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Chapter 17 What is your relationship


Bo Qingang said these words, he was extremely close to Lin Su’er. The hot breath while speaking was blowing in Lin Su’er’s ears.

Extremely ambiguous.

If it’s an ordinary woman, facing an offensive like Bo Qing’ang, I’m afraid she would have already weakened her legs and blushed and her heartbeat could not bear it.

However, Lin Su’er’s face did not change at all.

She just raised her eyes slightly and looked into the man’s bottomless black eyes, her pretty little face was indifferent.

“Bo Qingang.” Her voice was even colder, “What on earth do you want to do.”

Lin Suer is not Lin Rouer.

She is not so narcissistic, because Bo Qing’ang has some ambiguous words, she will think that the man in front of him is really interested in him.


You must know that this man in front of you can even contend with the poison of ice and cold. How terrible is that mental power? How could he become interested in a woman who met by the water because of the “intimate contact” last night?

So Lin Su’er knew very well in her heart that Bo Qingang’s attitude towards him was definitely not that he was interested in that aspect, but that he had other ideas.

But what Lin Suer couldn’t understand is that she is now a fool’s daughter, what is worth letting a character like Bo Qingang calculate?

And Bo Qingang, when he saw the girl’s clear and snowy eyes, he couldn’t help but raised his eyebrows, his eyes flashed with faint surprise.

He found that this little girl was even more impressive.

Such calmness and intelligence are not what a girl of her age should have.

The corner of his mouth evokes an interesting arc, and he let go of the girl in front of him.

“Just kidding.” He took a step back, his expression returning to his usual indifference, “I hope Miss Lin won’t care.”

Lin Su’er squinted at the man in front of her, feeling more and more unpredictable.

But she didn’t bother to think about it.

“Then someday you will think of how I will repay your favor, and you will tell me.” Lin Suer lowered her head, flicked her clothes that had been crumpled by Bo Qingang, and said lightly, “I will leave today. “

After that, she really didn’t mean to be nostalgic, turned and left the hotel.

But Bo Qingang looked at her from behind, the light in her ink eyes was not bottoming out.

It wasn’t until Lin Su’er’s back completely disappeared at the end of the corridor that he finally retracted his gaze, turned his head, and said coldly behind him: “Have you seen enough?”

As his voice fell, a slender figure walked out of the stairs in the corner behind him. .

It was Ouyang Luo, Bo Qingang’s friend and attending doctor.

I saw at this time Ouyang Luo Yan Zheng peach one pair of rounded, looked thin pour expensive first met with him, shocked, then are not clear, “Aang, just you and that girl …… What is the relationship?”

At this point Ouyang Luo, who really thought he had a problem with his eyes.

He actually saw Bo Qingang talking to a girl!

Not only that, but the content is so amazing!

You know, Ouyang Luo grew up with Bo Qingang, not to mention seeing a woman next to Bo Qingang, there are no female creatures at all!

Ouyang Luo thought this cold iceberg would be so lonely forever, but he didn’t want to see him and a little girl so ambiguous today!

Different from Ouyang Luo’s panic, Bo Qingang had already recovered the air-conditioning that strangers would never enter after Lin Suer left.

He glanced at Ouyang Luo, a pair of cold eyes without waves, “As you have heard, a pure one-night relationship.”

Ouyang Luo: “…”

He couldn’t hold back, and pinched himself severely. I want to make sure I have no dreams.

If it weren’t a dream, how could he have heard Bo Qingang say such things in his lifetime?

“Okay, don’t talk nonsense.” Ouyang Luo was still in a daze and didn’t fully recover, but Bo Qingang had no patience, and said coldly, “Come and help me check the toxins in my body.”

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