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Chapter 19 Su’er is a little different

Lin Suer on the other side has no idea that she has been used by Ouyang Luo as a “walking antidote”. After she left the hotel, she went straight back to the Lin family villa.

According to memory, she returned to her room.

The room she called was actually an attic in the villa.

Although Lin Rouer looked down on Lin Su’er in her heart, she was jealous of her overly beautiful face, so she was embarrassed and squeezed out Lin Su’er at home. She made her a grand lady living in the attic, and all the food she eats every day. Not as good as a maid.

Lin Suer didn’t care, she just sat down on the crumpled bed, took out her mobile phone, went online according to the operation in her memory, and began to search for more information about the world.

What she mainly searched was the medical skills of this continent.

In fact, the Chinese mainland also has ancient medical techniques, but with the continuous development of western medicine, ancient medicine is less and less valued by people. Acupuncture and moxibustion alchemy are even regarded as feudal superstitions.

Seeing the dismissive attitude of online netizens towards Chinese medicine, Lin Suer couldn’t help touching her chin.

It seems that the promotion of ancient medical techniques is imminent.

As soon as Lin Suer finished searching the information, the servants of the Lin family came and asked her to eat.

When she walked downstairs, she saw Lin Rou’er and Lin Aotian had also returned, sitting at the dining table, and Wang Linya was at the same table, who was Lin Su’er’s stepmother and Lin Rou’er’s biological mother.

Wang Linya didn’t go to Lin Rouer’s engagement banquet today because of a cold. She didn’t want to see her daughter come back crying in the evening, and she told Lin Suer and Bo Qing’ang.

Wang Linya also knew about Lin Rou’er drugging Lin Su’er last night, so she was very surprised after hearing this. Unexpectedly, Lin Su’er was not ruined by those little hooligans last night, but instead fell in love with Bo Shao?

This makes Wang Linya have to pay attention to it!

“Su’er.” With this thought in her heart, Wang Linya raised her head and showed a loving smile at Lin Su’er, “I heard that you and Shao Shao became friends? Why haven’t you heard about it before?”

Lin Su’er looked at her. My stepmother quickly passed the memories in my body.

Wang Linya was actually the nanny of the Lin family before, and she had sex with Lin Aotian when Lin Suer’s mother was still alive. After Lin Su’er’s mother died, she immediately took over as a junior and gave birth to Lin Rou’er.

Compared with Lin Rouer’s brainless personality that was spoiled since childhood, Wang Linya has more means.

“How do I know Bo Qingang?” Lin Su’er curled her lips when she heard Wang Linya’s question. “You might as well ask Lin Rou’er. It’s all her credit.”

Lin Su’er is telling the truth. It wasn’t that Lin Rouer prescribed her medicine, so she wouldn’t provoke Bo Qingang.

“You!” Lin Rouer was already angry, and she almost exploded when she heard this. She was about to explode when she dropped the chopsticks, but Wang Linya grabbed her.

Wang Linya looked at Lin Su’er in front of her, her eyes full of surprise.

She clearly felt that Lin Su’er in front of her was different.

Although Lin Su’er could not be said to be a complete idiot before, but his brain was not so good to make it true, but Wei Nuo was also true. But the person in front of him was like a completely changed person, his eyes were cold, and his words hit the nail on the head.

Wang Linya narrowed her eyes slightly and said meaningfully, “Su’er seems to have changed a little.”

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