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Chapter 1 Tai Chi Bagua Diagram

In the ancient times, the ancient heavenly court was in charge of the only treasure among the heavens and the earth, and appointed gods regularly.

After countless years, the era of great destruction came, the gods were in great chaos, the ancient heavenly courts were turbulent, and the gods shattered the list of gods into six pieces in the battle for the list of gods, and left the world without knowing where to go…

Fairy Feather Continent, Zhao Guolongcheng, Longyang Town.

“Wu Tong, what do you mean?” A loud voice came from the Ye Family Hall, one of the three major families in Longyang Town.

“What do you mean?” In the hall, a middle-aged man snorted coldly: “Ye Chen can only practice to the second level of Qi training, which is trash. How can my Laner marry a trash who can’t practice!”

“Who do you think is trash?” Ye Fen’s face sank, his eyes filled with anger.

“Ye Chen will always stop at the second floor of Qi training. Let it go! The marriage between my Wu family and your Ye family will stop here!” Wu Tong snorted and threw the previous marriage contract to the ground.

“I still look down on Ye Chen like Wu Lan. Fortunately, you are here today, and it saves me a trip.” At the entrance of the hall, Ye Chen looked indifferent. Although he was only a teenager, there was nothing on his face at the moment. The slightest feeling of immature.

“It’s ridiculous, a person who has no future in cultivation would dare to utter such wild words!” Wu Tong sneered.

“It’s up to you to decide whether or not I have a future for Ye Chen in cultivation!” Ye Chen solemnly said, “Remember, today is not your Wu Tonggui marriage, but I, Ye Chenxiu, and Wu Lan!”

Wu Tong’s face was green and he shouted: “Dare you!”

“Why didn’t I dare?” Ye Chen was not afraid. “Not only did I dare to Ye Chen, my family immediately released this news in Longyang Town after the incident.”

“Chen’er was right.” At this time, Ye Chen’s mother Ling Yun walked into the lobby, “Wu Tong, what do you think of my Ye family? If you want to marry, you can get married, and if you want to regret your marriage, you regret your marriage?”

“If your Ye family dares to destroy Lan’er’s reputation, my Wu family will never end with you!” Wu Tong turned blue with anger, and left the Ye family angrily.

“Chen’er, don’t worry, as long as there is a mother, no one wants to bully you.” Ling Yun looked at Ye Chen with love in his eyes.

“Mother, no one is bullying me.” Ye Chen smiled.

“Don’t think that your mother doesn’t know. Now some people in the family are telling you secretly. If they weren’t afraid of your mother doing something, they would do something out of the ordinary.” Ling Yun snorted.

“This time we have a trouble with the Wu family, which is extremely detrimental to our Ye family.” Ye Fen sighed, worried.

“Brother Fen, Chen’er is the most wronged this time. The whole family knows that Wu Ting has come to regret the marriage. Why do you make Chen’er raise her head in the family in the future?” Ling Yun said dissatisfied.

“Family matters are the big things!” Ye Fen felt even more irritable when he heard Ling Yun’s words.

“Chen’er is your son. If you don’t care about him, then other people can’t ride on him?”

“Who said I don’t care about Chen’er…”

Ye Chen shook his head. Such a scene is not surprising. Since he was unable to break through the second floor of the Qi training realm, he would see such scenes every other time.

Three years ago, Ye Chen was still a favorite of the whole family. At that time, Ye Chen could be said to be the hope of the entire family. At the age of thirteen, he cultivated to the second level of the Qi Lian Realm. At such a speed, he couldn’t find a few in the entire Zhao Kingdom Dragon City.

However, for three years, Ye Chen has been wandering on the second floor of the Qi training realm, and has not made any progress. In the past three years, the Ye Family has used a lot of medicinal materials for Ye Chen for auxiliary cultivation, and it has no effect.

By now, almost everyone believed that Ye Chen would definitely stop at the second level of Qi training, and was completely disappointed in him.

The halo of Ye Chen’s genius was like a flash in the pan, coming quickly and disappearing quickly.

Ye Chen walked out of the hall, and he was tired of hearing such quarrels.

“Isn’t this our genius Young Master Ye? I heard that you were divorced today?” Ye Chen met two teenagers shortly after walking out of the hall. One of them laughed sarcastically.

“It’s all a rubbish, no matter what a genius, if it is me, I will also divorce.” Another teenager also sneered.

“Do you two want to be beaten?” Ye Chen’s eyes sank, staring at the two teenagers.

“Do you think I’m afraid of you? If it weren’t for your mother’s domination, I would have beaten you all over the floor.” The white-clothed boy snorted coldly.

“Do you dare to say my mother?” Ye Chen’s eyes were full of anger, and he shot out a punch, and the spiritual power flashed on his fist. Although not as strong as Lingyun, it also had power dozens of times stronger than ordinary people.

“I can’t help it!” The young man in white snorted contemptuously, his body flashed quickly, and at the same time he patted Ye Chen with a palm, very fast, much faster than Ye Chen several times.

Ye Chen was startled and couldn’t react. He was slapped straight on his chest and shot for several feet. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

“My eldest brother has already broken through the third level of Qi training realm a few days ago, do you think it is still the same as before?” Another Tsing Yi teenager said proudly.

“Break through the third level of Qi training?” Ye Chen’s expression changed, and his heart became even more resentful.

“It’s best not to provoke me in the future, otherwise, you will look good.” The white-clothed boy pointed at Ye Chen and snorted arrogantly, and then left with a sneer from the Qingyi boy.

Ye Chen clenched his fists and felt extremely aggrieved. He got up from the ground, rushed out of the Ye family and ran to the back mountain of Longyang Town. He stopped until he had no strength.

“Ah!” Ye Chen roared loudly, venting his emotions.

In the past few years, he has gone from a genius who loved him to a cultivator. He has seen the neglect of his family and endured countless insults…

On the surface, he looked nothing special from the usual, but he was extremely unwilling in his heart. He had asked the heavens many times, why did God make such a joke with him.

“I’m not reconciled, I don’t want to live like this forever! God, can you not do this to me!” Ye Chen yelled to the sky with all his strength.

However, at this moment, Ye Chen saw a dark shadow falling from the sky, but for an instant, he didn’t know anything.

I don’t know how long it took, Ye Chen opened his eyes and looked around blankly. At this time, the sky was already dark, and there was a roar of wild beasts from the back mountain.

“Something fell from the sky just now made me stunned?” Ye Chen touched his head, there was no injury on his head, he searched on the ground again, and found nothing, he went down the mountain with doubts.

Ye Chen returned to Ye’s house and walked back to his room silently.

“Chen’er.” Ye Fen stood at the door of Ye Chen’s room and was waiting for Ye Chen. He cried distressedly when he saw Ye Chen’s soul not staying at the house.

“Father.” Ye Chen was taken aback and raised his head.

“Chen’er, don’t take things to heart today. My Ye family man is still afraid of not having a wife and children?” Ye Fen patted Ye Chen’s shoulder and encouraged.

“I’m fine.” Ye Chen smiled.

“I discussed with your grandfather, since you can’t make progress in your cultivation, just help take care of the family’s business together. You are so smart, you will definitely be able to make a difference in the future.” Ye Fen said with a smile.

“Everything depends on Dad’s arrangement.” Ye Chen smiled sensibly.

“Okay, then get up tomorrow morning and go to the street with me.” Ye Fen smiled, and then left.

Ye Chen entered the room, lay on the bed, feeling very tired, and fell asleep without knowing it.

He had a dream. He dreamed that he was sitting cross-legged on a Tai Chi Bagua chart. The Tai Chi Bagua chart was absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth for him to practice. The cultivation speed was dozens of times faster than before.

Early the next morning, Ye Chen woke up in a daze, still remembering the dream clearly in his mind, as if it were real, it seemed to have just happened.

“It’s just a dream…” Ye Chen smiled bitterly, “From now on I will give up cultivation and take an ordinary path…”

Ye Chen was still a little unwilling. He spread out the palm of his hand and released his spiritual power, but at this moment, Ye Chen looked at his palm in shock, his spiritual power turned out to be several times stronger than yesterday!

“How could this be?” Ye Chen was shocked, his eyes widened, and he was completely stunned.

Later, Ye Chen remembered the dream last night, and couldn’t help but tremble all over, “Isn’t that a dream?”

Ye Chen thought about being stunned by something on the back mountain yesterday, but he didn’t suffer any injuries. Thinking of these, Ye Chen became more and more surprised.

He began to look inside his own body, and the moment he looked inside his dantian, he was shocked. There was a Taiji Bagua diagram in his dantian, which was exactly the same as the one in his dream.

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