Emily’s 5 Things – 艾蜜麗的五件事

Emily’s 5 Things – 艾蜜麗的五件事
Other name: Five Missions
Country: Taiwan
Genre(s): Romance
Release: Nov 24, 2018 – Mar 2, 2019 Runtime: Saturday
Episode(s): 15 END
Broadcast: TTV
Cast: Aviis Zhong, Sam Lin, Edison Wang, Diane Lin


Can a magical letter in a bottle help someone face the most difficult issues in their lives?

Emily (Aviis Zhong) is an assistant in a law firm that specializes in divorce cases. Although she has the help of her best friend photographer, Dou Ru, (Sam Lin) life hasn’t been easy. Her boyfriend treats her more like a servant than a lover, she hasn’t talked to her father in years, and she is bullied at work.

One day she finds a letter in a bottle with a list of things that Emily has been avoiding.

1. Be Yourself
2. Reconciliation
3. Bid Farewell
4. Go Home
5. Rewind

After her discovery, bizarre events keep occurring around her which leads her to believe that the bottle is actually cursed. Could it be that only way to break the curse is to follow the list of things Emily has been avoiding the most?

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