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Seven bizarre events in Didan Primary School

Horrible rumors

Quietly in Class B of the first grade of Didan Elementary School, the classmates are reading books carefully, but Genta is holding Conan’s ears.

He talked about the terrible things that happened at school in the past few days. He spoke vividly, his eyebrows were flying, and all the stars and saliva were splashed.

Conan’s face, but Conan couldn’t get enough energy for this. He asked Yuanta listlessly: “You said this

The school is cursed? “”Yes! This is real! “The side Mitsuhiko also stretched his head and said mysteriously:”

There are rumours about this in schools now! “I think it’s not just the seven weird rumors of the school, right!

Either the piano will play music by itself, or the number of steps will change! “Conan is not interested in these things.

“This is not a legend to lie to children!” Thinking of the terrible thing, Mitsuhiko’s face was no longer bloody. “One

On the morning one week ago, a student entered the art classroom because she liked the big one in the art classroom very much.

Portrait, so I go there to see it every morning. The girl saw the 8 plaster statues in the art classroom with her own eyes.

Staring at him at the same time, and there was a strange light in his eyes——! Think about it, this legend is scary

Got it! “At the end, Mitsuhiko’s voice changed.

“Don’t be nervous, this is just a coincidence!” Conan still said casually.

“Moreover, it’s not just this girl, don’t you think the number of students in our school has suddenly decreased a lot recently?”

Yan lowered his voice, curled his neck like a thief and looked around the sparse students in the classroom.

“But I heard that a cold is prevalent recently!” Conan looked at Mitsuhiko strangely.

“Could it be a relationship cursed by those plaster statues?” Mitsuhiko reminded Conan like a reasoning expert.

“Huh, the rumor I heard is much scarier than the plaster rumor!” Yuanta covered her mouth with her hands behind her.


“Huh?” Conan looked back warily.

“Isn’t there a terrible dummy in the health room?” “Oh, you mean a human dummy!” Conan had to give it

Yuanta explained, that’s true!

“Yes, yes, that’s it! The night before four days ago, it was running in the corridor–” Yuanta sweated in a cold sweat.

Hajime went outside, “And it—the speed is so fast—so fast!” Yuanta’s teeth were shaking.

“How is this possible!” Conan said disdainfully.

“Hey, Ayumi, tell Conan about what happened to you!” Yuanta shouted to Ayumi who was reading, he knew.

Conan would believe Ayumi’s words.

“Why, Ayumi, did you see it too?” Conan looked at Ayumi in surprise.

“Yeah!” Amy frowned and nodded, but her eyes didn’t leave the book.

“In short, if our young detective team does not investigate quickly, things will probably be out of hand!”

Anxiously said to Conan who was still staring at Bumi.

“Pop!” Yuanta took a hard hit on the head. He grinned and clutched his numb head and turned to take a look.

Teacher Xiaolin! She was staring at Yuanta with her hands on her hips fiercely: “If you don’t obediently accept what your teacher teaches you

These things, go home for me now! “After cursing, Teacher Xiaolin drove off aggressively, and she walked to a

Xuexue shouted, “Next, please read Fukumoto!” But that student moved slowly, and Teacher Xiaolin

Impatiently said: “Hurry up, don’t procrastinate!” “Yes!” The little boy named Fukumoto hurriedly tremblingly

Stood up.

“What a tigress!” Genta said, looking at Mrs. Kobayashi’s back, and said, “Think of the teacher Toya from the past.

People are much better! She is so gentle! “”Is there any way! “Mitsuhiko turned his head and said,” Mr. Toya gets married

I will quit my job later. “”what a shame! “Yuantai sighed while holding his head.

When doing sanitation after school, Conan asked Amy: “Did you really see a weird person?” “Well! Three weeks ago

I saw it in the classroom at night! “Bomi frowned and said.

“Then why do you come to school at night?”

“People are worried about those fish!” Bu Mei turned her head and looked at a fish tank in the corner of the classroom.

“The fish you are talking about are those fish?”

“Yeah! Because I forgot to feed these fish that day, so I came to see if there was anything wrong with them.

I saw it. “Bomi kept her head down, she really didn’t want to think of that terrible scene,” At that time, the classroom was dark.

But I saw a person walking around who looked terrible wearing a white mask. “”Then you saw him that day

Is the face gone? “”No, his voice is also vaguely unintelligible! But he seems to be angry!

“Then why don’t you tell the teacher about this?” “I said! I told the dean of dean who lives nearby,

He promised me to find out this matter! “”What did he say later? “”I’m just afraid of this! “Say

After that, Ayumi couldn’t help crying, “He didn’t come, neither yesterday nor today. I asked Mrs. Xiaolin and

Other teachers, but they all said they didn’t know! I went to the dean’s house and rang the bell several times, but no one came to open the door…

“Will you be sleeping because of a cold?” “Yuantai wanted to comfort Bumi.

“In this case, he should also contact the school!” Mitsuhiko objected. Conan touched his chin and thought: I remember the dean of academic affairs has lived alone since his wife died!

“I think he must have been killed by me! It was me who asked him to investigate the matter. The dean must have been killed by that

The weirdo was killed and then buried! “Bu Mei said in tears.

Seven bizarre incidents in Didan Primary School (2) Teacher with weird look At this moment, Teacher Xiaolin came over: “How many of you

Why are you noisy here, don’t hurry up to sweep the floor! Also, you guys, remember that the announcement of the parent meeting sent by the teacher today

Yes, you must take it to the homes of those classmates who asked for leave to let them know about it. Did you hear it? “”Got it! “Ke

Nan said they looked at the back of the teacher’s departure.

Teacher Xiaolin who walked out of the classroom handed her hand to the door. She closed her eyes and leaned weakly against the door.

“Teacher Xiaolin, what’s the matter with you?” At this moment, Teacher Dayan came over and saw Teacher Xiaolin leaning on the door, “You

Looks so pale! You just came to our school and gave you the first grade. It’s really hard for you! But don’t do this

What a depression! “”I didn’t think it was any hard work! “Mr. Xiaolin closed her eyes and said in a faint voice. Then she

He left without looking back.

Da Tian was about to walk away when he suddenly heard someone calling him behind him. It turned out to be Conan: “Teacher Da Tian, ​​I have something to ask.

Can you please? “”What’s the matter? “Teacher Dayin squatted down kindly.

“Do you know what happened to the dean of academic affairs?” When I asked the dean of academic affairs, Mr. Dayan’s face was touched

He changed his color and backed away nervously: “This…this! I only know that he hasn’t come to school for three days, but he didn’t.

Have a leave! I think he will come to school soon! “After that, Teacher Da Tian turned his head and ran away.

Conan looked strangely at Teacher Datian’s every move.

Mrs. Yuan and the others came out of the classroom. Guangyan looked at Teacher Dayan’s back and said, “Looking at him like that, he must be

What to hide! “”Damn it, it seems that each of these teachers in our school has a big problem! go with–! “

When Mrs. Yuan finished speaking, she kicked the wall of the classroom violently.

“How can you kick public things like this!” An old man’s voice came from behind Yuanta. They looked back,

Shocked, it turned out to be Principal Uematsu!

Principal Uematsu touched the wall of the classroom as if touching a child: “Our school will be 30 years old this year.

  Over the years, he is like my clone, working hard with me until now! You have to cherish it well! “”

  principal! “Conan stopped the principal who is leaving.” Excuse me, do you know where the dean of academic affairs has gone? “principal

  Startled, he turned around and said: “Huh, paper can’t contain fire! This person’s luck is really bad! This is fate!”

  ”After that, the old principal left with his hands behind his back.

  Seven bizarre events in Didan Primary School (3) Everything is normal

  That night, in the dead of night, the young detective team came quietly to the school. Team leader Yuanta is giving the team members

  Assign the task: “Did you hear that?” “Okay!” Mitsuhiko raised his fist and said, “Our young detective team must take me

  All these mysteries that happened in our school are solved one by one! “”Let’s go to school now and have a look! “Bumei is also bravely

  Raised a small fist and said.

  Conan ignored the tricks of these little kids. He knew that if something really happened, they would definitely

  They will call mom and dad, don’t look at how fearless they are now! He climbed to the only open window of the teaching building alone,

  He jumped in and plugged in the window, letting Ayumi, Genta, and Mitsuhiko knock on the windowpane hard, “Conan! Hurry up!”

  Click to open, let’s go in! “”It’s too dangerous, go back! “Conan said with a disdainful smile.

  Unexpectedly, the three of them suddenly disappeared from the window. They only heard the sound of “one, two, three” coming from under the window, Conan.

  Looking back, Yuan Tai was holding a big rock on her head! Ayumi and Mitsuhiko next to him are staring at Conan angrily.

  We are about to smash the window when we open the door!

  Conan was so scared that he waved his hands with a smile: “Okay! Alright! I’ll let you in!” The corridor of the teaching building

  It’s dark, not even a single person!

  ”I didn’t expect the school to be gloomy at night!” Yuanta looked around as he walked.

  ”Hey, yes, that is to say, it is really exciting!” Bumei said boldly.

  ”You can’t let others know about this! The teacher will be angry if you know it!” Mitsuhiko said seriously.

  ”Ugh! It’s boring to be with them! Conan thought as he walked, holding his head. Hearing what Mitsuhiko said, he couldn’t help but

  He inserted a sentence: “He will know!” “Huh?” Mitsuhiko didn’t know what Conan meant.

  ”You have to wipe off the shoe prints on the floor!” Conan turned his head and looked at the floor they walked on.

  ”Oh! So that’s it!” The three little guys scratched their heads embarrassedly. Conan had to take them to the water

  By the side of the faucet, let them rinse the soles.

  ”Conan is still thoughtful and thoughtful!”

  ”None of us thought of it!”

  Yuantai and the others joked while washing the soles of their shoes and said, “How does this look like a spy!

  Conan was so angry that he stared at one side!

  ”Then let’s go to the art room first!” Yuanta said to Conan and Mitsuhiko after putting on the shoes, Ayumi hasn’t washed it yet.

  ”Okay! Let’s go now!” Mitsuhiko replied positively.

  After speaking, the three of them walked towards the art room, and Bu Mei, who hadn’t finished washing, also hurriedly followed, forgetting the faucet.

  Closed. However, in the darkness, a hand quietly turned off the faucet for them, but they didn’t notice it at all.

  ”Wow, it’s so dark in the art room! I’ll turn on the lights!” Genta said, tiptoeing to turn on the lights.

  ”Don’t turn on the light!” Conan stopped Genta. “If you turn on the light, they will know we are inside!”

  Why don’t you even bring a flashlight! “Conan muttered and turned on the flashlight he was carrying with him, just fine.

  It’s like saying: Do you have the basic qualities of being a detective?

  ”Flashlight, I brought it!” With a snap, Mitsuhiko also turned on a flashlight.

  ”Look, those plaster statues are there!” Bumei exclaimed in surprise. In the corner of the art room, stacked

  Several plaster statues.

  Conan walked over and took a closer look at one of the plaster statues, and found that someone made the plaster where the plaster statue was in contact with the table.

  ”There is nothing suspicious here!” Yuanta complained.

  ”Then, let’s go to the health room next!” Mitsuhiko felt shameless. The place where his rumors happened was simply

  Nothing suspicious! Well, maybe the rumors of Yuanta really have something to do with it!

  The health room is still dark! Yuan Tai didn’t want to lose face, he tried to catch it, eager to find that

  Model to prove that what you heard is true, but where did the model go! “Model…a mannequin!”

  Couldn’t find the mannequin, Yuan was too anxious to cry.

  ”It’s weird, why didn’t you see it?” Mitsuhiko rubbed his head and frowned.

  ”It’s not going to run in the corridor like the legend!” Yuanta’s face changed.

  Bomi accidentally opened a white curtain covering something. This is an incredible revelation, because it was covered by a curtain

  It’s the mannequin! Under the illumination of the flashlight at night, it looks particularly terrifying! Bumei yelled in fright and went

  Run out. Conan, Genta, and Mitsuhiko didn’t know what happened, so they chased after him: “Ayumi, why?

  Up? “Bumei just ran out, and accidentally bumped into a cardboard box: “Ouch! “Until then, she did not open

  Opened his eyes.

  ”Are you okay, Ayumi?” Genta asked breathlessly.

  ”Yeah! But, I seem to have lost my handkerchief somewhere!” Ayumi lowered her head and looked around.

  ”Hey, what is that!” Yuanta asked, pointing to a mass of things next to Bumei.

  ”This is a rag doll! She should have put it in this corrugated cardboard box!” Bu Mei grabbed it and grabbed the paper.

  Look at the box, it’s full of dolls!

  ”Wow, that’s great!” Yuanta’s eyes lighted up.

  ”I think these must be used in a doll show in some class before!” Mitsuhiko also said along the cardboard box.

  ”But, this is too weird! How can these things be outside? 』Conan has passed Bumei and the others

  So when I saw the doll, I forgot all ages. He was thinking about more important issues.

  Genta, Ayumi, and Mitsuhiko are pouting their butts and flipping around in the box of dolls.

  ”Look! This Master Sanzang has the same name as me written on his body!” Bu Mei was pulling a rag doll.

  Said happily with both arms.

  ”Sha Wujing also has my name!” Mitsuhiko also found a doll with the same name as his.

  ”How could mine be Zhu Bajie!” Yuan Tai said with a pouting mouth in dissatisfaction, holding a doll’s arms.

  Suddenly, the rag doll’s head tilted and fell off. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Yuanta was so scared that he sat on the ground and kept sending out


  ”Ah, how could this doll’s head fall off?” Bu Mei crawled on the ground, looking at that Zhu Bajie strangely.

  ”It’s not just the head falling off! Look, only this doll is torn to pieces!” Mitsuhiko mysteriously


  ”Ah! Then…that…Isn’t someone trying to kill me!” Genta asked tremblingly.

  ”How come! Your name just happens to be the same as it was written above!” Ayumi smiled and comforted Yuanta.

  ”That’s right, I think it must be the name of the classmate who pretended to be a pig when his class was playing a drama!

  ”Both Mitsuhiko and Ayumi felt that Genta’s ideas were really ridiculous.

  ”No! Maybe it’s not a coincidence!” Conan said seriously after listening to their conversation.

  I was holding a rag doll of Monkey King, “Look, the surname Edogawa can’t be seen casually!”

  ”Edogawa” is written on the Monkey King doll!

  ”So, these dolls have our names on them…” “Could it be that the recent decline in the number of students in the school will follow

  Does this matter? “Mitsuhiko and Ayumi are already indifferent!

  ”Ahhh! We will be killed next!” Yuanta’s hands and feet danced wildly, but he didn’t have the strength to get up from the ground.


  ”How come there is such a thing! Right!” Mitsuhiko said with his hands, “We only came because we were curious about the rumors.

  Check it out! Besides, the plaster statues are also well placed in the art room, aren’t they? There is also a human body model, it doesn’t

  Is it also put in the health room? “Mitsuhiko tried his best to prove that some of their previous ideas were wrong. He left.

  Go to the window and show them to the health room.


  ”Mitsuhiko, what’s the matter?” Conan ran to Mitsuhiko quickly.

  ”I saw that mannequin appeared in front of the health room!” Mitsuhiko screamed, closing his eyes and pointing at the window.

  ”Ah! What?” Conan, Ayumi, and Yuanta quickly looked out the window.

  ”Where is it? I didn’t see anything!” Yuanta said disapprovingly.

  ”But I really saw it!” Mitsuhiko retorted Genta affirmatively.

  Hearing Mitsuhiko’s words, Conan turned around and ran to the health room.

  ”Isn’t the mannequin put there properly?” Genta pointed to the model and said to Mitsuhiko.

  ”Let me just say it, you must be wrong because of fear!” Ayumi comforted Mitsuhiko.

  Mitsuhiko looked at the mannequin with wide eyes, he couldn’t believe it! But obviously just now…”No!

  Take a look at this mannequin for yourself! Below the base here! “Conan stared at the base of the model seriously

  Said, “The handkerchief that Step Mi just lost was pressed underneath! In other words, after we left the health room just now,

  The mannequin has indeed been moved! “”Then you mean, this model will run by itself! “Bomi asked Conan, covering her face.

  ”Idiot, of course someone moved it!” Conan handed Bu Mei’s handkerchief to her.

  ”Is he trying to scare us?” Mitsuhiko murmured.

  ”If this is the case, he can really achieve his goal!” Yuanta said.

  ”If he just wanted to scare us, he wouldn’t put the model back in place!” Conan glanced at the model

  Said musingly.

  ”Great! Fortunately, all this is not at work!” Ayumi said gratefully when he walked out of the health room.

  ”This is far more terrifying than ghosts!” Conan said with a sneer, “At this time there are still people who are studying sneakily.

  Do you think these weird things in school are not terrible! “

  Seven bizarre events in Didan Primary School (4) Smoke? blood?

  ”Who!” Conan yelled and stopped.

  ”Oh! What’s wrong, Conan?” Genta asked Conan.

  ”I just saw a figure hiding behind the window looking at us secretly!” Conan finished speaking and turned and ran back.

  Turned a corner, but saw nothing!

  ”How can it be! There isn’t even a half-person figure!” Yuanta said accusingly.

  ”Yeah, how could there be anyone here!” Mitsuhiko also said, “When I saw the mannequin, I

  A few of us are outside the classroom opposite the health room! The gangster heard my cry and moved the model to the warehouse again.

  Fitness room! If he wants to run behind the window to see us again, he should pass by us somewhere

  That’s right! “Mitsuhiko overthrew Conan’s view with rigorous reasoning.

  ”I think it must be Conan that you misunderstood!” Bu Mei said the same.

  ”No! I’m pretty sure there was someone here just now!” Conan said as he searched vigilantly, “Look at the glass in the window.

  Glass! There is a white mist there, that is the best evidence that the person just pressed his face against the glass and peeked at us!

  ”Bumi and the others heard Conan say so, they were already shaking like a sieve in fright!” In short, we are the only ones here who are too dangerous.

  risk! Let’s hurry up and call the guards! I remember the phone number is…” “Conan, you want to call, the faculty is working

  There is it in the room! “Mitsuhiko opened the door of the faculty office.

  ”Conan, Conan, come in quickly!” Ayumi lowered her voice and called Conan who was still standing still.

  ”Why is the faculty office unlocked? Watching Mitsuhiko easily push open the office door, Conanqi

  Thought weirdly.

  The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered it!

  ”Did something happen!” Mitsuhiko asked nervously.

  ”No way! I think 80% of them are drunk again, this guard has always been so loose in the past!” Conan reluctantly

  said laughingly.

  ”How do you know the past?” Ayumi asked strangely.

  ”Ah—Sister Xiaolan told me!” “Now tell them that I also graduated from this school before, he

  We won’t believe it! Almost exposed! Conan was so frightened that he was sweating coldly. “But I’m troubled now!

  Nothing happened, you can’t call the police over, if that’s the case, you can only call him! Conan thought of Uncle

  Uncle Mori Kogoro!

  Maori drank so much that he couldn’t open his eyes! Suddenly the electricity rang, and he was taken aback! As soon as it heard that Conan was calling, he just

  I’m getting angry: “Conan, where are you? Xiaolan is so worried about you!” “I’m in Didan Elementary School, uncle, can you come here?

  Down? “”what! You want me to go to school! You bastard, I graduated from elementary school 800 years ago! “gross profit

  Speak loudly to the phone.

  ”I know! I’m asking you to come over now, sister Xiaolan will come here too!” “Okay! Obey orders, sir!”

  After speaking, Maori hung up the phone with a snap.

  ”Really, I get drunk when it’s so important! Conan mumbled and hung up the phone.

  Before we come, let’s take a look around in the school! After making up his mind, Conan took the flashlight and ran out.

  Xiaolan heard her father call in the room, so she came over to ask if Conan was calling. But, whatever she calls,

  The Maori detective just can’t wake up!

  ”Hey, it’s really exciting now!” Bumei said to herself.

  ”Why are you excited?” Mitsuhiko looked at Ayumi in confusion.

  ”Look at it for yourself! Look at the smoke under your feet, it’s like being a fairy!” Bu Mei stepped on her feet hoppingly

  Smoke from the bottom.

  ”What’s the matter with these cigarettes?” Mitsuhiko asked Conan in front of him.

  Conan shot it with a flashlight, and sure enough, a puff of smoke rolled down the stairs in front, and he ran up with his leg.

  One of the hands of Mrs. Yuan grasping the stair railing suddenly felt sticky. He raised his hand subconsciously and took a look: “Ah, yes.

  blood! “Yuan Tai yelled in horror.

  Conan stuck his fingers and looked at it and said, “This is not blood, it’s just red paint!” “Pigment?!” Yuanta

  Shine the “blood” on his hand with a flashlight.

  ”It’s just someone letting the paint flow down from the gap in the stairs!” Conan illuminates the top of the stairs with a flashlight

  In a gap, “As long as you put tape between the stairs, the paint will flow down from the handrails!” “The smoke

  What’s going on again? “Mitsuhiko asked.

  ”This is just the result of putting the dry ice in the physical and chemical laboratory in the water! This is what I posted in the corner of the stairs.

  Now! “Conan smiled and showed them a piece of dry ice in his hand.

  ”So, this gangster is doing this to bring us back!” Mitsuhiko said while looking at the piece of dry ice.

  ”That’s good! Let’s go upstairs and catch him now!” Yuanta was brave again.

  ”It’s useless, he must have ran away long ago! But in this case, I have my way too!”

  Seven bizarre events in Didan Primary School (5)

  After speaking, Conan smiled slyly, then turned his head and cried loudly to the stairs, “There are ghosts, there are ghosts, okay.


  ”After shouting, he turned his head and said to the dumbfounded Mitsuhiko and the others, “Come on, yell together! “”Oh,

  I understand, it was to make the gangster think that we were all run off! “After Mitsuhiko, Ayumi and Yuanta also shouted together.

  ”There’s a ghost, I’m so scared!” After shouting, Conan and the others quickly ran into the toilet and hid. Probably over a dozen

  Minutes, it is estimated that the gangster started to move again, and Conan took them out. “Why is uncle so slow?

  not coming! 』

  Conan walked while looking at his watch.

  But Bumei and the others who were walking in the front suddenly seemed to be nailed there, shaking all over.

  ”What’s wrong!” Conan asked eagerly.


  ”In our… classroom!”

  ”And there are more than one or two people!”

  Following the direction Bomei and the others were pointing, Conan looked towards their classroom, and sure enough, the dark classroom was neatly

  Full of people, there is a person wearing a big mask walking around in the classroom!

  ”what! It looks like there are a dozen people! What are they doing in the classroom? That’s right, Bumei saw him! odd

  Damn, what is he holding in his hand? Oh, I totally understand! Conan smiled to himself, then ran to the root of the wall

  Squat down.

  ”Conan, what are you going to do!”

  ”Then I need to ask, of course I’m going to catch the gangster!”

  ”Hey, will we have something?” Mitsuhiko asked as he ran.

  ”They are so many people!” Yuanta was also worried.


  But Conan ran to the door of their classroom and stopped! “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

  After a few vocal movements, Bumei was shocked and they didn’t feel the atmosphere! Then, Conan pretended to cough twice and boldly

  He walked over and knocked on the door three times. No one came to open the door, so he opened the door by himself and turned on the lights in the classroom!

  ”Ah!” Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta were stunned by the scene in the classroom: there was one on each student’s desk

  Rag dolls, sculptures and mannequins are placed on the side of the classroom.

  Step Mei found the doll with her name just written on her desk!

  ”What’s this? Jia—Chang—Yes!” Yuanta found a note on the head of the mannequin!

  ”It looks like a parent meeting!” Step Mei said, looking around the classroom for a week.

  ”Yes, this gangster treats the doll as a student, and then uses the plaster statue and the mannequin as the parent. Every day

  Doing exercises in the classroom non-stop at night, the purpose is to prepare for the parent meeting next week! “Conan is calm and willing

  Definitely said, “In order to prevent others from hearing his voice, I put on a big mask!” After speaking, Conan spoke to him again.

  The table said, “That’s right! Now hiding under the desk is the teacher in charge of Class B of Grade One, Teacher Xiao Lin!


  ”Ah!” Bumei ran to the desk and looked at it, it was Mrs. Xiaolin as expected!

  ”The plaster statues that everyone said will move, and the mannequin will run, that is…” Mitsuhiko was surprised


  ”It’s that Teacher Xiaolin moves them here every night for practice!” Conan said triumphantly, “to

  Yu that mannequin can run, but she runs faster! “”But instead of coming here every night

  Come and practice, it’s better to be nice to us students, right? “Genta said.

  ”That’s right! The teacher has to change the personality of your hate child first!” Mitsuhiko also said.

  ”Actually it’s not like that! The fact is just the opposite! The teacher loves children so much, I don’t know what to do!”

  Teacher Xiao Lin said painfully, “The teacher actually likes children very much! I love students in my own way!

  In the previous school, I didn’t even lose my temper! But at the first parent meeting, I messed up things

  The dry boy is like a camphor like a chrysanthemum. But seeing the parents meeting approaching, the past things have happened again.

  Comes to my mind and makes me fidget! I had to come here quietly every night to practice!

  It’s you, classmate Xiaodao, you look a lot like that boy in the past, so I can’t worry about it the most! “Kobayashi

  After the teacher finished speaking, he said to Yuanta.

  ”That’s it!” Yuanta muttered.

  ”No wonder Yuanta’s doll is so tattered! Conan smiled to himself!

  ”But now everyone is afraid of me, and some people call me a tigress. Maybe I am not suitable to be a teacher.

  Right! “Teacher Xiao Lin said sadly.

  ”That’s not the case! To be honest, I thought Teacher Xiaolin was a very good teacher early on! I also saw Xiao Lin with my own eyes.

  Teacher Lin will either water the flowers or feed the fish after everyone goes home! Did you say it? 1 “Bumei turned around

  He winked at Genta and Mitsuhiko.

  ”Ah, this…Of course, other teachers wouldn’t do such a thing!” Mitsuhiko stammered.

  ”Everyone also said that the tigress would water the flowers. It’s a miracle!” After Yuanta finished speaking, Mitsuhiko used his elbow cruelly

  Give him a hard stroke.

  ”In short, no matter how much the teacher deceives himself, there is still no way to deceive the children’s eyes!

  Now that the truth has been revealed, it is better for you to restore your original face! However, the most important thing now is the old

  The teacher needs to get rid of his stage fright! “Conan said wittily.

  ”This…I know!” Teacher Xiaolin blushed embarrassedly.

  ”But, teacher, you are too much!” Ayumi said mischievously, taking Mr. Kobayashi’s arm, “how can I use cigarettes?

  Are fog and paint coming to scare us? “”Ok? “Mr. Xiaolin was surprised.

  ”Don’t pretend! It’s the teacher who is hiding behind the window and peeking at us!” Mitsuhiko said with a smile.

  ”What are you talking about! I moved the mannequin to the health room after hearing the voice of Tsuburaya-san,

  I have been hiding in the health room since then! “Mr. Xiaolin looked at Mitsuhiko in confusion.

  ”Ah!” Conan was startled. “Then, who opened the door of the faculty office?” “The faculty office?

  what are you saying? “Ms. Xiaolin doesn’t understand even more.

  ”I knew it, I knew there was someone there!” Conan didn’t want to think so much, and turned around and went to the faculty office


  ”Don’t move!” Pushing open the door of the faculty office, Conan yelled to a man with a waist inside.


  ”Dean of Academic Affairs?!” Conan was a little baffled when he saw the dean of Academic Affairs who hadn’t come to the school for three days.

  ”Dean of Academic Affairs? What’s wrong with your head?” Teacher Xiaolin who rushed over asked in surprise.

  ”Ah—Mr. Xiaolin? This—” The dean of academic affairs was speechless for a while.

  ”Hahaha…” Conan and the others suddenly understood that the one who wanted to scare them away was the dean of education! he

  I came to school at night to find the wig that was accidentally blown away in the staff office that day. And caused this funny one

  The instigator of the scene was Mr. Datian who accidentally opened the window that day!

  Conan and the others had to accompany the dean to find wigs in the office, but there were no wigs everywhere! Later, he

  We just knew that the wig had been hidden by the old principal!

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