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Chapter 9 Demolished

Since Nan Xin was taken away by Zhang Ma, she has not left the hospital for two weeks.

After being discharged from the hospital, Nan Xin called Qiao Mubei and asked him to meet, but Qiao Mubei refused.

This is the third time, Nan Xin has been rejected, is uncle deliberately not seeing her?

“Ajiu, I’m getting bored and moldy, can you take time off to play with me?” Zhang Nanxin was sitting in the dessert shop opposite the school, eating ice cream to relieve the heat, and talking with Ajiu.

Ah Jiu asked her doubtfully, “Why are you bored? Didn’t your brother Su Yi say yes, will you come to see you today?”

correct! Nan Xin had forgotten this matter. Her brother Su Yi returned to China and said he wanted to visit her.

“He hasn’t arrived yet. Ajiu, hurry up and accompany me. I’m in the dessert shop across from the school.”

After speaking, she hung up the phone. Ah Jiu did not refuse her chance. Nan Xin was spoiled and self-willed since she was a child, and Ah Jiu also understood her temper. Of course, he never said anything about Nan Xin’s willfulness, after all, he was such a friend.

When Zhang Nanxin was waiting for Ah Jiu, she saw a car parked in front of the school and Lan Xuanxuan got out of the car. Out of curiosity, she watched for a while. She wanted to know who sent Lan Xuanxuan, but she did. Arrived Qiao Mubei get off the car!

She saw Lan Xuanxuan’s smile, and she didn’t know what she had said to Qiao Mubei.

“Brother Mu Bei, I didn’t expect you to promise to send me to school, thank you.” Lan Xuanxuan was generous with a smile on her face.

Qiao Mubei looked at her, “By the way, you are welcome.”

Lan Xuanxuan was frustrated at his answer, feeling that the man didn’t speak at all, but because this man could not speak, but was good enough to satisfy her, she could only endure it, and she continued to speak. He said, “Brother Mu Bei, I was really sorry just now. You went to my house specially. My parents had time to see you, but I didn’t expect them to suddenly have something to do…”

The fact is not that something happened temporarily, it was just her parents’ excuse that they wanted to keep Lan Xuanxuan at home to receive Qiao Mubei, so that they could cultivate their feelings.

“Work is important. I will take the time to visit another day.” Qiao Mubei’s tone was light, as if he didn’t mind at all.

He had to go to meet the blue father and blue mother before he could talk to them about canceling the marriage contract.

Not far away, seeing Nan Xin who Qiao Mubei sent Lan Xuanxuan to school was really furious!

I didn’t see her, but sent Lan Xuanxuan to school. Isn’t the uncle accompanying Lan Xuanxuan all this time? Does he send Lan Xuanxuan to school every day?

Waiting for Ah Jiu to rush to the dessert shop, and seeing Zhang Nanxin’s expression wrong, he asked with concern: “Nanxin, what’s the matter with you?”

“Nan Xin?”

“Nan Xin…”

Ah Jiu called several times, but Nan Xin ignored him. After a while, Nan Xin suddenly slapped the table and figured it out, “Ajiu, I have decided. First, I will remove the barrier between me and uncle Lan Xuanxuan!”

“Nan Xin, what are you planning to do? Don’t think about it! Lan Xuanxuan has a marriage contract with your uncle. They are justifiable. I don’t want you to be called a mistress.” Jiu worried that Nan Xin would do it. What happened, the main Nan Xin looks too scary now, which makes him very uneasy.

Zhang Nanxin sat down again and looked at Ah Jiu, “A Jiu, my future happiness rests on you.”

Seeing Nan Xin’s big sincere eyes blinking, Ah Jiu was even more disturbed, “Nan Xin, don’t say it so serious, what are you doing?”

“Ajiu, your friendship with Senior Sister Lan Xuanxuan, invite her to go to the bar tonight, she will definitely agree.”

“Yeah.” Ah Jiu replied puzzledly.

In the evening, when the time came, Zhang Nanxin took the lead to go to the bar.

Of course, you must wear clothes suitable for the occasion of the bar, so Nan Xin wore the most leaky dress. She turned out to be short hair. At the moment, she has long maroon wavy hair and heavy makeup, so she can’t see it at all. It was her when she came out.

Seeing Su Yi waved his hand, “Brother Su Yi, you have become more and more handsome.”

Su Yi looked at her up and down, trailing the ending, “I don’t know if I have become handsome, but when did your taste become like this…”

In the end, the adjective was still not said.

“It’s not important.” Nan Xin gazed at him winkingly, and sat down. “I asked Ah Jiu to take someone with him. Brother Su Yi will see if he is interested.”

As soon as he finished talking, Ah Jiu brought Lan Xuanxuan with him.

Nan Xin thought about it. There are many ways Su Yi’s elder brother chasing women. He looks like a noble son and is gentle and considerate. He introduces Lan Xuanxuan to Su Yi. If he can become her, he will wipe out his love rival.

Lan Xuanxuan wore a water-blue tube top dress, and Ping Ting’s curvy words and deeds all revealed the charm of a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Say hello to Su Yi sweetly, “Hello.”

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