You are my glory (14) wedding

The place to register for the wedding is in the office of the Youth League Committee.

As soon as he went to work the next day, Yu Tu appeared at the door of the Youth League Committee office. The person in charge of the registration is a 40-year-old elder sister who happened to know Yu Tu. She was surprised to see him, “Less than? What are you doing here?”

Yu Tu said hello and said, “I’m here to sign up for the group wedding.”

The eldest sister was silent immediately.

Since that basketball game, who is Yu Tu’s girlfriend and who in the Eighth Hospital doesn’t know. He signed up for the collective wedding?

“Less than.” The elder sister thought over and over again, and asked with a heavy tone, “You…have changed your girlfriend?”

Yu Tu: “…no change.”

“Oh.” The eldest sister nodded calmly, with a thoughtful expression on her face for at least three minutes, and then slowly handed him a registration form.

After signing up, he left the hospital and Yu Tu received a call from Professor Zhang. “Come to my office.”

When he arrived in the office, Yu Tu sat down, and Professor Zhang thought over and over again and said, “Um, are you…”

Yu Tu said, “No change.”

Professor Zhang was taken aback: “What?”

Yu Tu said solemnly: “I didn’t change my girlfriend.”

Only then did Professor Zhang react and he couldn’t laugh or cry, “Who asks you this, can someone call me if you want to change the department?”

When he was interrupted by him, Professor Zhang was straightforward, “I wanted to ask you, is there a little financial turnaround? If you have any difficulties, your wife and I can help.”

“Thank you, teacher and mother, but there is no problem. Jingjing and I just want to make the wedding easier.”

“Then Xiao Qiao agreed?”

“She proposed it.”

Professor Zhang couldn’t help being surprised, “Did she propose?”

“Well,” Yu Tu laughed, “She has always been… more naughty.”

Yu Tu remembered that he asked her later last night, what if someone kept looking for her to take a photo at the wedding of the unit?

She seemed to have considered it a long time ago, and said happily: “Then we will run away after the ceremony. If we do the wedding ourselves, we can’t run away.”

The tone is almost full of expectation.

“But she thought it was a bit simple.” Yu Tu smiled, “She thought it would be done in the courtyard, so don’t worry about the media, but it’s definitely impossible. So we also discussed it last night, if it can’t be kept secret, then maybe It will have an impact on other colleagues, so we won’t participate. I asked the Youth League Committee the same way just now.”

Professor Zhang became interested, “It’s okay to keep confidential before the wedding. We’re best at keeping it confidential. I’ll say hello. I have been the witness for the past two years. They want to give me this face. Then you can also ask at the wedding. It came out when it was held.” Professor Zhang said as he began to help them make suggestions.

“But if the secret is leaked midway, what are you going to do?”

“Look at when it leaked.” After last night, they really talked a lot, and Yu Tu said seriously, “If it was earlier, we would change the other way. If it was leaked during the wedding, we ran away and waited. Teacher, you have finished hosting, find a place to host the second session for us.”

Professor Zhang was dumbfounded: “Are you going to be a wedding or a guerrilla? It’s nonsense.”

Isn’t this just Miss Qiao’s nonsense?

Yu Tu couldn’t help laughing.

Professor Zhang realized that he was being tricked, and he couldn’t help being angry and funny. Seeing his proud protégé now, he also sighed. “You finally have to finish the important things in life, I am very happy. Xiao Qiao is a good girl, treat others well.”

Yu Tu put away his smile and said solemnly, “I will.”

In March, the weather is sunny and the spring flowers bloom.

Early in the morning, a new five-star hotel in the suburbs put up a sign “Love for Aerospace”. Today, 20 newlyweds from Shanghai Aerospace Group will hold their wedding here.

At nine o’clock in the morning, in the romantic and festive lounge hall, the newlyweds are making up and styling arranged by the wedding volunteers, waiting to attend the wedding on the lawn at ten ten.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, probably only the innermost part of the hall, and the newlyweds in front of the French windows are particularly quiet. They were sitting with their backs to the hall and facing the grass outside the French windows, drinking tea leisurely, looking at their mobile phones, and whispering together most of the time.

The young volunteer Xiao Li looked at them several times, couldn’t help but ran over, and said shyly: “Ms. Yu, Miss Qiao, if you need anything, call me.”

“Good.” The bride smiled politely at her through the thin veil.

Xiao Li felt a little dazzling. Her white wedding dress was made of unknown material, and her whole body seemed to glow in the sun.

“But we are all set.” The bride whispered, “I got up very early today. I just took a lot of wedding photos outside. We will wait for our parents to come back from the exhibition hall, and then we will go out to take some photos. .”

The arrangement for the collective wedding by the Aerospace Group was very thoughtful. The relatives and friends were all picked up to watch the air show early in the morning, and it was about 9:30 to the hotel.

“They should be coming soon too.” Xiao Li looked at her and lowered his voice unconsciously, “We only learned today that you are also attending the wedding. It’s really shocking. Don’t worry, all our staff will keep secrets. .”

“Thank you, trouble you.” This time the handsome groom thanked her.

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome, you should.” Xiao Li waved his hand quickly and asked with concern, “Did no one notice you just now when you came in?”

“We came in quietly through that door.” The bride pointed to a more partial door. “They are busy putting on makeup, and they don’t pay attention to others when they get married.”

Xiao Li thought that’s not necessarily true, after all, you guys are so good-looking. “You didn’t participate in the rehearsal, how will you go later, how about the process, do you want to tell you again?”

“No, I have all remembered. I have a lot of experience in this area, and I will lead you to Mr. Yu.” The bride smiled slyly.

The bridegroom laughed and said to her: “I have bds, don’t worry.”

Emma, ​​if she hadn’t been for an astronaut, this dog food would simply not understand, Xiao Li was blushed by the two of them.

“Then I’m going to work on other things, a group of makeup artists somehow haven’t come yet.” After that, she hurried away.

The atmosphere in the hall has gradually become anxious, and the makeup artists of the four brides have never appeared. They and the groom kept peeking toward the door.

A volunteer ran into the hall out of breath, and anxiously ran to the person in charge of the wedding: “The call was made just now, and the car that the makeup artist was riding in collided with another car.”

The person in charge was startled: “Is that okay?”

“It’s okay, but I’m all injured, so I definitely won’t be able to come.”

While the person in charge was relieved, he became anxious again, suddenly missing four makeup artists, how busy this is. The place where they held the wedding was in the suburbs, and it was too late to find it temporarily.

She made a decisive decision, “Xiao Huang, go and ask the hotel if there is any way.”

The volunteer who had just reported the letter ran out immediately. The person in charge clapped his palms, attracting the attention of everyone in the hall.

“There is one thing. The group of makeup artists that we have appointed suddenly can’t come. Now we are short of four makeup artists. I want to ask, does any of our volunteers know how to make up? Does brides know how to make up themselves?”

The volunteers looked at each other, while the brides were anxious.

“I don’t usually wear makeup.”

“Even if the level of makeup is poor, how can I compare it to a makeup artist.”

They are almost crying aggrievedly. Who doesn’t want to be particularly beautiful when they get married.

The person in charge is also anxious: “Then other makeup artists can hurry up?”

A makeup artist said embarrassingly: “It’s definitely too late for us to make up and styling together.”

Xiao Li stood aside, also helpless, anxiously, she caught a glimpse of the handsome groom in the corner suddenly standing up and nodding to her.

She didn’t have time to think about it, and ran over immediately.

When they arrived, the bride smiled brightly at her and said, “Are you missing a makeup artist? My team is upstairs.”