Baan Sukhawadee House in Chonburi, Thailand

Sukhawadee House is a mansion by the Pattaya Sea owned by Mr. Panya Chotitawan, the owner of Saha Farm, one of the biggest agricultural product exporters of Thailand. The idea of building the house occurred in 2000 when it was a huge economic crisis. Many businesses in Thailand, from small to big, collapsed and were taken over by foreign companies. Mr. Panya, therefore, decided to build this luxurious castle with over hundred people working together in unity. This was to show that Thai people were still in harmony and had potential and dignity no less than other nations.

Sukhawadee House is located on Sukhumvit Road at 129- kilometer stone. It covers the area of 80 Rais (128,000 square metres) with 400 meter long beach and consists of group of pink and blue contemporary buildings. The interior decoration and the gardens are all beautifully designed and also convey hidden abstract values.

One of the stunning buildings at Sukhawadee House is the Guan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy) Building which is also the residence of the Chotitawan Family. Inside this building, there are the reception room and the multi-function room for seminars of up to 500 people. This building is also the place, exhibiting the invaluable precious gemstone decorated image of Guan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy) standing on the Dragon.

Buddha Tower is another outstanding building here at Sukhawadee House. It is a collection of the Buddha images and other holy images including the 9.28 meter tall image of the Lord Buddha at birth. Buddhabaramee Building is a luxuriously decorated convention hall with the mural painted by the team of Thailand Department of Fine Arts and the floor covered by the biggest carpet in Asia Pacific. This building consists of many meeting rooms for organizing activities of Saha Farm and affiliated companies. It has been honored to welcome several important people and to host many of the country prestigious events. The building also exhibits the beautifully decorated Relics of Lord Buddha. After finishing touring around Sukhawadee House, tourists can shop for Saha Farm products with special price here as well.

Sukhawadee House opens daily from 8.30 am. to 6.00 pm.

Sukhawadee House is located at 219, Moo 2, Sukhumvit Road, Na klua Sub-district, Bang La Mung District, Chonburi province, 20150, close to the chore, near Chol Chan Hotel and Bang La Mung District office.

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