Chapter 008 Let’s Get Married

All the way out of the restaurant, Ye Tingni didn’t know what was wrong with her, so she ran towards the beach not far away.

Although I have told myself many times not to think about it, this time it will be fun to come out, but I just saw the old couple showing affection, and I couldn’t help but touch the part of her heart.

Seeing her crying so sad, Tang Yuwei was really worried that she ran out like this alone, so he took out the money and put it on the table, and then hurriedly chased it out. Seeing her like this, he was so afraid that she would not think about it and do stupid things.

At this moment, the sky was already dark, there was almost no one around, and there was silence all around.

When Tang Yuwei chased to the beach, he only saw a petite figure sitting on the beach three meters away from the sea with his knees. She faced the sea, her back twitching slightly. Tang Yuwei felt a little pain in her heart when she saw her like this.

Then he walked forward and sat next to her.

The two of them sat side by side like this, and no one spoke.

I don’t know how long it was before Ye Tingni suddenly turned her head to look at Tang Yuwei. And Tang Yuwei seemed to feel the same way, looking sideways at her, the two of them faced each other.

In the end, Ye Tingni said slowly without looking away. “I’m dying.” In

simple words, Ye Tingni seemed to say it easily, but no one knew how much courage she had to say before she said it. A person must be so strong to have the courage to accept the fact that he is about to die.

“It’s cancer. It was in the final stage when it was discovered.”

Ye Tingni didn’t look at Tang Yuwei again, but she could imagine his expression at this time. When she received the physical examination report from her father, she was unbelievable, and even felt that she was dreaming, a nightmare.

“is that true?”

Hearing Ye Tingni’s condition, Tang Yuwei was shocked, but also an incomprehensible distress was written on her face. He really found it unbelievable that a young and healthy person like Ye Tingni was sick and terminally ill.

“I wish all of this was fake, but…”

The tears that were finally stopped before the words were finished, came out of his eyes again. However, she choked with a heart-piercing choke and continued: “But it’s true, I don’t have much time.”

A very brief sentence, but every word she said seemed to be pouring out of herself. Like her despair, every word hurts her heart. Thinking of the report saying that she had only six months to live, she cried more fiercely.

Seeing the situation, Tang Yuwei leaned against her and embraced her. Ye Tingni did not refuse, so she leaned in her arms and cried softly.

For her now, Tang Yuwei is her support.

Even if she just let her lean on it, it’s fine.

Although I only met Tang Yuwei for a few hours, Ye Tingni didn’t know why, but she relied on him inexplicably. Later, when her mood stabilized, she not only told him her goal in life, but even confided to him the things she felt regretful.

Since she is sensible, she has constantly set goals for herself at different stages. At the age of 24, she has set a series of life goals for herself, but… none of these can be achieved.

She hopes to meet the right person at the age of 25, have a passionate relationship, and then get married at the age of 26. She wants to have two children, one when she is 27 and the other when she is 29.

Her dream is to have a happy home before the age of 30.

Perhaps this is what every woman dreams of, but Ye Tingni knows that she has no chance to achieve it. There is only one day away from her 25th birthday, but she has yet to meet a man who can get married.

What’s more, with only six months of life left, how can she conceive and give birth to a child in October?

“Oh, everything is too late, I don’t have time.”

She sighed, she said with a sigh, then closed her eyes and felt the oncoming sea breeze. Perhaps after five or ten minutes, as the sea breeze blew, she suddenly felt a trace of coolness and suddenly sneezed.

Although the four seasons of Boracay are hot summers, it can still make people feel chilly at night when the temperature drops.

When Tang Yuwei heard Ye Tingni sneezing, he took off his suit jacket almost immediately and put it on her. Although it was only a small move, it made Ye Tingni’s heart warm.

“Thank you.”

Sometimes, when a person is most desperate, just a little comfort is enough to warm him for a long time. At this time, Ye Tingni was exactly like this.

Although Tang Yuwei did not speak, but listened to her quietly, she felt that this was enough.

In fact, Tang Yuwei didn’t want to talk, but he was always bad at comforting people. However, this does not mean that he has no feelings in his heart.

Why did she contract a terminal illness at a young age?

Why was it the end of her life when she discovered it?

Why is God so cruel to her?

I have to say that after hearing Ye Tingni’s condition and her wish, his heart began to hurt with her. Don’t know when it started, Tang Yuwei’s face was also wet. When he realized it, he realized that he was crying.

Suddenly, as if he had made an important decision, he turned around and took Ye Tingni’s hand and said.

“Let’s get married.” When

Tang Yuwei said this, his tone was very serious, and his expression became quite serious. Ye Tingni could clearly see the sincerity in his eyes, but she didn’t know why, but her heart suddenly hurt.

“Don’t be kidding, you know I can’t make this joke.”

“I’m serious, I want to marry you.” At

this moment, Tang Yuwei was sure in his heart that he really wanted to marry this woman. Not because of sympathy, not because of pity, but when I saw her for the first time, I fell in love with her at first sight.

He wanted to accompany her by her side for the remaining six months in the future, and help her realize each of her wishes. Even if she couldn’t achieve them one by one in the end, at least he hoped that she was smiling at the last moment before leaving.

Ye Tingni listened to Tang Yuwei’s extremely serious and handsome face at this moment, and she did not speak for a long time.

It took a while before she looked away and showed a wry smile. Then, she stood up from the beach without saying anything and walked to the resort not far away. Tang Yuwei was left alone on the beach, in a daze.