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Chapter 8 Ye Family, I am not rare anymore

“Ye Youyou, you have eaten our Ye family’s and used our Ye family’s these years, shouldn’t you have to pay it back? Nowadays, it’s rare for anyone to see you, so you still pick and choose?”

Your Ye family? He really puts gold on his face.

The Ye family can survive today. Half of the credit for her mother is that when her mother passed away, Ye Hongsheng brought back the mistress and illegitimate daughter who were outside. One took the position of Mrs. Ye family and the other took the position of Miss Ye family. .

And she, Ye Youyou, became a dispensable existence for the Ye Family.

Ye Youyou stared at her, with a smile from the corner of her mouth, “I have this problem, my eyesight is high, unlike you, for the sake of superiority, I will not refuse anyone. I heard that you have recently filmed a new movie. It’s quite popular. You know it in foreign countries, many people slept.”

“You!” Ye Manru trembled with anger, waving her sharp nails and rushing towards Ye Youyou.

Ye Youyou didn’t put her in his eyes at all, stretched out his hand to grab her wrist, and sneered, “I see that old man named Mr. Wang, you can also accompany him, no more than him, a lot less than him. , He must be more interested in you than me…”


Coldly, a loud slap was thrown on Ye Youyou’s face.

Ye Hongsheng’s chest heaved violently, “Ye Youyou, don’t shame you, do you know how much I have spent on this contract? If you dare to mess it up with me, you will want to enter Ye’s house for the rest of your life! “

“Yo, Hongsheng, calm down, calm down, don’t ruin your body.” Wang Xuewei followed Ye Hongsheng’s breath with makeup, pretending to be sad and said: “Youyou, why are you so ignorant? Look at your dad. It’s really chilling.”

Ye Youyou’s face was hot and painful, and there was a rusty smell in her mouth.

Throwing away Ye Manru’s hand, Ye Youyou looked at Ye Hongsheng with indifference in his eyes.

Chilling, it’s her who should be chilling.

“Ah!” Ye Manru screamed suddenly, pointing at the traces leaking from Ye Youyou’s neck, his eyes couldn’t hide his excitement, “Parents, look.”

That night last night, she did leave a lot of marks on her body, and naturally she was not immune.

Ye Hongsheng and Wang Xuewei naturally understood such obvious traces of love.

“Tsk, it’s true that if you have a mother, you have a daughter.” Wang Xuewei smiled brightly, “I can’t help but seduce men when I return to China. Huh, my private life abroad may be so corrupt these years.”

Ye Youyou’s eyes were cold, “I’m not as good as you when it comes to seducing men.”


“Shameless thing.” Ye Hongsheng raised his hand and prepared to slap it down again.

How could Ye Youyou do as he wished, grabbing Ye Hongsheng’s hand, and wiping his hair with the other hand, deliberately exposing all the hickeys on his neck.

“Ye Hongsheng, I advise you to dispel the idea of ​​letting me marry that old man.” Ye Youyou squeezed his wrist forcefully, with a little joke in her eyes, “Because I am married, just today. morning.”

Ye Hongsheng threw away Ye Youyou’s hand, “Huh, do you think I can believe it?”

Ye Youyou dropped the word “whatever”, turned and walked out.

“Ye Youyou, stop for me! Stop!” Seeing that Ye Youyou ignored him completely, Ye Hongsheng shouted, “You dare to take a step out of Ye’s family today. Don’t even want to come back for the rest of your life!”

Ye Youyou paused.

Ye Hongsheng thought she was shaken, and smiled coldly.

He knows best what she cares about.

Ye Youyou turned his head, his eyes swept across the three people in the room, and there was no trace of emotion in his voice.

“Ye family, I’m not rare anymore.”

After speaking, he ignored the curse coming from behind and strode out.

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