Chapter 007 Just Want to Live Longer

All afternoon, the two were immersed in a foreign market, eating and playing, very enjoyable. Then, I didn’t know who was hungry first, so Tang Yuwei took her to find the restaurant.

Sitting in a western-style restaurant in the market, looking at the night seascape outside the window, Ye Tingni couldn’t help sighing. Then he turned his head and met Tang Yuwei who was sitting opposite.

At the moment when the two eyes met, Tang Yuwei first avoided with some guilty conscience. He was looking at Ye Tingni just now, so when she suddenly turned around, he would dodge with a guilty conscience.

“I’m sorry, I can only invite you to eat here.”

Before the atmosphere turned awkward, Tang Yuwei gave a light cough and randomly found a topic to talk about. Thinking that Ye Tingni paid for the food and drink at the market earlier, he wanted to treat her to a good meal. But the current situation does not allow it, so she can only reluctantly invite her to eat in such a simple restaurant.

Unexpectedly, Ye Tingni not only didn’t dislike it, but also liked it very much.

Ye Tingni paused after hearing Tang Yuwei’s words, then looked around, then said with red lips lightly. “The environment here is very good, it is very quiet, and has sea views. Moreover, I think you are very good.” When

I thought that Tang Yuwei, who was originally penniless, invited her to eat this meal with the money he earned from “street performing.” Yes, she was immediately honored and moved. Besides, she really likes it here. Not only the environment is good, but the food is also delicious.

Taking a sip of the coconut juice in front of her, Ye Tingni paused for a while and then continued.

“I really can’t tell that you can dance.”

“I used to be a dance club in high school.”

“No wonder you danced so well, I give you a thumbs up.” After

talking about this, Ye Tingni couldn’t help but sit opposite her. The man gave a thumbs up. Tang Yuwei felt embarrassed when Ye Tingni gave him a thumbs up, and quickly responded modestly.

“Where is it.”

Although he used to participate in a dance club when he was in high school, after all, he hasn’t been exposed to dancing for many years, and he felt that his performance just now was simply not satisfactory.

Thinking about it now, he didn’t know why he would participate on a whim, but seeing Ye Tingni’s smile, he suddenly felt that it was worth it no matter what.

“Are you here to work in Boracay?”

Ye Tingni suddenly asked after the waiter brought Sarah the appetizer. In fact, she saw Tang Yuwei in a neat suit, which looked like a businessman, so she naturally guessed that he came to Boracay this time for work.


I’m here to discuss a cooperation.” “I’m sorry. Is it because of me that delayed you?”

“Nothing.” When

Tang Yuwei said that, Ye Tingni was finally relieved. . Fortunately, she did not delay his work, otherwise, I really don’t know what to do.

However, she just breathed a sigh of relief, unexpectedly Tang Yuwei asked suddenly, making her very unnatural.

“What about you? Are you here on vacation?”


Ye Tingni knew that Tang Yuwei asked casually, but she couldn’t control the sinking heart. After a somewhat choked response, she turned her head to prevent Tang Yuwei from seeing her expression.

However, from this side, her eyes fell on the old couple at the next table.

The two seemed to be about 60 or 70 years old, but they looked extremely affectionate.

The old man served the old woman with vegetables, and the old woman wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.

Although it was only the most common behavior between husband and wife, it fell into Ye Tingni’s eyes, and her eyes were wet. This scene not only made her envy, but also made her feel sore.

She also hopes that one day she can meet her beloved and talk about a vigorous love.

Get married and have children, and then grow old together.

Her wish is actually that simple, but for her, time is too late. why? Why should it be her? Why is God so unfair to her? !

As I thought about it, the sorrow and sorrow in my heart became stronger and I couldn’t help it for a while, and the tears couldn’t stop flowing down.

At the beginning, Tang Yuwei hadn’t noticed Ye Tingni’s strangeness, until he heard the sound of sniffing from her direction, he couldn’t help but raise his head to look at her.

Although Ye Tingni was sitting opposite him, her face was looking at another place, making Tang Yuwei suddenly unable to see what was wrong with her. Tang Yuwei didn’t realize that she was crying until she found her petite body shivering slightly.

Tang Yuwei, who found Ye Tingni crying, suddenly became a little at a loss. From childhood to adulthood, he was most afraid of women crying, because as long as they cry, he would have no trouble. Because of this, he has no choice but to take a few women in the family.

“What’s the matter?”

Tang Yuwei stood up from her seat after a long pause, walked around to Ye Tingni’s side, and asked her intently what was wrong. From the moment she cried so sad in the street, he thought that something must have happened to this woman.

Pointing to the old couple at the table next door, Ye Tingni paused, sniffed and choked to Tang Yuwei. “Look, are they very happy?”

Tang Yuwei heard the words and looked in the direction she was pointing.

Just when Tang Yuwei didn’t understand why she said that, he turned his head and looked at her, which happened to meet her clear eyes. Those beautiful eyes that were clearly crying, and the faint emotions that evoked him made a sudden stop in his heart.

There was a little envy and despair in his eyes, and there was also a deep layer of sadness.

Although it is not yet known what happened to Ye Tingni, Tang Yuwei felt heartbroken when she saw her like this. He didn’t know how to ask, let alone how to comfort her, because he was always bad at comforting people.

When he couldn’t help her, Ye Tingni spoke again. “If…I treat myself better sooner, then…maybe I may have a chance to live longer.”

When Ye Tingni said this, she was almost crying, and even her words were a bit vague, but Tang Yuwei still heard clearly. It is precisely because I heard it clearly that I want to know a little bit more specifically.

What happened to her? !

What is meant by “maybe I can live longer if I have a chance”?

Although these words had probably made him guess in his heart, he didn’t want to believe it, and wanted to know the answer from Ye Tingni’s mouth. Putting his hand on her shoulder, Tang Yuwei asked eagerly. “Ting Ni, what’s the matter? Tell me!”

He just said, but Ye Tingni suddenly stood up, pushed him away, and ran out of the restaurant.