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Chapter 2 Who Dares to Bully You?

Lin Shuya’s lips curled slightly as she leaned towards Lin Yan.

At that instant, everyone saw Lin Shuya falling suddenly to the ground. From their perspective, it seemed as if Lin Yan had slapped Lin Shuya.

“Sister… I’m sorry. I can give you anything, but… I really can’t give up on Brother Yixuan!” Lin Shuya had turned pale, and her innocent-looking eyes glistened with grievances.

Han Yixuan had never thought that Lin Yan would resort to violence. As a result, it was too late for him to stop her.

He stared at Lin Yan, unable to react for a while.

Lin Yan had always loved and doted on her sister. She had hardly ever raised her voice at her.

No one could have guessed that she would be so harsh to Lin Shuya!

Han Yixuan was furious. His heart was aching for Lin Shuya as he darted forward and pulled her into his embrace. Casting away his image as an idol, he bellowed at Lin Yan, “Lin Yan, are you crazy? How could you hit her?”

Lin Yan raised her head. The murderous gleam in her eyes made Han Yixuan and Lin Shuya retreat. “I didn’t hit her.”

A moment later, Lin Yan glanced at Lin Shuya and raised her hand to slap her. “Now, I hit her,” replied Lin Yan calmly.

Han Yixuan exploded instantly. “Lin Yan!”

The slap caught Lin Shuya by surprise, and the shock wiped off the victorious smirk on her face. Her face fell instantly, and tears were soon welling up in her eyes. She clutched her face, which had turned red. “Brother Yixuan, forget it. After all, she is still my sister…”

When Han Yixuan saw how pitiful Lin Shuya looked, he turned to glare at Lin Yan. His veins were throbbing against his forehead, and his attitude had changed drastically. “Lin Yan, when do you intend to stop pestering me?”

“So, I have been pestering you all along…” Lin Yan sneered coldly.

She had envisioned her future with this man umpteen times, yet he had become a total stranger right now.

“Lin Yan, I’m warning you!”

Han Yixuan supported Lin Shuya and stood up slowly. The expression in his eyes was cold as he stared intently at Lin Yan. “In the future, stay away from Shuya. If you dare to hurt her again, I will never let you get away with it. I’ll make sure you suffer a fate a hundred times worse than hers!”

Lin Yan knew that Han Yixuan was capable of doing what he had just said.

Han Yixuan was not only a popular celebrity. He was also the heir of the Han corporation.

The Han family’s influence and power in the capital city were almost unparalleled.

Few people were aware of Han Yixuan’s real identity. Lin Yan had only found out after dating Han Yixuan for a long time. Then, she had accidentally spilled this information to Lin Shuya.

Lin Shuya had been aware of Han Yixuan’s background for a long time, but she had feigned ignorance and showered him with care and concern.

“Brother Yixuan, don’t do this. My sister didn’t do it on purpose…” The girl in Han Yixuan’s embrace shook her head as tears were welling up in her eyes.

When Han Yixuan glanced at her, his expression softened. “Shuya, you’re different from her. You’re too kind to treat her as your sister. She doesn’t even care about family ties!

Shuya, don’t worry. With me by your side, no one will be able to bully you in the future.”

Upon saying that, Han Yixuan stared at Lin Yan and coldly said, “Lin Yan, mark my words!”

Suddenly, all the guests began to whisper as they pointed at Lin Yan with looks of disgust.

“I heard that this b*tch lived with her mother when she was young. She is really a chip off the old block!”

“Lin Yan’s mother isn’t a decent woman. It’s not surprising that she produced such a daughter. Fortunately, Uncle Lin divorced her in time. Otherwise, the consequences would have been disastrous!”

“Is Shuya really that shameless woman’s sister? No one would be able to tell, they are from two different worlds!”

Lin Yan had turned numb to the malicious gossip.

Their parents had divorced when she was young. Their father, who loved Lin Yan very much, had hoped that she would stay with him after the divorce. However, Lin Shuya had asked Lin Yan to leave with their mother instead so that she could stay with their father.

Lin Yan, who hadn’t read too much into it, had agreed to Lin Shuya’s pleas. She had left the family and stayed with their mother.

Lin Yan finally understood.

To think that Lin Shuya had been so scheming at such a tender age!

Their mother had left the family with no alimony or assets. Lin Shuya had been unwilling to lead a life of poverty with their mother. That was why she had begged Lin Yan to take her place.

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