Chapter 003 Tang Dynasty Prosperity

At ten o’clock in the morning, the large conference room of “Tang Dynasty Prosperity” was already full of people, but no one spoke. It can even be said that everyone did not even dare to gasp loudly and looked at the young man sitting in the chief seat with a slightly strange atmosphere.

I have to say that he is very good-looking, with well-defined and deep features, as exquisite and perfect as a Greek statue.

But he has a pair of eyes that make people afraid to look directly at him. Because of his sharp eyes, it is as if he can see through people’s hearts, which makes people scared. And the deterrence he exudes just by speaking is enough to make people shiver.

“If I stand up by myself, maybe I can consider not handling it strictly.”

The man sitting in the chief seat, staring coldly at the group of people in front, said leisurely. Although his tone was not cold or hot, and he could not even hear any emotions, the coldness and domineering emanating from him should not be ignored.

After a moment of silence, no one spoke, the man chuckled lightly, and then slightly turned his head and called out “Rhodes”. Then I saw the man standing behind him, holding a folder and coming to him.

This man named Rod is the man’s special assistant.

“Since all of you choose to be silent, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

With a playful smile on his face, the man said, his eyes swept over everyone present. Although he was laughing, it made everyone present feel more pressured. Especially the one with a guilty conscience, has already begun to tremble.

Taking the file folder from Special Assistant Rod, the man was not eager to open it, but turned to look at the finance manager sitting on his left. Then, with a sound, the folder in his hand flew out and landed directly in front of the place.

Looking at the folder in front of him, Chen Qiming was panicked as the middle-aged finance manager. I wanted to open the folder, but because my hands were shaking so badly, the action was very slow.

Seeing that the boss winked at himself, Luo Luo stepped forward and simply asked Chen Qiming to open the file folder. The moment you turn it on, you can see the various data displayed on the first page.

“These are all evidence, what else do you want to say?”

“I… No.”

Chen Qiming originally wanted to make excuses for himself, but when he met the sharp eyes of the man, he didn’t dare to say anything. said. And his silence was taken as a default.

“Legal Department, this matter will be handed over to you. Rod, you are responsible for following up. I have to deal with this matter strictly, so as to warn everyone in the company what it will be like to make such a low-level mistake. In this way, the meeting is over!” After

speaking, the man stood up and turned to leave.

Seeing the situation, Rod hurriedly put away the “criminal evidence” at Chen Qiming’s table, and then followed.

It’s just that the two people walked out of the meeting room, before they reached the elevator entrance, someone chased them out.

“Yuwei, wait a minute!”

Hearing the voice coming from behind, the man couldn’t help frowning, obviously disgusted by Chen Qiming calling him by his name. However, he still stopped.

Not long after, I saw Chen Qiming, who was frightened in the conference room just now, rushing to him a little awkwardly. At this time, Rod realised the boss’s unpleasant expression, so he took the initiative to speak.

“Manager Chen, you are in the company now, please pay attention to your name.”

“Yes! Mr. Tang.”

Hearing that, although Chen Qiming did not want to be directed by a small special assistant, seeing the development of the matter was very unfavorable to him. He changed his mouth obediently. Call him “Mr Tang”, which is the abbreviation of President Tang, as the company employees call him.

“Chen…Manager, is there anything else?”

“Mr. Tang, can you remember your old feelings and let me go this time?”

Hearing Chen Qiming’s words, the man couldn’t help raising his eyebrows, and then with a playful smile. He said: “Oh? Manager Chen, I have given you a chance, but you are not sure. What’s more, I have given you enough opportunities.”

After speaking, he winked at Luo beside him, and then quickly , A stack of photos was handed to him.

He did not say anything, it was in the hands of the stack of photographs, Chen Qiming thrown in his face, and pointing to his bitter, cold and said: “I said, do not do these little tricks in the company.”

About Chen Qiming has for many times embezzled public funds, he can leave it alone, but he can’t forgive him for engaging with the company’s female celebrity Hu|. Be aware that this is an entertainment company, not a brothel!

Therefore, Chen Qiming still has the female celebrities in these photos, and he will not let it go!

Seeing that Chen Qiming didn’t speak, the man didn’t want to stay longer, so he walked in the direction of the elevator. However, the elevator door had just opened, before entering, Chen Qiming yelled out a word, causing him to change his face instantly and walk back furiously.

“If your dad was still there, he would never treat me like this!”

He can tolerate anything and everything. Only the exclusive person is something he never allows anyone to touch, even if it’s just talking. on.

However, Chen Qiming even mentioned his dead father somehow, making him flush with anger.

“You are not qualified to mention my dad!”

He stared at Chen Qiming in front of him fiercely, and he yelled out without concealing his anger. From the violent ups and downs of his chest, it can be clearly seen how excited he is about mentioning his father.

Seeing that the atmosphere is out of control, although Rod knows that it is a bit risky to speak out now, he might be angry with him. But seeing that the time was running out soon, he finally bit the bullet and said out.

“Boss, there is no time. You have to catch the plane.”

Hearing that, the man paused, and then said to Rod: “Rod, this matter must be strictly handled by the Legal Department, and those actresses, no matter what Whether it is the first line or the third line, as long as you have been in contact with him, all are blocked!” After

speaking, no matter what Chen Qiming had to say, the man turned around and entered the elevator.

His name is Tang Yuwei. He is 24 years old this year. He is a leading company in the Lion City entertainment industry and the CEO of “Tang Dynasty Prosperity”.

“Tang Dynasty Prosperity” has been founded for many years, has strong strength and has won numerous first-line red stars. It is the company that every star dreams of wanting to squeeze into.

At the age of 21, Tang Yuwei’s father passed away, so the company’s business fell on him. As the only man in the family, he had to take over the family business and take charge of the position of the head of the Tang family.

Although he had just graduated from university the year he took over the company and was under great pressure, he survived. Not only that, he also brought the company “Tang Dynasty Prosperity” established by his father to the highest point in just three years. The current results are even more dazzling than when his father ran it.

These are the results of his hard work. For several years, he has been working overtime in the company almost every day without any slack. Moreover, after time has been tempered, he can see the people and things around him more clearly.

This is why he has achieved his personality to this day—indifferent and unfeeling.

After entering the elevator, Rod turned his head and glanced at Chen Qiming with a sullen face, followed by Tang Yuwei, and entered the elevator. He looked up and saw his boss’s face turned black, and Rod hung his head and did not dare to speak.