Yaumatei Tin Hua Temple, Kowloon Hong Kong

Tin Hua Temple located area between Stanley Plaza and Murray House. The word Tin Hau (Mandarin Chinese, read Tian Tian) means “Empress of Heaven / Goddess of the Sea”, the goddess of paradise / goddess of the sea. Or that Thai people call you “Ruby Goddess” that the Hong Kong people believe in the ruby ​​goddess very much. And there are many temples named Tim Hau Temple around Hong Kong Using the same name, which is different from our home, where each temple has a different name.

Goddess of paradise The original surname “Lin” is a Fuzhou native who has supernatural abilities. Able to protect fishermen from the dangers of storms and marine disasters Jing is regarded as a worshiper, as the god of the boaters in Hong Kong, which is a city of islands that always rely on the sea for life. For this reason Hong Kong people often favor the creation of the Tin Hau Shrine in villages and districts. Especially in areas near or adjacent to the sea When the time is out, the boat will be worshiped to worship the boat itself. If you see a small shrine It can be assumed at first that it is probably the Tin Hau shrine which has more than 100 places in Hong Kong and Macau.

From the front sign identifies the miracle of this temple that when the Second World War occurred, the Japanese invaded this Stanley, although the temple was bombed by two children. But the bombs did not explode like Makes the people fleeing to take refuge in this temple, safe from that war. Every day on the 23rd of the 3rd month of China, there will be a birthday celebration of the ruby ​​goddess each year. Which has a lot of people worshiping the goddess.

Worshiping the ruby ​​goddess There are no prayers for worshiping him directly, but the chanting of the Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, Phai Chiu (Maha Tarnnee Sutra), or Phra Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Spells. That can start with, bringing the Muyu Chui Tai Pui, but if not able to surf, it is okay, can be done easily by clean your mind Have faith or faith in the real ruby ​​goddess. After that, recite the Mo 3 ending and mention the name of the Ruby Goddess. Just enough At this temple, write your name above. Hou 后 母 Tian, ​​Tian Hou Sheng Mu “Tian Ho Sia Bo”. If going elsewhere, call the name of each court. Some places may use the name “Chui Chai Sia Nia”. Then there was a boil and told the ruby ​​of goddess.

How to get there:

  • From Repulse Bay, ride the bus line 6, 6x, 66, 260 to the end of the stop across the market. Traverses along the Stanley Market Road through the beach, which has a boutique European restaurant. The beer bar is lined. Full of tourists Take a 10-minute walk to reach Stanley Plaza, passing the MC Café. Next, you’ll find Tin Hua Temple.

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