Ban Khwai or Buffalo House, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ban Khwai or Buffalo House were bound in the ancient time. In particular, Thai people’s lifestyle in the past depended on buffalo labor for agriculture. It can therefore be mentioned that buffaloes are Thai people’s lives. Previously, Thai people expressed gratitude to buffaloes by making a gift to them at the end of ploughing and rice-planting season. In the old days, we did not kill them for food but raised them until their end of life. Currently, everything is changing and is replaced by modern technology, as a result, the significant and gigantic value of buffaloes at that time was lost unfortunately.

Ban Khwai or Buffalo House is a place that collects rural Thai people’s lifestyles and stories, which are going to disappear. It is another attraction that should not be missed if you have a chance to visit Chiang Mai. Ban Khwai House is located on an area of 20 rai with shady atmosphere. Simple northern farmer’s livelihood is on display inside. Moreover, the relation between people and buffaloes is observed by different interesting shows.

The interesting show at this house is the buffalo’s show and the lifestyle of farmers. There are training and shows of buffaloes such as sugarcane harvest, water wheel, demonstration show of buffalo riding and music performance on buffaloes.

After that there will be sightseeing around the area, which is an outdoor field. There are outdoor performances, rice cultivating demonstration that shows the process from transplanting the rice seedling, ploughing the field, sowing, winnowing, threshing to pounding until it becomes ready to cook. Then, visitors can view Thai farmers’ model houses, barns, farmers’ lifestyle and the buffalo running competition.

Tourists can enjoy walking inside Ban Khwai Thai and buy souvenirs all day. It is daily open from 08.00 am – 05.00 pm with five rounds of shows available at 08.00 am, 09.00 am, 10.00 am, 02.00 pm and 03.00 pm, 40 mins each round. The entry fee for adults is 200 baht and for children 100 baht. Buffalo riding is 80 baht per person. Thai local and a la carte food is also available. Group visitors need to contact one week in advance at 0 5330 1628.

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