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Chapter 16 Our relationship still needs misunderstanding?

Outside the banquet hall.

Lin Suer strode to the end of the corridor before finally turning around and looking at the man behind him.

The man in front of him is slender and has extremely handsome features.

But she was not in the mood to appreciate it.

“Bo Qingang.” She just squinted slightly, her eyes full of defensiveness, “What the hell do you want to do this.”

Bo Qingang looked at the girl in front of him, clearly embarrassed, but her eyes were sharp, as if in the night. The stars.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “What did I do?”

“Say those misunderstandings.” Lin Suer’s eyes narrowed tighter, “Don’t you know that this will make people misunderstand the relationship between you and me?” “

Lin Su’er at this time is really incomprehensible to the man in front of him.

Logically speaking, this man should be ignorant of what happened last night, just looking for the name of his hand.

But why, this man is so nosy, still saying such misleading words in front of everyone?

What does he want to do?

Hearing Lin Suer’s words, Bo Qingang raised his eyebrows even higher.

“Misunderstanding our relationship?” He chuckled and looked up at Lin Su’er, with a thin tone, “Miss Lin, after last night, do you think our relationship still needs a misunderstanding?”

Lin Su’er heard Bo Qingang’s words. The whole person was slightly taken aback.

But the next second, she reacted abruptly, her face changed slightly.

“Wait.” She stepped back abruptly, her expression a little strange, “You… do you remember what happened last night?”

Seeing the girl’s always waveless face finally cracked, Bo Qing couldn’t help but laugh. Screamed.

“Not bad.” He stepped forward, approached Lin Su’er, looked down at her, “I remember.”

Lin Su’er’s eyes couldn’t help flashing shock!

She really did not expect that Bo Qingang was conscious last night.

You know, when the poison of the cold and cold is issued, the pain is almost as piercing as a thousand arrows.

What a terrible mental power this man can still keep his mind in such a painful time!

In addition to the shock and shock, Lin Suer felt even more embarrassed.

Thinking of her mischief on this man yesterday, it was all seen in the eyes of the man, but she thought she was very thick-skinned and couldn’t help but wish to find a hole to drill down!

“Since you remember, I’ll just tell the truth.” A faint embarrassment flashed through the eyes, but Lin Suer quickly returned to coldness and frankly, “I got Chinese medicine last night, so I need you to help me with the medicine. This is because I owe you once. If you need my help, just say, even if I pay you back.”

Lin Su’er said this without expression, as if it were official business.

But Bo Qingang raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Return my favor.” He sneered, with a clear voice, “What do you think you can return me?”

Lin Su’er was suddenly stopped by this.

She looked at the man in front of her with nobleness and calmness, indeed she couldn’t see the lack of anything.

It is estimated that the only thing that needs help is the cold poison in his body.

But what a terrible toxin the cold poison is, let alone Lin Su’er, even her master in the previous life, I am afraid there is no way to solve it.

Wanting to understand this level, she frowned slightly and could only ask back: “Then how do you want me to pay your favor?”

Hearing this question, Bo Qingang couldn’t help showing an expression of interest.

“Let me think about it.” He whispered, taking a step forward suddenly, pinching Lin Su’er’s chin, submerging her in his own shadow, and whispering, “Since Miss Lin took advantage of me last night , It’s better than… let me take it back today?”

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