Chapter 2 Monster man

This is not the time to act rashly. Feng Yuheng never takes great care of things. Now that he has just come to this place, he doesn’t know anything except the intermittent memories of the original owner. Coupled with this small 12-year-old figure, thin arms and legs, she is not stupid enough to fight two well-prepared adults.

Just after hiding, they saw the couple holding a torch into the burial pit. Feng Yuheng stared at it for a while, and confirmed the identity of the other party. It was Wang Shugen and his wife Xu’s marriage.

After the two rummaged around and found nothing, the Xu family was anxious: “That’s not right! It was clearly left in this place, how about people?”

Wang Shugen stomped his feet: “Did you run away?”

“Impossible! That medicine is enough for her to sleep for two days and two nights, how could she wake up that night!”

Wang Shugen was anxious and frustrated: “Then where did you say people went?”

Xu’s eyes were also anxious: “What’s the use of yelling at me! After she fainted, the two of us gave her the drug. You are watching yourself, so why do you just lazy me alone!”

Wang Shugen said nothing, bowed his head sullenly and pulled the corpse unwillingly, and Xu Clan continued to look for it.

Feng Yuheng contacted the memory of the original owner, and finally figured out the matter.

Dare to love that these two people stunned the original owner and then filled them with drugs, and then stored them in this mass grave, and when the night was quiet, they would come out and bring them to the state capital to sell them in exchange for money?

Feng Yuheng touched his cheek subconsciously. In that case, the original owner looks pretty good?

Reaching out and drew a handful of gravel on the ground, Feng Yuheng raised the corner of his lips and hung a wicked smile. With a flick of his finger, a stone flew past Xu’s hand and head.

Just listened to the woman screaming “Ah”, followed by a sentence: “Who? Who hit me?”

Wang Shugen stopped and looked back at her: “Where is anyone?”

“Yes! Someone hit me on the head just now.”

As he was talking, another stone flew, and this time the target was Wang Shugen’s eyebrows.

“Ah!” The man also yelled, but before he could finish screaming, one after another of pain came from all over his body.

The two of them were frightened. The torch in their hands had already fallen to the ground, igniting the body, and it was quickly burned.

“Hurry up!” Finally Wang Shugen was still somewhat sensible, and he pulled up the Xu family who was paralyzed on the ground and crawled out of the pit.

It’s a pity that after finally climbing up, there was a sudden pain in his leg and he rolled down again. Xu’s fat body was tumbling in the pit like a ball, soaked in flames, her clothes soon burned.

Wang Shugen didn’t get much better either. His clothes were burned to pieces, blood was seen on his legs, and a large piece of meat was burned on his left cheek.

Feng Yuheng threw the last stone, patted the ashes on his hands, and stopped paying attention to the two people who had been struggling to crawl out of the pit.

On the first day of arrival, it is better not to cause death. It is unlucky.

Seeing the two running away, the fire in the mass grave was still burning. Feng Yuheng put his hands together and bowed to the place, “Dust returns to dust, soil returns to soil, it is better to burn it than to throw a corpse in the wilderness.”

“Humph.” Suddenly there was a light hum not far behind him, and Feng Yuheng was so shocked that his hairs stood up. It wasn’t that she was scared, it was just that the mantis caught the cicada and the oriole by accident, but she didn’t notice it.

Thinking of her 21st-century master of Chinese and Western medicine, she has been in the barracks with her grandfather since the age of 12, and has been training with the troops. She has never flinched in the wind and rain, and she has long developed an awareness that is several times more acute than ordinary people. A hard work. She was on the operating table at the age of 18, and she was already a senior medical officer in the Marine Corps at the age of 25. If she did not die at the age of 28, she would achieve even greater success.

Unwilling to think too much about the past, Feng Yuheng turned around and looked in the direction of the sound.

A man, or only a young person, about 20 years old, dark purple brocade robe, long hair tied up, face like a knife, eyes staring at the cold star, sharp as a prey falcon. A purple lotus pattern the size of a small nail on the center of the eyebrows adds a touch of magic to this originally beautiful face.