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Chapter 1 Is This How You Repay Me?

Lin Yan stood a distance away from the crowd, staring blankly at a couple locked in a tight embrace. She felt numb from the pain in her heart.

This was a luxurious pool party, so Lin Shuya was wearing a simple gown that made her look pure and elegant. Han Yixuan, who was clad in a white suit, looked smart and dashing.

The crowd was cheering them on. The expression in the man’s eyes was tender as he kissed the girl’s forehead. “Shuya, happy birthday!”


The waiter beside Lin Yan had accidentally dropped a plate, causing it to fall to the floor with a crash.

Suddenly, all the guests turned their heads in the direction of the commotion.

At the same time, they spotted Lin Yan, who looked out of place at the party.

Her face was deathly pale and her eyes were lifeless.

“Hey! Isn’t she the D-list actress who was desperate to become famous? Why is that woman here today? I heard that she was spreading rumors that Han Yixuan was her boyfriend. She even accused Shuya of being the third party!”

“She is merely a high school graduate. Her acting is dreadful. All she knows is how to get herself embroiled in scandals every day to boost her popularity. Isn’t this just her style?”

“Why would Han Yixuan give up on the daughter of the boss of Triumph Entertainment for that D-list actress? This is seriously a joke!”

Lin Yan’s expression remained stoic amidst the growing gossip. She continued to stare intently at the couple in silence.

Their intimate behavior was like a sharp knife dipped in poison, repeatedly stabbing her viciously.

“Why is she here?” Han Yixuan, who had spotted Lin Yan, looked uncomfortable.

Lin Shuya replied softly, “My sister must have changed her mind and come to join the celebration.”

Lin Shuya then strode away gracefully in her heels.

She walked up to Lin Yan with a smile. She inched closer to Lin Yan and suddenly spoke in a hushed voice. “Sister, how does it feel… to lose everything?”

“Lin Shuya!” Lin Yan’s eyes were red as she glared at her younger sister, whom she loved.

“I really never imagined that a first-class racer who has dominated the racing arena overseas would find herself in such a sorry plight. Someone reported that you took banned drugs during an important race and you ended up with nothing.

Look at how pathetic you are right now! You entered the entertainment industry for Han Yixuan, but, in the end, you failed to make a name for yourself. I bet no one would even offer you a minor role.”

Lin Yan’s lifeless eyes erupted with anger. She almost couldn’t stand properly. “Did you think I didn’t know that you spiked my drink before the race?

Lin Shuya, how did I treat you all these years? I gave up on my studies and I worked my life away so that you could go to the best school. Is this how you repay me for everything I’ve done?”

Lin Shuya’s expression cracked a little before she resumed her composure and whispered, “Ah… So you knew everything. So what? Who would believe you?”

Lin Shuya knew that her sister always endured things silently, so she continued to gloat over her misery without feeling any fear.

“How are you, sister? Are you furious right now? Do you want to hit me? What are you waiting for? Do it…” Lin Shuya taunted Lin Yan with a cold smirk.

Lin Yan was there tonight to seek the truth. It had never crossed her mind that Lin Shuya would admit it so readily, without a trace of guilt.

Any remnants of family ties that Lin Yan had felt vanished completely at that moment. She stared coldly at the girl. “Are you worthy?”

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