Chapter 6 Shaved meat and bones

She could have done it herself, and Feng Yuheng absolutely believed that she would do it better. But you can’t reveal the rich! You can’t be too rich! She must always remind herself that she is a 12-year-old girl, just a little girl.

The old man was also considered Taoer, not much to say, he touched a scraper from the medicine box and began to shave the Jinpao man.

For a moment, it was bloody, and Bai Ze frowned, but Feng Yuheng and the man in Jinpao seemed to be okay.

Just because she believed in her medicine, and he really didn’t feel the pain! He couldn’t help but glanced at the medicine bottle a few more times.

The old man’s techniques were so proficient, and after a while, the rotten meat was scraped clean. Bai Ze fetched clean water and rinsed again. Feng Yuheng took the opportunity to spray the medicine again, and the man in Jinpao felt distressed after the spray—”I didn’t feel the pain, you can save some.”

“Cut.” She gave him a blank look, and he lowered his head without saying a word.

The old man held the upper and lower knees with both hands, and said in a deep voice: “The bone is about to be repaired. After the graft, I will apply medicine to the affected area. The rest is recuperating.”

The man in Jinpao said he understood that the old man no longer said much, he squeezed his hands for a while, and suddenly he heard a “click”, and one leg was connected.

“Leave it to me here, and you take the other leg.” Feng Yuheng held the thick wood stick he had just picked, took the old man’s medicine box, and searched for it himself.

The old man also saw that she understood medical science, so he didn’t stop him, and went to the other side.

The medicine box is full of Chinese herbal medicines, not many, but the basic ones are still enough. only……

Feng Yuheng was a little worried. The injury was too serious. Even if the bone was connected, it might not be enough to use only these simple herbs for trauma. The conditions in this mountain are so bad and humid, it is easy to get infected. She hadn’t mentioned it in the history textbooks she had read before, and it is probably unlikely that there will be anti-inflammatory drugs.

After thinking for a while, he put his hand in his sleeve again, and drew out a small packet of antibiotics for external use from the room medicine.

This was what she used to pack in a large ziplock belt from the army at the beginning, and when she returned to the pharmacy, she disassembled it into small packages and filled more than fifty small ziplock bags.

“What is this again?” Bai Ze was curious, but no longer doubted her.

“You don’t understand even after you said it.” She didn’t intend to explain too much. “In short, there is only good and no harm to his injury.”

She poured the powdery thing on the affected area, wrapped it with the cotton strips in the medicine box, and then used the picked wooden sticks to make a simple bracket to fix the knee.

Just finished here, the other leg was also connected. She used the same method to deal with it again, until both legs were dealt with, the old man finally took a sigh of relief, and then looked at the Jinpao man tremblingly.

The man stared at his leg for a long while, then raised his head and thanked the old man, and then told Bai Ze: “Send your husband back to the city safely.”

“What about you?” Bai Ze was worried that he would stay here alone, his gaze turned to Feng Yuheng.

She had to admit her fate, “I will stay and take care of him.”

The old man also said: “Just send me out of the mountain, I know the road outside.”

Bai Ze said no more, and took the old man away quickly.

When they were far away, Feng Yuheng picked up the clay pot on the ground and went to the stream to fish for some water. When they came back, he had two white pieces in his hand.

“Eat this.” He handed the water and pills to the Jinpao man. “If you don’t eat it, you will probably get a fever after a while…Uh, fever. Once you have a fever, this leg will be cured for nothing.”

The person didn’t ask too much, she passed it over and he ate it, and she was stunned: “Are you not afraid that what I gave you is poison?”

He snorted, “Poison can be made so exquisitely, then I will take it if I take it.” While speaking, he stretched out his hand to Feng Yuheng, “Give it to me.”

“Huh?” She was stunned, then remembered, and passed the spray in her hand, “There is still a lot left, just enough for three more uses.”

He looked at the bottle in his hand and followed her previous movement to press the nozzle. Feng Yuheng stopped quickly—”Don’t press!” Then he personally instructed, “Look here, is there a small mouth, right? The affected area, and then press it again, and you can spray. Just like you just did, almost all of it sprayed into your own eyes.”

He is very educated, “Thank you.”

The two sat dry and no one spoke. The man in Jinpao closed his eyes slightly and leaned on the tree trunk, not knowing what he was thinking, while Feng Yuheng stroked his right wrist and plunged his thoughts directly into the pharmacy.

There was a phoenix-shaped birthmark on her right wrist. She had it in her previous life. She didn’t expect a crossing. Not only was the birthmark still there, she also brought the pharmacy.

The pharmacy is still the same as before. The first floor is filled with western medicines and Chinese patent medicines, and there is a wall of Chinese medicinal materials.

The second floor mainly deals with simple medical equipment, but also secretly hides some special medicines that are not available on the market, most of which she brought from the army, as well as miraculous medicines she has collected from all over the world.

One of the counters sells medical aids, such as gauze, tape, cotton balls, alcohol, and iodine. In addition, her lounge is also on the second floor, 20 square meters, with a built-in toilet and bathroom. There is also a refrigerator and a microwave.

There are also cosmetics she frequently used on the table, snacks and a jewelry box in the drawer. She doesn’t usually wear jewelry, and the ones in the pharmacy are not very valuable. Most of them are made of silver. They looked good at first and bought them for fun, but they didn’t wear them. There are also some gold ornaments, not diamonds, one ruby.

These things were originally the most common for her, but now it seems like a lifetime… Oh no, it’s a lifetime.

Feng Yuheng sighed secretly, subconsciously unwilling to analyze why the helicopter suddenly exploded. She knew that it was not just as simple as an air crash, but actually guessed the various reasons, but didn’t want to admit it.

No matter what, she had to work again, and she was quite satisfied with this pharmacy being able to follow her. In her previous life, she only had two housekeeping skills, one Chinese medicine doctor and one Western medicine doctor. Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancestral craft, and Western medicine is the practical experience of more than ten years of study and many years of clinical work. If fighting can be considered a skill, then she can be considered quite good, at least one-on-one hands-on, and the iron-blooded men in the army can also deal with a tie.

But are these useful in this era?

His mind was in a daze, and his thoughts were drawn back from the space.

There was a figure shaking not far away. She looked at it warily, and the man in Jinpao said, “It is Bai Ze who is back.”

Feng Yuheng stood up, “Since your people are back, then I will leave.”

He nodded, “Go ahead. Be careful.”

She sniffed, the night in the mountains was still quite cold. “It’s really unfair. I have a part in treating your legs. Why don’t you tell Bai Ze to send it to me.” Without waiting for the other party to answer, he just waved his hand casually, “I’m just kidding. But… “The girl rolled her eyes, “I’ve eliminated the disaster for you, shouldn’t you pay something?”

“En?” The Jin-robed man was startled, then smiled bitterly, “What kind of reward do you want?”

She broke her fingers and counted: “Not only did I help you heal your injury, I also gave you three kinds of medicine, and I also gave you the rest of the medicine. How much do you think these are worth?”

He said helplessly, “I know that your medicine is hard to find, but I really can’t get the money now.” As he said, he untied a brocade bag from his waist and gave it a hand. “At most twenty taels, It’s all small pieces of silver, and it’s convenient for you to use it in the mountains.”

“Twenty taels?” She thought for a while, but she didn’t think of the concept of twenty taels.

He thought she was too small, “If there is a chance to see you again in the future, even if a girl asks for a daughter, I will not say a word.”

Feng Yu Hengding didn’t like to hear such words, and if he had a chance to see you again in the future, if he said something like this, he would probably never see him again.

She couldn’t help but looked at his eyebrows. The more she looked at the purple lotus, the more people couldn’t move her eyes. She felt that she was hopeless.

“That’s it.” Feng Yuheng squeezed a few times after receiving the purse, which was quite heavy. Then he discerned the direction according to the original owner’s note, and walked forward in large strides.

The man in Jinpao looked at the little figure walking away, pitifully thin and stubborn. A faint smile appeared on the face that had not always expressed much expression. Such a smile fell in the eyes of Bai Ze who had just returned, and it really shocked the guard who had grown up with him since he was a child.

“Master, master.” Are you laughing?

“En.” He looked back, “How’s things going?”

“I was knocked out at the mountain pass. Before waking up, whether he can save his life depends on his own good fortune.” After Bai Ze said, he glanced in the direction where Feng Yuheng had left. “Master, do you want to subordinate over there? handle?”

“No.” The man in Jinpao replied quickly, “We will be out tomorrow morning.”

“Subordinates obey!”