What are documents and information you need for apply China visa?

The documents and information with travel program and detail are depend on that country that you apply for China visa. This is basic information and document that use for apply.

Type of Chinese visa are as:

  • Type C: Officials of railways, airlines, and crews who perform international duties on airplanes, on board ships and air transportation, as well as the families of the tracking officers as well as drivers driving vehicles carrying international road transport duties.Type D: Foreigners who have been approved for permanent residence in ChinaType F: Foreigners traveling to China to exchange knowledge, visit culture and technology or researchType G: Foreigners wishing to enter the third country or region through ChinaType J1: Foreign journalists at the Chinese news agency that stay long in China (stay longer than 180 days)Type J2: Foreign journalists traveling to China for short-term news (Stay no more than 180 days)Type L: Foreigners traveling to China For tourismType M: Foreigners traveling to China to contact the business must have a work certificate. From all cases in Thailand By specifying details and objectives to be clear (job positions, day trips)
  • Type Q1: Family members (spouses, father-mother, children, spouses of children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, grandparents – grandparents, including father-mother of spouses) of Chinese citizens and family members (spouse, father-mother, child, spouse Of children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, grandparents – grandparents, as well as father-mother of Somsom) of foreigners who have been approved for permanent residence in China who wish to travel in Residing in China to stay together as a family, as well as foreigners who apply for a visa to stay in China, as assigned. To be a child sponsorType Q2: Chinese relatives Wishing to travel Short-term entry into China (no more than 180 days) to visit Chinese relatives Residing in China and relatives of foreigners wishing to travel to visit foreign relatives who have been approved To settle permanently in China
  • Type R: High-level foreign personnel and specialized specialists that are scarce and that China needs urgently
  • Type S1: Spouse, father-mother, child aged 18 years old, father-mother of foreign spouse Who wish to travel to China for a long term (more than 180 days) to visit relatives Foreigners residing in China that work, study, etc., including those that are necessary Must reside in China to manage other personal activitiesType S2: Family members (spouses, father-mother, children, spouses of children, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, grandparents-grandparents, including father-mother of spouses) of foreigners wishing to travel short-term (not more than 180 days ) To visit relatives Foreigners working or studying in China, including foreigners residing in China To manage other personal activitiesType X1: Foreigners traveling to China for long-term studies (more than 180 days)Type X2: Foreigners traveling to China For short-term studies (up to 180 days)Type Z: Foreigners traveling to China to work

Chinese Visa Application Documents need

  1. Chinese visa application form (if American passport using 2 forms)
  2. Passport holder must be at least 6 months from travel date expire and have at least 2 blank pages.
  3. Flight ticket and hotel booking
  4. Invitation letter from the company or agency in China with signature and stamp if you have invitation from China company. For business owners also bring the trade registration certificate (if apply for business visa)
  5. Work certificate indicating on travel purpose (for business visa only)
  6. 2 copies of photo on white background color no border and not be taken more than 6 months. Size 48 x 33 mm. Width. Head: 15 mm. Up to 22 mm, the height of the head: 28 mm to 33 mm. The face is straight, open the ears, do not close the eyes, print on the photo paper only for all types of visa applications (Use the clip behind passport and do not let the image be decisive)
    Note that: Must ware polite shirt not nude and do not wear white shirts. Because background is white and do not wear glasses or jewelry. Do not wear color contact lenses of all types. Photo must see the ear clearly and also not allowed to wear uniforms such as military uniforms, police officers, etc.
  7. Children under 18 years of age traveling with father and mother add
    7.1 copies of birth certificates (Children under 5 years old must submit a birth certificate with the real) name, English name suffix, father, mother, children,
    7.2 ID card (children)
    7.3 Copy (children)
    7.4 renamed on surname or given name (if any).
  8. In the case of traveling with a father or mother other than the above, add
    8.1 copies of the father and mother’s house registration.
    8.2 Letter of consent for the child to travel. Foreign with father or one mother must be a book issued by Government agencies only
  9. Single entry visa fee is depend on China Embassy base.

If apply in Thailand the China Embassy located at 57 Ratchadapisek Rd., Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310. Tel 02-245-7044 Email: and website is

For apply China Visa must register at Application Center which is locate at 1550, Thanaphum Building, 5th Floor, New Petchburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400. Telephone number is 02-207-5888, 02-207-5999 and website:

Open Time from Monday – Friday (Saturday – Sunday and public holidays).
To send document application from 9: 00 – 15:00 hrs. (Urgent and express requests submitted before 10.50 hrs.) and receive visas on passport holder from 9:00 – 16:00 PM (Special Urgent Request Can return the documents after 15.30 hrs.).

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