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Chapter 13 Do You Know Me?

Lin Rou’er only felt that the bubble of happiness in her heart seemed to be burst suddenly, and the smile on her whole face suddenly condensed, and she didn’t react at all.

“Wh, what?”

She looked at the handsome and extraordinary man in shock, but found that the depths of his black eyes were full of impatience and indifference.

“I said, get out of the way.” Bo Qingang looked down at the woman in front of him, with a colder expression, “You are blocking me.”

Lin Rou’er’s face paled in an instant.

The heart seemed to fall fiercely from a high altitude. How proud she was just now, how embarrassing she is now.

She backed away in a panic, trying to pretend that nothing happened, but the scene just now had already been seen by the people around her.

There were also some daughters from the Lin family and Song family who came to this engagement banquet. When they saw Bo Shao approaching Lin Rou’er just now, not to mention how envious and jealous they were. Now they saw that Bo Shao ignored Lin Rou at all. Er, they couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help but sneer in a low voice while covering their mouths—

“Haha, did you see that? Lin Rou’er, a self-righteous woman, thought that Young Master Bo was here to look for her.

She looks so proud of the sky, it’s a silly laugh!” “That’s right, let me say, she is already a high climber with our family’s Song Yuanzhi, and she still thinks about Xiao Shao? I ah, it’s really doing her spring and autumn. Dream!”

“Haha, that’s right, who is Shao Bo, how can she be like her, do not look at how many pounds of her own, just daydreaming here, our Lin family’s face is so embarrassing. Empty!”

Although these girls had deliberately lowered their voices when they were discussing, but after all the banquet hall was so big, all those mean words still got into Lin Rou’er’s ears.

Lin Rouer suddenly wanted to find a place to sew and drill down!

She wanted to stamp her feet in shame, unwillingly raise her head to look at Bo Qingang, but didn’t want to look up, but saw that Bo Qingang had stopped again.

And this time, in front of him, Lin Suer.

Seeing this scene, everyone took it for granted that Lin Su’er was blocking Bo Qing’s way just like Lin Rou’er just now.

Daughter ladies around who could not help but immediately acid up –

“Lin Su children not to hear why you are blocking there are fewer thin people come to it, do not hurry to get out!!!”

“Is that you talk about, How come these women surnamed Lin are both like this, they are so passionate about themselves! I thought they could attract Bo Shao’s attention!”

“Yes! I didn’t even look at what kind of stuff I was, but I dare to be in Bo Shao It’s really shameless to have a sense of presence in front of you!”

Lin Rou’er heard everyone being mean Lin Su’er, while she was slamming on the side and bringing herself, her face was even more embarrassed and almost burning up. She couldn’t help but see Lin Su’er standing motionless. Even more annoyed,

she lowered her voice and said angrily: “Have you heard Lin Su’er! Don’t get out of the way!” With that, she still wanted to pull Lin Su’er away, who is a fool.

But I don’t want to, at this time—

“Lin Su’er.” A low and sweet voice suddenly sounded from his side.

Lin Rou’er was stunned for a moment, and raised her head, only to find that Bo Qing’ang’s cold ink eyes had fallen on Lin Su’er.

In the next second, everyone heard him speak slowly again, “Do you still recognize me?”

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