Chapter 4 Private Pharmacy


“What are you!” She was reluctant, pointing to the two injured legs, “If you didn’t plan to let the person who injured your two legs, then you are not qualified to accuse me. The wicked have always paid off, if they Don’t hurt me, where is the evil result today?”

No one had ever spoken to him like this. She hadn’t bowed to her knees, won’t be inferior, and had no respect. She has her own ideas and boldly questioned what he said. She almost choked when he said something.

Seeing her pouting and bulging, the man curled the corners of her lips without anger but smiled, looked at the stream that was already visible, and asked her, “Can you still go?”

Feng Yuheng sat down on the ground, “I won’t go anymore, I’m tired.”

The two sat on the ground side by side, watching the fire in the corpse gradually shrinking, thinking that the corpse was almost burned.

At this moment, in the crevice of the mountain where the two of them just lived, two figures appeared shaking around, as if they were looking for something.

Feng Yuheng stood up, Shui Liang’s smart eyes flickered for a while, then looked at the people around him, “Hey, are you here?”

The man replied: “Why can’t it be you?”

“How is it possible.” Feng Yuheng’s expression became a little erratic due to thinking, “My mother is seriously ill and can’t get up. My brother is only six years old. Other people in the village are either trying to harm us or avoid it.”

She pointed at the two figures, bent her eyebrows and raised her pink lips, and even her little nose was slightly tilted upwards, revealing an indescribable cleverness. , I must know where you are.”

The man raised his eyes lazily, and looked at Feng Yuheng’s clever and clever look. This girl was very interesting. Well, it’s very interesting.

Withdrawing his thoughts, he gently lifted his right hand, put his index finger and thumb to his lips to make a whistle, blow hard, and the two of them rushed over here.

It’s a young man and an old man over fifty. The old man is carrying a medicine box. It should be a doctor.

The young man was dressed in black, neat and unadorned, with a sword around his waist, and an obvious guard dress. After seeing the man in Jinpao, he was obviously relieved, “The subordinate just couldn’t find the master, I thought something was wrong.” After speaking, he reached out and pushed the old man who was gasping next to him: “This is the subordinate. The doctor found from the palace, let him show the injury to the master.”

The man in Jinpao nodded, and glanced at the doctor: “It’s time to work.”

The old man wiped his sweat and even said “Dare not dare”, and hurriedly stepped forward to check the injury.

The guard then cast his gaze on Feng Yuheng, frowning and asked, “Who are you?”

“An arsonist.” The man in Jinpao answered this for her.

Feng Yuheng raised his eyebrows: “Which one of your eyes saw the fire was mine?”

“Both eyes see it.”

“The son,” the old man said. “You have all broken kneecaps.”

In a word, several people were attracted to look on those two legs.

The man in Jinpao nodded, “I know, sir, can he take a bone?”

The old man hesitated, and then replied: “Whether the meeting will come or not, it’s just that the huge pain caused by the bones will be unbearable for ordinary people! The old man is…” He glanced at the guard. The little brother caught it, there are only a few commonly used medicinal materials in the medicine box, and there is no sesame seeds!”

“It will hurt to death without anesthetic.” Feng Yuheng said coldly.

The old man agrees very much: “And not only is it necessary to get the bones, the rotten meat on this knee must also be scraped off. The old man looked at the wounds are all swollen, I am afraid… Don’t let this little brother carry you on your back, and follow the old man back to the Fucheng Medical Center.”

“No.” The Jinpao man simply refused, “Just treat it here.”

The old man waved his hand again and again: “No, no, no numbness. I dare not treat such an old wound.”

Feng Yuheng didn’t want to listen to them anymore. She shook her hands between the loose sleeves. She felt a slight heat when she stroked her right wrist. In an instant, she saw something that she shouldn’t have seen. ——In her previous life, she opened a private pharmacy in the provincial capital.