Chapter 009 Love at First Sight

Back in the room, Ye Tingni, who had taken a shower, sat on the side of the bed and couldn’t help muttering to herself.

“He must be joking?”

Thinking of Tang Yuwei’s surprised expression when she heard that she had cancer, she couldn’t help but doubt what he had just said on the beach. Then, as if suddenly thinking of something, she took out the phone from her bag.

Turning on the screen, she did not open the contact book, but directly entered the number and dialed the phone.

By the way, don’t think that the other person is how important she is just because she remembers the other person’s number.

The reason why she remembers this series of numbers is because she has been playing since she was in high school and has been playing for several years, even if she doesn’t want to remember it, it’s difficult!

The phone rang five times in a row, but still no one answered.

Just when Ye Tingni wanted to hang up a bit impatiently, the phone was connected. But the noise and electronic sounds coming from the other end of the phone made her frown inadvertently.

Immediately afterwards, a familiar hoarse voice sounded: “Hello?”

Ye Tingni couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she heard the lazy voice, her face flashed with a trace of discomfort, and then her red lips lightly opened. . “Tao Tianyou, where are you now? Why is the background so noisy?”

Even though Ye Tingni has suppressed the emotion she wanted to burst at this time and tried her best to keep calm, how could Tao Tianyou, who has known her for so many years, not know her temper? What?

Wait, didn’t she fly to Boracay early in the morning? Why did you call suddenly?

Could it be… is it to call and curse?

Thinking that Ye Tingni might have found that they had teamed up to lie to her, so she called Xingshi to question her. Tao Tianyou, who was standing in front of the bar, felt that her whole body was erected. He was already suffering from a hangover, but he woke up almost immediately.

On the other end of the phone, Ye Tingni was a little angry because she couldn’t get a response.

“Tao Tianyou!”

“Me? Of course I was socializing.”

“Socializing? That’s strange! I think it’s picking up girls?”

Ye Tingni naturally wouldn’t believe the nonsense he was talking about socializing. She has known her for so long. Don’t you know his virtue? If it weren’t for the fact that he likes to pick up girls in nightclubs all day long, they would not have gone the way of breaking up.


Thinking of the past, Ye Tingni couldn’t help showing a wry smile or self-deprecating expression on her face.

After a brief silence, Tao Tianyou spoke first.

“By the way, why did you call suddenly, aren’t you on vacation?”

Tao Tianyou felt a little guilty when he asked this sentence. But with a guilty conscience, she was also cautious, because she was not sure what Ye Tingni meant for calling.

“Oh! Tao Tianyou, I have something to ask you.”

“Whatever it is, just ask!”

“You…will you marry me?” After

a long time of brewing, Ye Tingni clutched her chest and closed The upper eye asked such a sentence. Tao Tianyou, who had only picked up the wine glass in front of him and took a sip, suddenly sprayed when he heard this sentence.

“Ye Tingni, your head is broken, oh? You laughed at me!”

“Your head is broken! Humph!”

Ye Tingni asked very seriously, but she didn’t expect Tao in exchange for it. God’s ridicule made her a little annoyed. If she is nervous and convulsed, she will ask him if she wants to marry herself!

She didn’t plan to continue to talk with this man, because she knew that if she continued, she would only be pissed off by him. So, after yelling at the phone with some irritation, she hung up and threw the phone aside.

Letting herself fall on the big bed and staring at the ceiling in a daze, Ye Tingni couldn’t help but laugh at herself.

“Ye Tingni, Ye Tingni, you have to be sober! Even Tao Tianyou, who has known you for so many years, refuses to marry you. How long did you know Tang Yuwei and how could he marry you? What’s more, you still A woman who is about to die!”

Patting her cheek, trying to make herself more sober, Ye Tingni sighed deeply, and then got up from the bed again. Going to the corner where the luggage was placed, she opened the box and pulled out her health check report from it.

“Ye Tingni, Ye Tingni, even if what Tang Yuwei said is true, he really wants to marry you, but if you marry him a dying person, wouldn’t it ruin the rest of his life?”

Finally, I felt like I wanted to. It was too much, Ye Tingni fell on the bed again, turned over, and fell asleep soon.

On the other side, after a day of tossing, Tang Yuwei did not rest immediately after returning to the room. Thinking of what he had just said to Ye Tingni, he took out his cell phone and immediately dialed his special assistant, Rod.

“No matter what method you use, send me a sum of money right away.”

Tang Yuwei didn’t waste any time at the moment the phone was connected, so he immediately told Rod. Now that he has roughly an idea, he can start implementing it with only a small amount of money. However, he didn’t have half a dime on him.

“Also, you contact the people at the imperial court and tell them that the original schedule has been postponed.” After

ordering the last item, Tang Yuwei finally put down the phone in relief.

The reason why he came to Boracay this time was actually to discuss cooperation with a company here. The original itinerary should be met tomorrow, but thinking of his promise to Ye Tingni just now, he decided to postpone this itinerary.

When everything was settled, he walked to the bathroom with a happy mood, ready to wash away the fatigue of the day.

Ten minutes later, when he walked out of the bathroom again, he had already finished the shower. Except for a bath towel tied to his lower body, he barely covered his body and

flipped through the magazines on the table before he reached the dressing table and picked up the hair dryer to dry his hair.

At this time, he looked up and saw the bag placed on the bed. It was there since he came back, and inside were several sets of clothes that Ye Tingni bought for him. Thinking of her, his heart couldn’t help feeling warm.

But when he thinks about her physical condition and her painful appearance, he feels sad.

For nothing else, I was sad that I didn’t meet her earlier. If he could meet him earlier, he would definitely be by her side and take care of her. Accompany her to fulfill every wish one by one, and don’t let her have any regrets.

Now, just give him a little time, and he will make Ye Tingni the most beautiful bride in the world.

Before, he never believed that there was so-called love at first sight in this world, but after meeting Ye Tingni today, he believed it.