Chapter 011 Family is her bottom line

In the following time, although the two were sitting face to face, none of them spoke.

Ye Tingni knew that Tang Yuwei was unhappy, but she didn’t know what to say. She has already said everything that should be said, but if he doesn’t believe it, she can’t help it. Helpless, she can only sigh in her heart.

After eating breakfast in a very strange atmosphere, Ye Tingni glanced at Tang Yuwei who was opposite. Seeing him looking at the phone intently, she decided not to disturb him, stood up and walked towards the resort.

Although she didn’t look back along the way, she seemed to feel someone following her. However, she pretended not to know, because she knew that there should be no one else except Tang Yuwei.

This kind of cognition caused her heart to have an inexplicable complex emotion.

And her guess is indeed correct, the person behind her is really Tang Yuwei.

Tang Yuwei didn’t know how he did it. Seeing Ye Tingni walked away without even saying it, there was a burst of irritation and irritation in his heart. Since childhood, no one has ever ignored herself like her.

When it was normal, he should have gone crazy a long time ago, but strangely enough, he didn’t.

Maybe it’s because the subject is Ye Tingni!

Therefore, even if he was not high-hearted, but seeing her leave like this, he still followed her behind her in a ghostly manner. On the one hand, she is worried about her, and on the other hand, she wants to see if she is lying.

Diameter walked to the counter in the lobby of the resort, she deliberately looked inside, wanting to see if her friend was on duty. But after looking for it for a long time, she didn’t see it, so she had no choice but to go forward and inquire.

The person on duty at the counter was a local, and Ye Tingni could not speak their language, so she had to communicate in English.

“Hello, is Rainie Zhao here?”

“Rainin Zhao? She has something to do today, so she asked for leave.”

“Okay, thank you.” After

receiving such a response, Ye Tingni had no choice but to thank her helplessly, and then turned around to leave.

She knew that there must be something wrong with Zhao Rainin’s temporary leave and not coming to work, otherwise there would not be a single phone call and there would be no news, so it would not appear. So although she is a bit lost, she is not angry because of her good temper.

Originally, they had made an appointment. Rainie Zhao took her to the neighborhood while on duty. After all, Rainie Zhao has worked here for several years and is familiar with it. But now that the pigeons have been released, her original schedule has changed, so she doesn’t know what to do next.

Because she wanted to be involved, she didn’t pay attention to the road in front of her. Suddenly, she ran into something.

The pain on her forehead made her growl uncontrollably. Taking a step back almost subconsciously, she covered her forehead and looked up at the “thing” she had just hit.

When a handsome face was reflected in front of her, her already-big eyes suddenly grew bigger.

Seeing the man in front of him, Ye Tingni realized that what she had hit was his chest. It’s strange, is his chest made of meat? How come it hurts so much!

“Tang Yuwei?!”

“How can you walk without looking at the road?”

Looking at the woman who hit him twice in 24 hours, Tang Yuwei suddenly had an inexplicable emotion.


“It turns out that you really didn’t lie to me.”


Ye Tingni was speechless when she heard Tang Yuwei’s inexplicable sentence. Even if she didn’t know what he was talking about, she didn’t bother to ask, because she was not interested in knowing. He turned sideways and was about to go around him and walk away, but he did not expect to be pulled by his arm.

“Fortunately, you didn’t lie to me, because since I was little, what I hated the most was that people lied to me.” What

Tang Yuwei hated most in his life was that others lied to him. Because I have been cheated, I hate it so much.

Ye Tingni, who wanted to get rid of him, couldn’t help but pause when she heard such a sentence. Looking up at him, she seemed to see something in his clear eyes. There seemed to be grief, injury, and many things she couldn’t understand.

She was dumbfounded, and then realized what Tang Yuwei was talking about.

It turned out that he was referring to what she said about finding friends, what she thought it was!

Although she was a little afraid to be alone with him, she didn’t want to lie to him. Because what she hates most in her life is that people lie to her, so how can she lie to others?

“Me too, I also hate that people lie to me, especially people who get closer and acquainted with each other.” While

Ye Tingni said this, Ye Tengda and Ye Tingfen in Singapore suddenly sneezed. At this time, the two were sitting at the dining table, eating a rich breakfast prepared by the housekeeper Zhou’s wife.

“Dad, I suddenly had a very vague premonition.”

Halfway through the meal , Ye Tingfen put down the knife and fork in his hand as if suddenly thinking of something, and said to the father opposite. I don’t know why her right eyelid has been twitching from last night to now, and the big sneeze just made her feel uneasy.

“What’s the matter?

” You said that if my sister found us colluding to lie to her, would she kill us? “When

Ye Tingfen said this, a trace of fear flashed in her eyes, because she seemed to be able to see the scene of Ye Tingni’s madness. Ye Tingni’s temperament is usually good, but it’s not good to start a fire. It’s annoying.

And after hearing Ye Tingfen’s words, Ye Tengda couldn’t help but start to think. Ye Tingni’s temper was clear to him, so he couldn’t say for sure at this moment.

Just when the two father and daughter were worried about this matter, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Then, I saw Sao Zhou walking in through the gate with Tao Tianyou.

Tao Tianyou was like returning to his own home. He unceremoniously chose a seat to sit down, and ordered Zhou’s wife to prepare breakfast for him. While he was waiting to eat, he noticed that the faces of the two father and daughter were not so good.

“Dad, brat, what’s the matter with you?”

“It’s not you yet. What bad idea! My sister must be the first to find me to settle the account when she comes back.”

“It was obviously the two of us who thought about it together, not to mention, to find the account. It must have been

looking for me first.” After having known each other for many years, Tao Tianyou knew Ye Tingni better than anyone else. No matter how angry she is, she won’t be angry at her family because that is her bottom line. So, to find someone to settle accounts is to ask him to settle accounts. Who told him to be nothing to her!