You are my glory (13) the way of the wedding

“…Is this a proposal?” Sister Ling asked breathlessly.

“Of course! It’s all so obvious…” Qiao Jingjing was rarely shy, and her voice became quieter.

Sister Ling: “…”

This is so obvious!

“So you agreed so easily?” She thought of a possibility, and asked in horror: “You won’t get the certificate, do you?”

Qiao Jingjing rolled her eyes to her, “How is it possible!”

“That’s good, that’s good, I know Teacher Yu is not such an unreliable person.” Sister Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

“We plan to go back to see the parents next week. Well, it’s an engagement.” Qiao Jingjing was a little embarrassed, “You go with us.”

“What am I going to do when you are engaged?” It was said that Qiao Jingjing invited her to witness at such an important moment in life, and still told her to press the post in her heart.

“Then I’m going to start preparing for the wedding?” In all aspects of the celebrity’s wedding, the agent has more to do than the parents.


“That has to be done well.” Sister Ling has already begun to plan the venue guest media, who will decide the wedding dress, which photographer will return the gift, and whether it will be sponsored… These forests always take a year to prepare. “What do you want to do? Have you chosen a good day?”

“I haven’t figured out what kind of thing I have yet, in terms of time…” Qiao Jingjing thought about it, “Will I finish filming the next scene?”

Sister Ling’s eyes went dark, and she couldn’t help shouting, “The second part of the scene is only 20 episodes. You have been shooting for two months, and you have finished preparing for the wedding in two months?! Have you ever been married!”

… She just talked about it, why is she so excited.

After sister Ling held her hands and cried and cried, Qiao Jingjing finally became a little more sober and began to realize that as a small flower, it is not so easy to have a wedding.

Media reporters will not say, the venue is also a big issue. Do it at home, it’s very easy to leak information and cause crowds to watch. It can basically be vetoed overseas. With the teacher’s confidential unit, you can only go abroad once a year, and you don’t have your passport.

Qiao Jingjing was deeply distressed. After seeing both parents, the vacation was over and she didn’t think of a perfect plan. Until one day, the public account of the Yutu unit she followed issued a solicitation order.

She clicked on it and immediately forwarded it to Yu Tu excitedly.

Yu Tu:…

Qiao Jingjing was too lazy to type, and dialed the voice call, “Hurry up and sign up.”

Yu Tu was helpless, “Don’t make trouble.”

“I didn’t make a fuss, serious.” She gushed out a bunch of reasons, and when she wanted to continue speaking, someone seemed to call her over there. Qiao Jingjing responded and turned back to him and said, ” I went to film, you remember to sign up. There are only 20 places. With so many people in your unit, you won’t be able to grab it when it’s too late.”

After speaking, she hung up the call in a hurry, leaving Yutu helplessly holding the mobile phone at the other end.

When Yu Tu answered the phone, he was eating with Guan in the cafeteria, and Guan was drinking soup: “What’s the matter?”

Yu Tu put away his mobile phone: “Wedding matter.”

Guan Suddenly became interested: “What are you going to do? I haven’t attended a celebrity wedding. Is it grand? Should I wear a suit?”

“… She asked me to sign up for the unit’s collective wedding.”

Shun almost got choked by Tang: “What?”

Yes, the tweet that Qiao Jingjing sent to Yu Tu was the “collective wedding solicitation order” issued by his company’s official account.

She excitedly talked about the benefits of a group wedding on the phone. for example–

“Don’t worry about the media, you won’t be commented on the details of the wedding. You don’t have to decide on your own banquets. Guests only need to invite a few closest people. This is not the wedding of your dreams. What is the wedding of your dreams? I’m so caring. Sister Ling knows for sure. I will be moved and cry.”

“Your big celebrity’s ideas are really wild, but you all coincide. When you saw your colleagues attending before, didn’t you even say that it’s easy and worry-free.”

Yu Tu frowned, “When did I say that?”

Guan: “Years ago.”

Yu Tu had no impression.

Guan was biting the bun, “Then you go to sign up?”

“What’s your name?” Yu Tu said very calmly. “She will think of other ways in the evening.”

After all, Miss Qiao’s wedding plan has gone from the beach to the grass to the hotel to the beach.

Unexpectedly, Qiao Jingjing was very determined this time. During the evening video, she asked him and learned that he hadn’t signed up yet and eagerly urged him to go early.

The next day she asked him again, and Yu Tu said helplessly, “You can’t change it after you sign up, or you will waste other people’s places. Are you sure you won’t change your mind?”

Qiao Jingjing thought about it for three days this time, and then formally stated that she had been deliberate and Yu Tu had already prepared: “Where are the uncles, aunts and Ling sisters? They agree with me and it’s okay.”

Yu Tu felt that Qiao’s father, Qiao’s mother and Ling’s sister would not agree, but a week later, when Ling’s sister and Qiao’s father and Qiao’s mother respectively called him and said it was very special and good, Yu Tu finally realized that Qiao Jingjing Seriously, she also convinced her parents and agent!

On this day, he was rarely able to concentrate on the work of God, and got off work early.

When he returned home, Yu Tu sat on the sofa, a little lost.

Unknowingly, there have been too many changes in his home. She changed the color of the curtains. She covered the carpet in front of the sofa. Several pillows of different colors were placed on the sofa. She put green plants and flowers everywhere. She decorated his originally cold and indifferent house into a romantic and beautiful home.

She has always been so beauty-loving. She uses beautiful cups for tea, nicely arranged dishes for meals, and there must be an atmosphere on festivals, as if candles and flowers can be changed anytime and anywhere.

So how could she really want to attend a group wedding.

Yu Tu took out his mobile phone and found a video he had watched two years ago on the Internet.

He clicked, and in the video, Qiao Jingjing was interviewed with a smile. At seven minutes of the video, the interviewer asked, “Then what kind of wedding would you want if Jingjing married yourself? What kind of wedding would you dream of?”

“Dream wedding, I think about it, it must be very romantic and romantic, full of flowers and inviting many friends…”

Yu Tu leaned on the sofa and watched this paragraph several times, then suddenly got up, picked up the car key, went downstairs, and drove into the night.

Qiao Jingjing opened the hotel door and was shocked when she saw Yu Tu, “Why are you here? Is it the weekend tomorrow?”

She wanted to confirm with her mobile phone uncertainly.

Yu Tu stopped her, closed the door, and asked bluntly, “Why do you want to participate in a group wedding?”

Qiao Jingjing was taken aback, “You drove more than two hundred kilometers and came here just to ask me this?”

“You said that the wedding of your dreams must be very romantic, full of flowers, inviting many friends, Jingjing…”

“Wait a minute.” Qiao Jingjing interrupted him, “When did I say that?”

“In 15 years, an interview with a wedding ring endorsement.”

Qiao Jingjing was speechless, “Do you believe this too? When asked in an interview, you can only compile one question on the spot.”

Yu Tu refused, “Then what kind of wedding do you want?”

Qiao Jingjing was quiet and asked, “Do you think I want to participate in a group wedding because of your financial situation?”

Yu Tu looked at her, “Jingjing, I also want to do my best.”

Qiao Jingjing looked into his eyes and smiled sweetly, “Thank you. I want to marry you, of course you have to do your best for me. But this time, I really just want a simple wedding.”

“You know that I am in a much-anticipated Vanity Fair. There are too many things to consider when getting married. I want to keep it secret, but it’s impossible to manage it. If I want to invite only a few closest friends, some people may blame it. In the end.

The whole wedding may become a social venue. We have to socialize and take pictures with people constantly, and maybe a little problem will be sent to the hot search. But if we participate in the wedding of your unit, these problems will not exist.

We can simply be a bride and groom, although we are with many couples, but I think this is the only two of us, one-on-one, single-minded, without harassment, and no need to care about public opinion and entertainment. “

“And even if we have a wedding with many people, there are so many people in this world who are getting married at the same time every day. We were originally just a pair of ordinary husbands among so many people… well, young couples.”

Qiao Jingjing was joked by herself, but her eyes were a little hot.

“The wedding is for two people. You gave it to me and I gave it to you.” Qiao Jingjing looked at him with red eyes, and asked seriously, “Do you feel wronged for such a wedding?”