Chapter 1 Phoenix

Chapter 1 Phoenix Star Comes to Life
Dashun Dynasty, Tianwu, 21 years.

On a moonlit and starry night, there was a sudden thunder that exploded in the sky, shaking the roof of the palace, but there was no rain.

The Qintian Supervisor was hurried to the Qiankun Hall, and knelt in front of Emperor Tianwu with a splash: “The emperor, the heavens are changing, the northwest direction… the Phoenix star is here!”

Emperor Tianwu’s hand holding the tea cup trembled slightly: “Northwest…” His eyes followed the half-open window and he sent it out, “Speaking of which, Ming’er should also be back.”


On a sunny day, thunder also blew up in a mountain col on the northwest border of Dashun, directly blowing up a female corpse in the mass grave.

Feng Yuheng struggled to sit up amidst a pile of corpses, and after a humming of his head, he finally came to his senses. But when she opened her eyes, the corpses full of corpses shocked her again.

“Damn it.” She blinked, moved a head of a person on her leg away, and then looked around at her surroundings. “Am I dead?”

She clearly remembered that the helicopter she was sitting on exploded, and there was no chance of survival at an absolute altitude. As a senior medical officer of the Marine Corps, she still kept a clear mind at the moment of death. , So Feng Yuheng was quite sure that he was dead.

That’s right, I’ve been dead, and I’ve been alive again.

She stood up among the dead and moved her arms and legs. In the next instant, an unfamiliar memory suddenly flooded into her mind-Feng Yuheng, 12 years old, the daughter of Dashun Chao Zuoxiang Master Feng Jinyuan. Three years ago, his maternal grandfather’s family was convicted and was demoted to a deserted state. The father was afraid of being implicated, so he and his grandmother demolished his mother Yao family to the court, and then the Fuzhong aunt Shen family straightened.

It’s not over yet. Then, I don’t know where a fortune-telling bastard appeared. He pointed to Feng Yuheng and said: “This girl is in her fate. The family is ruined.”

So, with a wave of her old hand, her grandmother sent Feng Yuheng, the Yao family, and her younger brother Feng Zirui, who had just turned three years old, to the remote northwest mountain village to fend for themselves.

“I’m tired.” Just like watching a movie replay, after looking back at the original owner’s life, Feng Yuheng had to accept a reality: “It’s gone!”

Different times, different ages, different life experiences, different looks, the only thing that is the same, there is only one name.

“Relax!” She patted her right hand with her left hand, and said comfortingly: “I understand all your grievances. Since I am here, I will not let those who bullied you get better. Feng Mansion is right, this account. I will settle for you!”

Suddenly there was a soft sigh in his head, and then a girl’s voice floated, with only one sentence: “Thank you.” Her nerves trembled slightly, as if something was drifting away.

Feng Yuheng raised his lips and smiled lightly. It seemed that the original owner of this body was very unwilling to die, and he was willing to leave after hearing her promise. But… you should hate having such a father and such so-called relatives of the family!

She has always been a person with a lot of promises. Since she has taken over other people’s body, then this enmity will naturally be reported.

Feng Yuheng patted Dirty Balaji’s coarse cloth, and scrambled out of the mass grave with a few dead people. Before observing the terrain, he heard a voice coming over——

“That girl can earn at least fifty taels of silver in the Zuihualou in Fucheng. We only need to make this sale, not to mention marrying a dog to a wife. It is enough for me to ask for two more children.”

“The beauty you want! Dare to ask for the little ones, I will fight to go to jail with you, and I will sue this matter to the yamen!”

“It’s okay, I just said casually, you mother-in-law are so much nonsense!”

Feng Yuheng’s eyebrows knotted, and the memory of the original owner rolled over again-mother was seriously ill, she went to the nearby mountain to collect herbs and was suddenly knocked out. After fainting, he took a look. The man holding the stick before he could put it down was Wang Shugen, a man from the Wang family in the east of the village.

At eight o’clock behind her, Feng Yuheng’s ability to distinguish position was accurate. As the voice got closer, she got up, looked around quickly, and got into a crevice with dense foliage…