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Chapter 15 Useless Things

Deadly Silence.

The whole banquet hall fell into a dead silence again.

Everyone was completely stunned at this time, looking at Bo Qing’ang in front of them, there was no response for a long time.

Even Lin Rouer was dumbfounded. Her eyes were round and her stammering words couldn’t say clearly, “What did you say?”

“I said.” Bo Qing’ang tore the photo in his hand with a look. Cold, repeating word by word, “I was the one who was with Lin Su’er last night.”

Bo Qingang was telling the truth.

Yesterday Lin Suer was indeed with him, and it was indeed that he had some intimate relationship with Lin Suer.

But this truth heard in other people’s ears, but it was like a thunderstorm.

When I saw those photos of Lin Suer just now, everyone guessed what man Lin Suer was with last night.

But they really never dreamed that that person would be Bo Qingang!

In this way, the nature of this matter is completely different.

If the man who was with Lin Su’er last night was someone else, it would be that Lin Su’er didn’t obey women’s way and was licentious; but if the man who was with Lin Su’er last night was Bo Qingang…


What debauchery!

This is called a sparrow changing into a phoenix, so it soars into the sky!

The people present were all relatives and friends of the Song family and the Lin family. Everyone was in business, and the most important thing about business people was their eyesight. In just a moment, everyone reacted and spoke in a hurry—

“Oh, Su’er really deserves to be the daughter of our Lin family, she’s so promising! I’ve made friends with Shao Xiao. It’s really worthless. Auntie I spoiled you when I was a kid!”

“Yes, you see, this is fate !” God! Ouch, it’s all too thin, and it doesn’t matter what Song Yuanzhi is doing! If you want me to say, Su’er, you have a good eye!”

“That’s right, Su’er, you will develop in the future, but don’t forget your second uncle when I was a kid. I gave you a toy!”

Everyone swept away the ridicule and disdain of Lin Su’er just now, and everyone was affectionate, as if they had loved Lin Su’er since childhood.

Even some of the relatives of the Lin family couldn’t help but say something sour in the words of Song Yuanzhi. Song Yuanzhi’s expression turned green when he heard it in his ears!

But, he couldn’t refute it!

If you say, what Lin Su’er said just now to look down on her, it sounds like a plausible thing; but now, what Lin Su’er said is the truth!

Lin Su’er has already caught Bo Qing’ang, so it’s just right to look down on him!

Thinking of this, Song Yuanzhi only felt dizzy with anger, but the other party was Shao Xiao, even if he was mad, he still wouldn’t dare to let go of a fart!

And the most shocking of the audience was Lin Rouer.

As the behind-the-scenes planner of last night, she knows better than anyone what happened last night. At this moment, she heard Bo Qingang’s words and she couldn’t help but blurt out, “Impossible! The Mingming who was with Lin Suer yesterday

Yes– ” She almost reached her lips, but fortunately she reacted abruptly and shut her mouth quickly.

But Lin Suer already knew what she was trying to say, and looked at her with a cold look, “Say, Lin Rouer, who should I be with last night?” It

was a light and fluttering sentence, but Mixed with endless chill, Lin Rouer’s face turned pale, and she dared not speak any more.

“How not to speak.” Lin Su Erque would not be so easily let go of her, just step approach, sneer even more, “Lin Rouer, you’re not my whereabouts last night, it is very clear?”

Is strange to say , Lin Su’er was just asking Lin Rou’er so lightly at this time, her tone couldn’t even be harsh, but Lin Rou’er was unspeakable fear when she heard it in her ears.

She paled and staggered back, but she didn’t want to accidentally step on the hem of her skirt.


Her body suddenly lost its center of gravity, screamed, and fell heavily to the ground.

And Lin Su’er, seeing Lin Rou’er falling to the ground in embarrassment, let out a disdainful sneer from her nostrils.

“Useless things.”

She sneered, ignoring Lin Rouer’s instantly more ugly expression, and left without looking back.

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