Chapter 004 Encounter

After more than three hours of flying, the plane finally landed at Kalibo Airport in the Philippines.

Ye Tingni, who was sitting in the economy class, saw the passengers in the front row getting off the plane one after another. She waited patiently in her seat. At this moment, through the window of the machine, she could clearly see the good weather outside, but she couldn’t bring up any interest.

Haven’t you decided not to think about it anymore, just as giving yourself a holiday and going abroad to relax? But why does she involuntarily think of it whenever she is alone?

“Miss, you can get off the plane.”

She was thinking about getting involved, and suddenly a voice broke her thoughts. Turning her head subconsciously, she only saw an airline stewardess standing by her side, and there seemed to be no other passengers on the plane except her.

“Well, thank you.” After thanking

the other party with some embarrassment, Ye Tingni took her handbag and got off the plane. Few people came when she arrived at the baggage check-in area, so she quickly found her suitcase and led it out of the airport.

Walking out of the airport, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds above her head, Ye Tingni closed her eyes and felt the fresh air coming from her. I should have felt relaxed, but because my heart was heavy, my mood became a little heavy.

Ten seconds later, when she opened her eyes again, she happened to see the English list with “taxi” written on it not far away. Without a word, she dragged her luggage and walked in that direction.

In fact, Kalibo Airport is still some distance away from Boracay, but from the airport, there are many means of transportation to get there. The first method is the “bus” that most people would choose, and the second is to take a “tricycle” to the dock and transfer to a boat. The third and most local way is to take a taxi.

Why is it the most local tyrant? Because it’s expensive!

On the other side, Tang Yuwei stood at the exit of the airport, looked at the watch on his wrist a little impatiently, and raised his brows unconsciously. After Xu Shi took five seconds, he took out his cell phone from his pocket and directly dialed the phone back to Singapore.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t it mean someone will come to pick you up?”

Tang Yuwei questioned Luo on the other end of the phone impatiently at the moment the call was connected. Earlier before he boarded the plane, Rod also told him that he had contacted the people here, and said that he would have someone to pick him up as soon as he arrived.

However, he had been waiting here for nearly half an hour, and he was still not seen by anyone.

Because he was in business class, he had the privilege of getting off the plane first. Before the others got out, he had already picked up his luggage and walked out of it. Now that people from the same class came out one after another, he was even more annoyed to wait.

Everyone who works with Tang Yuwei knows that he doesn’t have much patience, and most hate others for letting him wait.

For this, Rod knows better than anyone. Therefore, he will confirm again and again earlier to confirm that everything is correct. However, this time, he really didn’t know why this happened.

“Boss, I’m really sorry. I will contact them immediately, and then I will call you back immediately.”

Hearing Rod’s stunned and nervous tone, Tang Yuwei knew that he was not at fault, so he did not blame him. After all, after working together for so many years, he knew him. However, he really didn’t have the patience to wait any longer.

“No, I can just take a

taxi myself.” He saw a sign that said “taxi” not far away, he said something to the phone, and hung up. Then dragging his luggage, he was ready to go in that direction. However, when he raised his head to move, he was suddenly stunned.

Walking not far in front of him was a woman with slight red chestnut blonde hair dragging a pink suitcase.

Although he just saw her in profile for a moment, it suddenly made him feel familiar, and he couldn’t help but think of some of the past when he was in high school a few years ago.

Seeing her crossing the road, with her long flowing hair, he looked lost in a moment.

After he recovered, he realized what he was doing, and instantly, he laughed at himself.

A few seconds later, when he put away his smile and was about to cross the long road in front of him, he suddenly saw a huge truck rushing in the direction ahead. And there was a woman in front, uh, the woman he had just seen fascinatingly, walking indifferently, seemingly unaware of it.

Tang Yuwei didn’t think much, almost subconsciously, he threw away the suitcase in his hand and rushed forward directly. He hugged her hard with both hands, and then pulled her back abruptly. Therefore, both of them fell to the side of the road.

Soon after Tang Yuwei stood up, he turned around to help the woman. Originally, I wanted to ask her if she was hurt, but seeing her eyes were hollow and in a trance, suddenly…he became angry for no reason.

Hands clasped her shoulders tightly, shaking her hard as if to wake her up, Tang Yuwei asked excitedly. “Are you crazy?! How can you cross the road without looking at the road!”

He didn’t know what a person could think of, thinking of such a trance, even crossing the road without looking at the road. In short, he is very angry when

he sees this kind of person who doesn’t cherish his own life. Why does he have such an agitated reaction? It was because… His father was knocked down by a truck in an accident and was taken to the hospital. He lost too much blood to be rescued, so it was just like that… Nothing.

So, just seeing the woman almost hit by a truck, he rushed forward to rescue her without hesitation.

He thought to himself, if there was someone like him back then, would his father not die?


And Ye Tingni looked at the strange man in front of her who was angry at her, and didn’t know what was wrong for a while, she suddenly felt wronged, and then she cried bitterly. And it’s the kind of howling and crying.

I don’t know if it’s because Tang Yuwei was so fierce that she was frightened, or she was frightened when she was almost hit by a truck. In short, for a while, her tears seemed to be unstoppable, like a depressed emotional explosion in her heart. The same.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you…?”

Tang Yuwei suddenly panicked at a loss when he saw the woman in front of him suddenly squatting on the ground and crying. Not only was she worried about her, but because passers-by heard the crying, they had already cast their eyes on her.

Tang Yuwei grew up so old, and it was the first time he was so embarrassed in public!