Chapter 1 Death

On the hospital bed, Shang Zhen was full of needles, and she was tortured by her sickness, leaving only her last breath. She stared at the woman sitting in front of the bed, her hands clutching the bed sheet like a ghost!

“People infected with the virus Keji Te, died a month later, not only did you die, will not contagious, is really the perfect experiment in vivo, the past three years, Gouqietousheng taste good, right?”

Come smile blossoming, but say Is the most vicious word. Others are here to visit the doctor, but she has come to ask for life.

She said, and took out a syringe with a light yellow injection, which looked very clear.

“Well, this is the anti-toxic serum that they successfully developed yesterday. Do you insist on it now? Isn’t it just for this? They care about your hard work in the past three years. No, I prepared one for you as soon as it was developed. As long as injection continues, you will be able to better! sister, you want to either? “

think! I miss it!

Shang Zhen closed his eyes and concealed his despair!

She certainly wants it, but the serum is in the hands of her good sister, I am afraid that today is her death! Because she would be infected with K virus, it was Shang Qing who was harmed!

More than a virus, she has been squeezed by the Qing Dynasty all her life! Shang Qingqing is a medical idiot who can become a hot female beauty medical genius now, only by stealing her things!

Every time she thought of how she became a stepping stone for Shang Qingqing step by step, she hated to die! But she can’t die, she hasn’t avenged yet!

The researchers saw her strong will to survive, and said that she was righteous and willing to sacrifice herself for the whole world.

Damn it! !

She only wanted to develop an anti-toxic serum as soon as possible, so she suffered three years and did not give up.

Finally, just yesterday! The serum was successfully developed, but this is said to be able to save her life, but at this time Shang Qingqing was holding it for teasing…

suffocating hatred! Cowardly like her, would you hate it? !

Shang Qingqing saw that she closed her eyes and did not listen, and finally said that she had come out for this purpose.

“Sister, I know you don’t want to die, and now I’m not afraid of you turning over, because no one will believe you, so, as long as you tell me your laboratory’s insurance code, I will inject you with serum and send you abroad , How?”

Shang Zhen heard the words, opened his eyes and said the first sentence unsteadily.

“For the first time… I know… people can be so shameless!”

Squeezing her life is not enough. Before killing her, she wants to deceive her last value! dream!

“Would you not?”

Shang Qingqing’s eyes flashed with a vicious light, and he threatened with a syringe in his hand. “Why is something important? You insist on it now, isn’t it for this?”

Shang Zhen sneered, no longer Ignore.

Seeing the other party’s oil and salt does not enter, Shang Qingqing unwilling, deliberately throwing killer skills.

“You don’t know yet, Feng Shao is engaged today, and the target is the sweet boy! Yue Mengru! That bitch! I joined forces with you to deal with you, didn’t give you a black hand, don’t you want to live, do you want to revenge?”

“Feng Shao “The two words were finally deeply stimulated to Shang Zhen!

I haven’t heard this surname for a long time. When I heard it again, it was still like a sword, and it stirred into the wound that would not heal!

She could hear Shang Qingqing regretting, because Shang Qingqing wanted to marry Feng Shao in her dreams, but in the end, Yue Mengru was vacant.

She also regrets, day and night!

If she had an early insight into the opportunity and saw the true face of Shang Qing earlier, she would not be so miserable.

If she didn’t fall in love with the man, she wouldn’t be persecuted one after another, and she wouldn’t be persecuted again and again.

The nightmare resurfaced, regret, hate, and rush to the extreme is despair!

Is it wrong to love someone? Is kindness wrong? Why did she fall so far? !

“Do it… liar! I know the needle… is venom!” Shang Zhen said as if he was overstimulated, like a madman!

Since Shang Qingqing stepped into this door, she was no longer lucky, because the other party would only cheat her, squeeze her value, and then let her die!

When Shang Zhenning died, he didn’t say the password. Shang Qingqing’s face was distorted, and his anger began to burst!

Things haven’t been going well recently. She was a lady of scenery, even if she was robbed of a man by Yue Mengru, a slut, even a waste that was abused by her from childhood to dare to choke with her?

“Since you are going to die, go to die! Without you, I can’t survive the

Shangqingqing ?” Then, she stepped forward and thrust the syringe towards Shangzhen! As long as this is injected, as long as ten seconds, Shang Zhen will be “weak” and die!

Her eyes are full of cruelty! As long as Shang Zhen is dead, no one in this world can take her through! But did not notice the glare flashed in the eyes of the weak woman on the bed!

A moment of electro-optical flint! The original half-dead Shang Zhen suddenly broke out!

As if returning to the light and returning to the light, she disregarded the needle hanging on her arm and was ripped off! Firmly grasp Shang Qingqing’s hand and backhand pierce the syringe into Shang Qingqing’s shoulder!

“Do not!”

Shang Qingqing’s eyes widened in panic! But at this moment, the light yellow liquid was empty! She wanted to call for help, but she was so soft that she took a few steps back…

how could it be… Shang Zhen, Shang Zhenming was only the last breath left!

The patient’s needle was removed, and the entire ward was calling the police!

Shang Zhen didn’t care, she finally avenged her!

Watching Shang Qingqing pinch his neck and fell to the ground, he finally looked away, and the terrified pupil still reflected her blood in her hands, this is retribution!

Unspeakable pleasure fills the frail body! Shang Zhen’s smile was bigger and bigger, and it looked a bit daunting!

Thank you Grandpa for forcing her to practice at an early age! So that she can break out once again in such a weak state-the edge of the enemy!

It turned out that it was not so difficult to resist, she even knew it!

The head was getting dizzy, the siren was harsh, and Shang Zhen fell to the bed again…

Come and save her! She wants to live and wants to start again! No longer so useless! No longer so cowardly! Publicize your life once!

In the confusion, she seemed to hear someone running in a panic…

If she could survive, she would never be bound by that ridiculous affection, nor would she love that man again, she just wanted to love herself!

It would be great if I could survive…

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