mubei’s hand. But she was still sitting on his lap, going to take the remote control in his hand, her limbs were out of coordination.

Zhang Nanxin pushed Qiao Mubei down on the sofa, and her lips rested impartially on Qiao Mubei’s.

The posture they have formed now is that of female upper part and male lower part.

At that moment, Zhang Nanxin’s heartbeat was so fast that she was about to jump out. She was fighting in her mind, she wanted to get up and explain that she was not careful; she should seize the opportunity and continue to do something…

Time seemed to be condensed, and the two of them froze, motionless.

“Dingling, Dingling, Dingling…”

The doorbell that I remembered at this time broke the atmosphere between them. Qiao Mubei helped Nan Xin aside, got up and opened the door.

“Brother Joe.”

“Where is Nanxin! Where is my Nanxin?”

Listening to these two familiar voices, Zhang Nanxin turned to look at her parents. She looked at them suspiciously, “Dad, Mom, why are you here?”

“You damn girl, you dare to hide things like an operation and hospitalization! If it hadn’t been for Ah Jiu to tell me, I didn’t know you had such a big thing!” Zhang Ma saw Nan Xin, her eyes were red. Yes, it was a curse at her.

Zhang Nanxin was also used to being scolded by Zhang’s mother, and she didn’t feel scolded. I was just angry.

This dead Jiu, betrayed her!

Zhang Nanxin smiled and changed the subject with her parents, “Dad, Mom. I’m really fine. Uncle Qiao took good care of me. By the way, how did you parents know that I live with Uncle Qiao?”

“You can still laugh!” Zhang Ma gave her a fierce look again.

Father Zhang was angry and distressed, “Baby, what you did this time is really over. You don’t know that I was scared out of a heart attack when I knew that you had an operation today. So hurry up with your mother. Look at you. If it wasn’t for your WeChat Moments to locate this place, your mother would not be suspicious, and would not call Ah Jiu to ask about your condition. I would not call Brother Qiao either.”

“You are really…”

Zhang Fu didn’t know what to say, but Nan Xin made an evaluation of herself, she was really stupid! What is the positioning of posting to Moments? !

I also blame her for being boring in bed, so she can only play on her mobile phone.

“Quickly follow me.” Zhang Ma said with a cold face.

Nan Xin looked confused, “Where to go?”

“Go to the hospital! You have to stay in the hospital for me until the wound on your body does not stutter. When I come this time, I will not go back. When will you be discharged from the hospital, when will I go back.”

Zhang Ma finished speaking with Nan Xin, and then looked at Zhang’s father, “Old Zhang, Nan Xin has undergone an operation, so I must not go to the school for military training. You go to the school for a run and tell the school clearly. Then again. Let me remind you that even if Nan Xin goes to the hospital later, let the teachers in the school pay attention.”


Nan Xin wanted to stay, but Zhang Ma did not give her a chance to speak, “Mr. Qiao, Nan Xin really caused you trouble, thank you for these few days. I will take Nan Xin away first, and wait. If you have time, let Lao Zhang treat you to dinner and thank you. Thank you.”

As soon as Zhang Ma finished speaking, she helped Nan Xin, and Zhang’s father came over to help, one by one, and took Nan Xin away.

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