Know about taxation for shipping into Australia

Know about taxation for shipping into Australia (Australia)

Import duties and taxes for import into Australia
When shipped to Australia The recipient will need to pay tax. Whether it is personal use. Or for commercial purposes. The evaluation method is based on the FOB price. (Freight to ship), is the payment of duties and taxes calculated only from the value of imported goods in full. In addition to the duty to send to Australia. Taxes and fees, such as sales tax (GST) and customs service fees

Australian tax rates
Australia rates a variable tax rate ranging from 0% to 10%, with an average of 4.6%. Some shipments to Australia can be shipped without tax, such as a luggage computer. And other electronic products.

Australian Sales Tax
In Australia, GST (excise tax) is rarely excluded for all kinds of shipping. Primary exempt products are specific foods, medical devices that qualify for tax exemption.

The GST calls for 10% of Taxable Importation (VoTI), which includes the total amount of Customs Valuations (CV) plus freight, shipping and insurance. Including Wine Equalisation Tax (if applicable).

Australian Minimum Tax
Australia There is no minimum tax rate, ie, shipped to Australia. Values ​​not exceeding AUS $ 1000 will be exempted from tax, including GST and processing fees.

Other taxes and customs fees Australia
Shipping to Australia Import Processing Charge is charged on all imported goods which have a value higher than AUS $ 1,000. The total amount depends on the method of importation and the manifest form. import Details of fees are as follows:
1) For imported goods, FOB price. (Meaning the value of the item only), with a value between AUS $ 1,000 and 10,000:

  • Imported goods by air or by mail Electronic Product Demonstration – AUS $ 40.20
  • Imported goods by sea Electronic Product Demonstration – AUS $ 50.00
  • Imported goods by air or by mail List of goods by filing – AUS $ 48.85
  • Imported goods by sea List of goods by filing – AUS $ 65.75

2) For imported goods, f f o (Meaning only merchandise value) that is worth more than AUS $ 10,000:

Imported goods by air or by mail Make a list of goods electronically or by submitting AUS $ 122.10.

Imported goods by sea And electronic manifestation or by filing – AUS $ 152.60

3) Wine Equalisation Tax / WET levies 29% on imported wine and alcohol.

4) Luxury Car Tax is levied at 33% of motor vehicles, which is more than the value of tax.

Location and Contact Information Customs Department, Australia
Find out more from the Customs Department and the Australian Customs Department. Declaration of import procedures and restrictions on shipments into Australia

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