Chapter 005 A Woman with a Story

Looking at the man in front of him who was communicating with the local police in English, Ye Tingni, whose eyes were red and swollen from crying, sat quietly with her head down. Thinking of what happened on the street just now, feelings of guilt and self-blame were flowing in my heart.

Just now, if this man suddenly rushed out of the road and pulled her back, I’m afraid she would be dead, right?

Logically speaking, if he saved her, she should be grateful to him. However, not only did she not have it at the time, but she squatted in the street crying, making him such a big man so embarrassed.

And, not only that, because he dropped all his things and rushed to rescue him, so when he looked back, the luggage was gone. Therefore, they are now reporting to the local police station.

Ye Tingni felt very upset for hurting others because of her own relationship.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Tingni didn’t know how long she had been sitting there in a daze. She only knew that when a dark shadow was set, she could not raise her head before she heard an extremely cold voice that shocked her.

When she reacted, the man had already walked in the direction of the exit. As a result, she was like a child who did something wrong, following the man behind her without daring to say anything.

Walking along a long walkway, Tang Yuwei stopped suddenly as if thinking of something.

Just as he was thinking, a sudden force hit his back. He turned his head, only to see Ye Tingni a few steps away from him, covering her head with a painful expression on her face. Does this woman walk without looking at the way?

“You… don’t look at the road?”

Tang Yuwei just thought so in her heart, but she didn’t expect to just ask.

First, I crossed the road without looking at the car, then came crying in the street, and now, I walked without looking at the road. For the woman in front of him, he really felt very speechless, but at the same time, he was also curious about her.

Looking at her eyes that were a little red and swollen from crying, I don’t know why Tang Yuwei felt that this woman had a story. What is it that makes her look so sad? He had an urge to know more about her.

Moreover, just now he just thought that the profile of this woman looked familiar, but now looking at it from the front, he was almost certain that the girl back then was her. It was the girl who was stuck in his heart when he was in high school.

God knows how much effort he has spent to find her over the years, but because he doesn’t know her name, he has been getting nothing. Unexpectedly, today he met her under such circumstances, Tang Yuwei really didn’t know whether to be happy or cry.

Tang Yuwei thought about his own affairs, and never expected that such a look in his eyes would make the other party uncomfortable.

When Ye Tingni heard the words, she raised her head and met Tang Yuwei’s gaze.

When the four eyes were exchanged, it was Tang Yuwei who had a guilty conscience, so she turned her eyes away, while Ye Tingni felt that she was absent with a light cough to cover up her embarrassment. After Xu Shi was silent for ten seconds, Ye Tingni suddenly spoke.

In any case, she felt that she owed the man in front of her an apology and thanks.

“Um, I’m sorry… and thank you for today.”

“It’s okay, forget it.”

Tang Yuwei waved his hand and pulled a smile. After Tang Yuwei finished speaking, he turned and continued to walk forward. At this moment, he suddenly thought of a very important question.

That is, now his luggage has been stolen, and he has nothing on him except his passport and mobile phone.

In other words, he is now penniless.

Although he knows that Rod has arranged accommodation for him, but now he doesn’t even have a dime, how can he get to the hotel by taxi? Just when he was worried about what to do, Ye Tingni who was standing behind him said aloud.

“Where do you… live? Do you need my help? I mean, I can pay for the car.”

Originally, Ye Tingni wanted to send Tang Yuwei to the place of accommodation he had booked. After all, it was because of her. Reducing to this point, but unexpectedly this question, only to find that they originally booked the same resort.

So the two got into a taxi together and set off in the direction of the resort.

About half an hour later, after arriving at the destination, Ye Tingni paid the money, and the two got off the bus together.

Walking into the most famous local resort, Tansha, you can deeply feel the exotic customs. Ye Tingni looked at the surrounding scenery while walking, while Tang Yuwei glanced at her, and then walked directly in the direction of the counter.

When Ye Tingni came to the counter after watching, Tang Yuwei took the room card and turned around. The two looked at each other and smiled awkwardly, then Ye Tingni passed him and walked to the counter.

“Double? Can I change to a single room?”

Ye Tingni was a little surprised when she heard the lady at the counter said that the room she had booked was a double room, because she didn’t expect her sister to book her such a big room. Thinking that she didn’t need that big, she asked the other party to change her into a single room in English.

However, she did not expect that her temporary room change would make her miss a very important thing. And this matter will evolve into an unmanageable situation in the near future.

Ten minutes later, the two took the elevator to the third floor of the resort, only to suddenly realize that their rooms were next to each other. The two walked separately to the door of their room, but no one entered.

Tang Yuwei is a gentleman, he only went in after he wanted to see Ye Tingni in. But after Ye Tingni opened the door, she didn’t go in, instead she suddenly turned to face him.

“Wait for me, I will put my luggage, and then we will go shopping in the nearby market.”

” Go shopping ?” When

Ye Tingni said that, Tang Yuwei was stunned first, and then full of doubts. Repeated what she said.

Yes, although they had a relationship a few years ago, they just met each other a few years ago, and they didn’t even know each other’s name. As a woman, you should not be on guard, why would you invite him to go shopping together? He doesn’t understand.

“Yeah, are you planning to wear this suit all day, or even tomorrow?”

Seeing Tang Yuwei’s questioning look, Ye Tingni couldn’t help but smile. But after Tang Yuwei listened to her, it took a long time to understand. So, because of his slowness, he also laughed.

“Then…I’ll go in and put things in, you wait for me.”

Ye Tingni stepped into the room, leaving Tang Yuwei alone outside.

Tang Yuwei just stood in the corridor like this, waiting outside, but did not return to his room.

It was probably ten minutes before Ye Tingni came out of the room.