Chapter 3 Burned to death together

Feng Yuheng frowned and sucked his nose twice, a bloody smell filled him. She looked down subconsciously, and saw the man sitting on the straw mat with his legs stretched out, and his knees began to be covered with blood everywhere.

“Who are you?” she asked warily. Judging from the current situation, this man still poses no threat to her. She is a doctor. You don’t need to look closely at the condition of these legs to know that they are badly injured, at least it is impossible to stand up right now.

Hearing her question, the man gave another cold snort, but didn’t answer. It’s just that when he hummed, the corners of the lips that were gently curled up made this face a little more charming.

Feng Yuheng shuddered out of thin air. This man was born with noble aura and coquettishness. Even if his face was pale, his forehead was sweaty, and his legs were embarrassed, he did not affect his aura in the least, it was a disaster for the country and the people!

“If you have enough, go out.” The man leaned on the rock wall and said coldly. He didn’t ignore the look of the wild girl just now swallowing droolingly.

Feng Yuheng annoyed those who talked like this, why did he let it out?

He simply walked two more steps in, and found a haystack to sit down, “The mountain was built by your house? The seam was dug by your house? I’m not going. What can you do with me?”

After speaking, it seemed to think of something, she turned her head and glanced out, and she suddenly rejoiced: “Hey! It’s not just me who is leaving now, you have to go too!” She pointed to the fire that was burning in the mass grave. With this burning method, this place will soon be ignited.”

The man also turned his head, and when he saw it, his complexion became pale again, and his eyebrows were twisted into knots. The purple lotus was squeezed tightly, making people feel flustered.

“Forget it.” Feng Yuheng felt that he had no resistance to such a man. She got up and walked to the man’s side, “I’ll give you a hand, can you barely walk around?”

The man looked at her up and down. This girl was in her early ten years old at most, and her body was so thin that she almost broke. Although the stone was beautifully hit just now, it was also a clever trick. To really make her support his weight, she still It’s difficult.

“You are talking!” Feng Yuheng slapped his nose with his hand. “The fire is not too hot, but don’t you think the smell is getting heavier? This mountain seam is just facing the wind, we are Smell the smell of roasted corpses! Roast human flesh! Roast…”

“Stop talking.” He couldn’t listen, and the more he spoke, the more disgusting he got. “Try pulling the straw mat and see if you can pull me out.”

“So serious?” Feng Yuheng was stunned, letting her small body pull on the straw mat with a big man sitting on it, isn’t this a joke. “Let me see.” She reached out and touched his leg.

“Don’t move.” The man suddenly shouted angrily, and at the same time he waved his hand violently, pushing her small body to the ground.

Feng Yuheng fell in pain and glared at him, “You are sick!”

“Will you sit here if you are not sick?” The man answered naturally, “I didn’t push you on purpose, I made it stronger.”

“It’s kind of donkey liver and lungs.” Feng Yuheng decided to leave him alone, “If I don’t want to leave, I will continue to smell the barbecue here. This girl won’t be accompanied.”

She turned to leave, and the people behind her groaned in frustration, and then stopped her: “You wait.”

Feng Yuheng was almost exhausted when he finally pulled the person out of the crevices of the mountain. She didn’t expect that the man’s leg was hurt so badly that she couldn’t help it with any strength. She half hugged and half hugged, and sometimes accidentally knocked on the stone, and the person just snorted, not painful.

Gradually, her admiration rose in her heart, and she thought of the brothers in the army in the previous life, the same tough guy, even if half of his leg was blown out in the mission, she didn’t cry out for pain.

“Go this way.” The man pointed in a direction, “There is a stream not far away, and the wind is opposite to each other, so it can’t blow.”

“Okay.” Feng Yuheng gritted his teeth and added another force. “The straw mat is worn out, so bear with it.”

“It’s okay.” He answered calmly, as if the injury wasn’t on him.

Feng Yuheng was a little frustrated, and said angrily, “I’m going to beat you harder, so you won’t say it’s okay.”

“Little age is so cruel.” He looked back at the fire pit, “Since you have more stones in your hand, I’m afraid that the two of them will also be burned to death, right?”

“Bang!” She let go and threw the person on the ground.