Chapter 010 Luckily it’s just a dream

That night, Ye Tingni slept very deeply and had a strange dream all night.

In the dream, she was walking on the beach in a white wedding dress, and a man stood at the end of her front. At first, she couldn’t see who the man was, but when she approached, she realized that it was Tao Tianyou.

Looking at each other and smiling, the two looked full of warmth and happiness.

The two swore in front of the priest, saying that no matter what, they will never leave each other in life, old age, sickness or death.

After saying “I do” to each other, they exchanged rings, and then the priest declared them husband and wife.

After the ceremony, the groom has to lift the bride’s veil and kiss the bride.

At the moment when her veil was lifted, she suddenly discovered that the man next to her was not Tao Tianyou at all, but Tang Yuwei. Seeing a pair of affectionate money, he was about to kiss, and she started yelling…

Just when she was screaming madly, she woke up with sweat all over her head.

Sitting up from the bed, Ye Tingni, who was pale, couldn’t help covering her chest, adjusting her emotions by herself. After a while, she recovered and climbed out of the bed and poured herself a glass of water.

“Fortunately, it’s just a dream!” She exhaled heavily, and she let out a weak sigh.

After pouring a glass of water into her belly, she slowly came over. After sitting at the dining table in a daze, she turned and walked towards the bathroom. Dreaming all night, sweating all night, now she is going to take a bath.

When she took a bath and changed her clothes, it was already an hour later. Thinking that the accommodation package here includes breakfast, she decided to eat well before going out.

Coming to the outdoor restaurant on the first floor of the resort, Ye Tingni ordered a cup of black coffee and a bacon cheese sandwich, and then let herself fall on a chair, enjoying the sea view in front of her.

It is still early, so there are not many people in the restaurant. At first glance, there is almost no one in the entire beach.

With her eyes closed and enjoying the sea breeze, Ye Tingni instantly felt extremely relaxed. How long has she not been so relaxed? It seems that she has been busy since graduation, and she doesn’t know what she is busy with.

In the past three years, it was only because Tao Tianyou opened the Tianya Brokerage Company, so she ran around all day long, busy with one and the other. In the end, she found that her career was still standing still.

Regret it? She had never asked herself this question.

While she was enjoying the peace of the morning, suddenly, there was music not far away. Almost subconsciously, Ye Tingni raised her eyes and looked over. Unexpectedly, what I saw was Tang Yuwei.

Tang Yuwei was now wearing a white shirt with a black vest and tie, and black trousers. He is holding a small violin in his hand, the corners of his lips are perfectly curved, and the whole looks so stylish!

It is undeniable that this man is very good-looking. It’s good to see a certain degree that makes women envy but not jealous. Moreover, not only can dance, but also play the violin, the whole charm index has soared to the highest point.

Tang Yuwei played the violin while walking towards her.

With the slight sea breeze blowing, the melodious violin sound lingered in her ears.

For a while, she was in a daze.

“Ting Ni, happy birthday.”

At the end of the song, Tang Yuwei said something to her who was dazed, then put down the violin and sat down in the seat opposite her. At this time, Ye Tingni came back to her senses.

“You…how did you know that today is my birthday?”

“Yesterday you said that you had less than one day left before your 25th birthday.”

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

Hearing Tang Yuwei say that, Ye Tingni It suddenly dawned on me. It turned out that she lost control of her emotions for a while last night, told him a lot, and revealed it by accident. Thinking of yesterday, she suddenly had the urge to hit the wall.

She actually collapsed in front of him, and it was still twice, which is really shameful!

While she was tangling herself, the waiter had already brought her black coffee. Hearing Tang Yuwei ordering two cups of hot milk tea, she didn’t think much, just picked up the cup in front of her eyes and prepared to deliver it to her lips.

Before the coffee cup could touch her lips, suddenly Tang Yuwei stretched out her hand and grabbed the cup in her hand. Just when she felt he was inexplicable and wanted to speak, she heard him speak.

“Your stomach is not good, drink less black coffee, and I ordered you a cup of milk tea.”

“Thank you.”

Although Ye Tingni did not behave very clearly, Tang Yuwei’s intimate behavior made her heart warm. . Soon, the waiter delivered two cups of milk tea and the bacon and cheese sandwich that Ye Tingni ordered earlier.

“Don’t you order something to eat?”

“I’m not used to eating breakfast.”

“Then…I’ll start first.”

Only when I remembered that I didn’t eat dinner last night, Ye Tingni felt very hungry. As a result, Tang Yuwei ignored Tang Yuwei, so he picked up the knife and fork and started directly. Just when she was eating with relish, Tang Yuwei’s sudden words stunned her.

“I’ll take you to a place after eating.”

Tang Yuwei had already picked up the warm cup of milk tea in front of him and took a sip. At this time, the tone of his speech did not seem to be asking Ye Tingni’s meaning, but more like a decision, just to inform her.

Ye Tingni didn’t know if it was because of the words Tang Yuwei said yesterday, or because of the dream, which caused her to look a little uncomfortable when facing Tang Yuwei now.

“Um… I may not be able to do it.”


“Actually…I came here to find a friend.”

Ye Tingni knew that she must seem to be lied because of her stubbornness. . However, what she said is indeed true. The reason why she chose Boracay for vacation is entirely because she has a good high school classmate who works in this resort.

Hearing Ye Tingni’s unnatural words, Tang Yuwei’s thick and beautiful brows couldn’t help but frowned, and something flashed quickly in his eyes. Then, he held back the depression in his heart, sighed, and said somewhat solemnly.

“Ting Ni, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you. But, you don’t need to say what friends to find.”

Tang Yuwei can accept the rejection, but he must not be allowed to deceive him. Therefore, when he heard Ye Tingni’s words, his face was unhappy, and his heart was disappointed with her.

“No, I really came to find friends.”

Ye Tingni didn’t want to explain more, because she had already seen the distrust in Tang Yuwei’s eyes.

Reluctantly, she shrugged and went on to eat her own breakfast.

He didn’t believe it, and she couldn’t help it!