Chapter 5 Who Are You?

Feng Yuheng didn’t want to listen to them anymore. She shook her hands between the loose sleeves. She felt a slight heat when she stroked her right wrist. In an instant, she saw something that she shouldn’t have seen. ——In her previous life, she opened a private pharmacy in the provincial capital.

The two-story pharmacy combines Chinese and Western medicine, and also sells simple medical equipment such as crutches and wheelchairs. It looks no different from the big pharmacies that can be seen everywhere on the streets of the 21st century. She sells all new medicines and special medicines that should be sold, but more medicines specially provided by the army, including some semi-finished products such as empty capsules.

Feng Yuheng tried it, and he could easily transfer the contents of the pharmacy and hold it in his hand through his mind.

She was really surprised for a while, and subconsciously stepped away to leave. Such a strange discovery must be checked in a quiet place with no one.

How did she know that her steps just moved, suddenly her neck was cold, and a cold sword came straight over.

“Don’t move.” It was the voice of the guard.

Feng Yuheng really didn’t dare to move.

As the saying goes, the king of Hades is aggressive and difficult, and she can fight with his master, but this kind of brains of the second stunner is never very bright, and the sword will never have eyes.

She glanced at the cold sword obliquely, with a strong sharp edge, blowing and breaking her hair.

“Girl, I’m sorry. No matter what your status is, I just blame you for not seeing my master here today.” As soon as the voice fell, there was a shaking from the tip of the sword.

Of course, Feng Yuheng wouldn’t just wait for death like this, but before she could take any action, the cold sword heard a “ding”, and then “cang” to the ground.

“Master!” The guard quickly turned around, and knelt down at the man in the Jinpao, “Master calmed down his anger.”

The man in Jinpao waved his hand casually, “It’s just a child, let her go.”

“But if there is a sound of wind…”

“Bai Ze.” The Jinpao man’s face sank, “I don’t want to say the same thing a second time.”

“Yes.” The guard called Bai Ze lowered his head and picked up the saber silently, not daring to say more.

Feng Yuheng glared at Bai Ze, then looked at the helpless old doctor staring at the wounded, and said with earnestness: “Learn more from your master. Even if you do the killing, don’t take it seriously. There are still people who can do it. The doctor’s profession has always been closed and opaque. If people care about it and use their hands and feet casually, his two legs can be completely scrapped.”

“Don’t get into it!” Bai Ze jumped with anger.

The man in Jinpao chuckled, “You still know a lot about the truth at a young age. Bai Ze, you learn from her, they are right.”


“Stop talking.” He interrupted Bai Ze and looked at Feng Yuheng, “Go home, didn’t you mean that your mother is still sick?”

Feng Yuheng stared at him for a while, his eyes always reluctant to move away from the purple lotus on the center of his eyebrows. Otherwise, men can’t be too good-looking. This good-looking makes it easy for some women to lose their principles.

“Then what… I’ll help you.” As soon as he said this, Feng Yuheng wanted to draw a big mouth. Do you understand? Where are you?

“How do you want to help?” The Jinpao man did not give her a chance to go back.

Feng Yuheng looked away, not wanting to look at his eyebrows anymore, stretched his hands into his sleeves, and used his mind to call out a bottle of pain relief spray. This kind of thing was not on the market at the time, it was specially developed for emergency treatment of the troops. She deducted a box and put it in the pharmacy. She was thinking that she would have a chance to sell it at a high price. Whoever realized that she hadn’t waited to sell it, the machine was destroyed.

“Of course it is to relieve the pain first.” Feng Yuheng shook the spray bottle in his hand and glanced at the old man. “Old sir, you saw it just now. They tried to kill me in order to keep my whereabouts secret.”

The old man had been scared a long time ago, and when he heard what she said, he collapsed at the time, slumped on the ground and shivered.

Feng Yuheng looked at the man in Jinpao, “You say something, promise something, not only to ensure your safety, but I can’t say anything about helping you today.”

As soon as Bai Ze heard this, his heart felt tight, and then he asked again: “Who are you on earth?”

Feng Yuheng was particularly helpless: “I am a child in a mountain village. I met a Persian in the early years and gave me some good things. Today I will use these good things to save your master, but I don’t want to be more. The people know I have strange goods in my hands. Understand?”

Bai Ze analyzed for a while and nodded, “Understood.”

The man in Jinpao stared at the bottle in her hand, his eyes full of exploration, but seeing that Feng Yuheng didn’t mean to say much, he turned his head and said to the old man: “The old man just treats me as an ordinary patient. After you finish what you should do, I will let Bai Ze send you out of the mountain and will never hurt your life.”

“When… Seriously?” The old man didn’t believe it.

“As long as you don’t tell what happened tonight, take it seriously.”

“I didn’t do anything tonight, so I went out to see the doctor and got lost.”

Feng Yuheng knows that no one can verify the authenticity of the so-called guarantee, you can only choose to believe it or not. She didn’t even bother to guess whether the guard named Bai Ze would send the person back safely or rob him halfway. In any case, she had to heal the leg first, and after the leg healed, she had to return to the small village, the mother and brother of the original owner. Still waiting for her.

“Come on!” She said no more, half kneeling next to the man in Jinpao, and simply torn the cloth from the wound by herself.

The man in Jinpao watched her movements, only to feel clean and tidy, and he didn’t hesitate to start, as if he was used to doing things like this on weekdays. But how could it be possible for a child in his early 10s.

“Is there any alcohol?” she asked while looking at the wound.

The old man hurriedly opened the medicine box and took out a small pot, a little embarrassed, said: “Usually a good drink, take it with you wherever you go.”

“Well, that’s a good habit.” Feng Yuheng took the jug over, and then unceremoniously said: “Bai Ze, get some clean water.”

Seeing that the man in Jinpao nodded, Bai Ze turned back and ran to the stream. When I came back, I didn’t know where to pick up a broken jar, holding a half jar of water in front of a few people.

Feng Yuheng took the water and said without raising his head: “First rinse with clean water, and then disinfect with wine. It will hurt, so bear with it.”

Not surprisingly, the man in Jinpao said again: “It’s okay.”

She raised her eyebrows. In fact, there was antiseptic alcohol in the pharmacy, but she couldn’t make another bottle. Children’s cuffs are not that big, and they will wear too much if they dig out too much.

“That’s the beginning.” Feng Yuheng said no more, carefully handling the wound.

Clean water, spirits, disinfection is complete. Bai Ze found a wooden couch and bit it for the man in Jinpao, Feng Yuheng waved his hand, “No, take it away, it’s so dirty in your mouth.”

Bai Ze didn’t listen to her, only said: “Scraping meat and bones is not as simple as it sounds.”

“I know.” She shook the bottle in her hand again, shook it almost, sprayed it on both knees.

The sound of the spray and the mist-like medicine stunned everyone. The man in Jinpao was considered a good one. His eyes showed curiosity, and the other two cried out in exclamation.

“What is this?” Bai Ze became vigilant, grabbing Feng Yuheng’s wrist to stop her from spraying again. “What medicine did you use for my master?”

“It relieves the pain.” She told the truth, and then said to the Jinpao man: “You feel it, is it starting to numb?”

This medicine has a surprisingly fast effect, and can play a local analgesic and anesthetic effect on the affected area within three breaths.

The man in Jinpao was also surprised, as if his knees began to numb in an instant, and the pain disappeared immediately. Moreover, the medicinal use is so pleasing that all the injured areas are covered, and the uninjured areas still feel all there.

He looked at the bottle in Feng Yuheng’s hand again, and she was embarrassed when she saw it, “Well… after the treatment of your injury, if there is any leftover, it will…

He was not welcome, “So, thank you.”

“It’s your turn.” Feng Yuheng pushed the old man beside him, “Scrape the rotten meat.”