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Chapter 9 There is nothing that can’t be solved by a single meal

Walking out of Ye’s house, it was already sunset.

Ye Youyou took a taxi back to Diyuan No. 1, passing a bar, and asked the master to stop the car on the side of the road.

There was a fire in Ye Youyou’s heart just now, and he wanted to vent.

Sitting at the bar, Ye Youyou opened his mouth and ordered a glass of strong wine. The bartender in the bar handed her the wine and gave her a playful glance at her slightly swollen face.

I was probably dumped by my boyfriend. Come out and get drunk.

The sexy-dressed girl was dancing pole-dancing on the stage. Ye Youyou took a sip of wine with a lack of excitement, and reached out to touch the face that was slapped by Ye Hongsheng.

Ye Youyou smiled self-deprecatingly, for Ye Hongsheng, she shouldn’t have any hope long ago.

If Ye Hongsheng really treated her as a daughter, he would not leave her injured alone abroad, regardless of whether she asked.

After all, she was injured so badly that she almost couldn’t survive.

Really, only a little bit.

As soon as Ye Youyou walked into the bar, he heard that attracting the attention of many men. Seeing her sitting alone at the bar and drinking, a man who was hunting for beauty immediately approached to talk.

“Miss, drinking boring wine alone, how about I buy you a drink?”

A man sat down next to Ye Youyou, raised his chin, and said to the bartender in the bar: “Give this lady a glass of’honey night’.”

Ye Youyou snorted coldly and glanced over the man’s left ring finger.

There is a shallow mark, which is only visible at a glance. There should be a ring there.

After getting married, he came out to hunt for beauty, a scumbag, Ye Youyou drank the last sip of wine in the cup, his eyes flowed…

It just happened, she was worried about how to vent her unhappiness.

Ye Youyou didn’t want to say anything, and cast a wink at the man, pretending to be shy and walking towards the back door of the bar.

The implied meaning was so obvious, the man immediately became enraged, and followed it trivially by touching his chin.

As soon as he walked to the back door, Ye Youyou turned his head and looked at the man following him with a smile, flexing his hands.

“Komi ……”

Before the female character was uttered, a figure flashed past his eyes, and the man’s abdomen was severely attacked, and the pain was so painful that he didn’t even have the strength to scream.


Ten minutes later, Ye Youyou slowly walked into the bar through the back door while rubbing his hands.

Phew, sure enough, there is nothing that can’t be solved by one meal. If one meal fails, then two.

The bartender at the bar looked at Ye Youyou who came over with weird eyes. He thought she had gone to open a room with the man just now.

“Hi, brother, do you have any sugar?” Ye Youyou asked the bartender.

The bartender nodded, grabbed a handful of mints and threw it to her.

Ye Youyou glanced at the time, and it was time to go home at half past eight.

Today is the day he and Gu Jinhan got married, what was called in ancient times.

Wedding night in the bridal chamber.

She must go back sooner on such a memorable day.

With sugar in her mouth, Ye Youyou walked out the door happily, thinking of Gu Jinhan, she didn’t have any troubles anymore.

“Is the young man Han who entered the elevator just now? He is too handsome. If I can spend the night with him, it will be fine.

“Don’t think about it, Young Master Han is notoriously pure-hearted and not close to women. I heard that those women who tried to climb into Young Master Han’s bed had no good end.”

“Actually, I heard… Young Master Han… is gay.”

“No way.”

“Otherwise, how could he not have a bit of peachy news, and he hasn’t seen any women around him…”

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