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Chapter 0 Implicit marriage 100

Ning Xi sat down obediently with a face of tears, her sitting posture was like a schoolboy.

Lu Tingxiao propped his head, “Are you afraid of me?”

Lu Tingxiao in the middle of the night was a bit more evil and dangerous than the indifference during the day.

Ning Xi shook her head like a rattle, then nodded her head like garlic, “No one in the entire emperor should be afraid of you, right?”

Lu Tingxiao turned the water cup with his slender fingers, and said quietly, “Just because other people are afraid of me, so are you afraid? Then, other women want to marry me, why don’t you?”

This question scared Ning Xi almost fell off the chair.

During the day, she thought she had escaped, but she was still too naive.

How would she answer the question of killing a thousand swords?

Ning Xi raised her hand tremblingly, “Can I ask a question before answering this question?”

Lu Tingxiao nodded, “Yes.”

“Why me? Is it because Little Treasure relies heavily on me? I think this is only temporary. It will be fine if he stabilizes his emotions. Even if he keeps doing this, you don’t need to… don’t wrong yourself so much…” Ning Xi said painfully. To persuade is like persuading a girl who stumbled.

Lu Tingxiao put down the cup in his hand and raised his eyes to look at her, “Miss Ning, I thought I understood it very clearly at the beginning. If you still don’t understand, I don’t mind saying it again. Because you saved Xiaobao, so I decided to report it by myself.”

Is this the reason so special that I can’t accept it because I’m blind? Ning Xi roared in her heart.

Ning Xi felt that she couldn’t make any sense with the other party on this issue, so she could only apologize, “Mr. Lu, thank you very much for your kindness. Actually, I’m an unmarried person, so…”

Lu Tingxiao raised his eyebrows, “So, you just want to sleep with me? You don’t want to marry me?”

“That’s right…Ahhh! No, no, no…I didn’t mean that!” Ning Xi was already on her knees. Don’t speak so scary, okay?

“It’s a pity that I only accept sexual relations based on marriage.”

“Who believes…” Ning Xi couldn’t help whispering when she heard the words, wondering if you were unmarried and got pregnant first?

Lu Tingxiao looked out the window, his expression a little lost, “Little Treasure was an accident. I don’t know who her mother is.”

“…” Why does this sound so scumbag?

“Do you mind if I have a son?” Lu Tingxiao asked suddenly.

“How is it possible!” As Lu Tingxiao said, all the women in Beijing had sharpened their heads and wanted to be Xiaobao’s stepmother, so she would mind her turn!


It seemed that Lu Tingxiao would not let her go if he understood this question tonight.

Ning Xi helped her forehead helplessly and took a deep breath. “Mr. Lu, marriage is not a child’s play. Whether it is for reward or other reasons, we just met after all. Do you know me? Do you know my past? “

“The one I want to marry is the current you, and your past has nothing to do with me.” As expected, Lu Tingxiao’s answer was overbearing.

Ning Xi’s face gradually cooled down, “However, for me, the past me was also a part of me. I can’t strip my past and marry you. Mr. Lu, the ways are different and don’t work together. I sincerely suggest you Still withdraw that absurd idea.”

Then there was condensed silence.

Just when Ning Xi felt that the other party would become furious and furious after being rejected again.

Lu Tingxiao said calmly, “I see.”

Ning Xi’s tense nerves finally relaxed, “Then I will go to bed, good night.”

“good night.”

The man looked at that thin back, his eyes deep as the sea, and what remained unchanged was the hot temperature of the seabed.

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