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China has the official name known as People’s Republic of China (PRC) (中华人民共和国 or中華人民共和國 or Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó). It is a single political party state governed by the Chinese Communist Party. The capital city is Beijing. Beijing located in the northeastern part of the country and become the center on economy, trade, science, technology and culture. This city is also embassies home, UN agencies and international organizations, foreign news and many foreign companies locate here.

Most history and geography that Westerners collectively call is China and country have huge population in the world. Most of the population are Han Chinese in East Asia and it’s the 3rd largest country in the world after Russia and Canada. The People’s Republic of China borders around 15 countries as Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Mongolia and North Korea.

Since the founding of the Republic in 1949, China has been governed by the Communist Party of China. People’s Republic of China claims sovereignty over the island of Taiwan, Penghu Island, Amu Island (Jinmen) and the Ma Zhu Islands (Matsu) but does not rule the country. These islands are governed by the Republic of China which has the capital city is Taipei. In the political status of the Republic of China is still being debated.

Chinese spoken language divide into 7 large groups according to the population as follows:

  1. Mandarin or Han or Mandarin
  2. Bent (wú yǔ) in Jiangsu Province
  3. Cantonese
  4. Hokkien (Mǐnfāngyán) in Fujian or Hokkien province
  5. Xiang
  6. Hakka or Hakka
  7. Kwang (Kuan Yu or Jiangxi Language)

China Mainland is divided into 31 provinces which follows:

  1. Anhui (安徽省)
  2. Fujian (福建省)
  3. Gansu (甘肃省)
  4. Guangdong (广东省)
  5. Guizhou (贵州省)
  6. Hainan (海南省)
  7. Hebei (河北省)
  8. Heilongjiang (黑龙江省)
  9. Henan (河南省)
  10. Hubei (湖北省)
  11. Hunan (湖南省)
  12. Jiangsu (江苏省)
  13. Jiangxi (江西省)
  14. Jilin (吉林省)
  15. Liaoning (辽宁省)
  16. Qinghai (青海省)
  17. Shaanxi (陕西省)
  18. Shandong (山东省)
  19. Shanxi (山西省)
  20. Sichuan (四川省)
  21. Yunnan (云南省)
  22. Zhejiang (浙江省)
  23. Guangxi (广西壮族自治区)
  24. Inner Mongolia / Nei Menggu (内蒙古自治区)
  25. Ningxia (宁夏回族自治区)
  26. Xinjiang (新疆维吾尔自治区)
  27. Tibet / Xizang (西藏自治区)
  28. Beijing (北京市)
  29. Chongqing (重庆市)
  30. Shanghai (上海市)
  31. Tianjin (天津市)

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