Pattaya Elephant Village in Chonburi, Thailand

Elephant Village Pattaya provides activities and performances related to elephants, the national animal of Thailand for more than 40 years ago. Elephants were the important animal in wood industry. Sometimes they were sick, injured, and unable to continue working. Furthermore, the amount of forest, elephants habitat, has dramatically declined. Thus, it is difficult for injured elephants to go back and live in the forest. Elephant Village Pattaya was continuously developed to be a peaceful and safe habitat for elephants.

Nowadays, Elephant Village Pattaya looks after the elephants and also arranges activities related to elephants as the learning center of elephants life and coexisting between human and elephants. For example, the village provides elephant performance which shows the daily life of elephants and human, beginning with elephant bathing, feeding, elephant teaching human, human practicing elephants for work, how to safely catch wild elephants, and elephants talent such as playing football. English subtitle is provided throughout the performances to welcome foreigners which are the main tourist group. The tourists can also take photos with the elephants.

The tourists can enjoy riding elephants to take a tour around the village and see silk production and silk home. If any tourists are interested in absorbing Thai lifestyle, the Village will offer them various activities such as elephant riding, trekking, silk producing demonstration, raft floating, and wagon riding. These activities will give the tourists knowledge and pleasure. The income from the activities will be used for raising and preserving Thai elephants.

How to get there:

Elephant Village Pattaya, take Sukhumvit road and then Pornprapanimit road for 5 kilometers. Then turn right to the road heading to Mabyailea for 2 kilometers.

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