You are My Glory (15) Base Exploration Team

Time flies, four years in a blink of an eye.

On this day, Qiao Jingjing, who was filming in Hengdian, received a call from Yu Tu from a business trip.

Yu Tu said on the phone, “I went to the cafeteria for dinner at noon today. The two little girls in front of me

belonged to other places. I heard them discussing me.” Qiao Jingjing hummed, “You are also now. There are fans, do you want me to show off?”

Yu Tu was appointed as one of the deputy chief designers of the first asteroid probe shortly before their wedding, and the chief designer of the Soshen planetary probe the year before. As one of the youngest chief teachers in the aerospace field, there are also many young admirers.

“Why would I ask you to show off my fans?” Yu Tu smiled, “I heard a little girl say that she was disillusioned with me.”

Qiao Jingjing suddenly became curious: “What did you do, how could people be disillusioned?”

“She said “Today I met Mr. Yu outside the conference room. I didn’t expect that Mr. Yu looks so academic, and his mobile phone desktop is actually a female star.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Yu Tu sighed and said, “Fortunately, she doesn’t have much contact with me. , Otherwise she will find that I still change the photo of this female star once a week.”

Qiao Jingjing laughed out: “These two little girls must be very attentive in their studies and never pay attention to gossip. Did you explain it later?”

After the two little girls had finished their meal, they were shocked and embarrassed to see him when they looked back. Yu Tu nodded his head even if it passed, but changed his mind after eating, feeling that he really couldn’t damage his image.

“Later, I saw them at the door after eating. I walked over and told them, “My phone desktop is my wife.”

“You are so naive, Mr. Yu.” Qiao Jingjing laughed hard on the phone.

“But I don’t think they seem to believe it.” The naive Mr. Yu said, “So do you want to prove it for me?”

“How to prove this, post on Weibo?” Qiao Jingjing couldn’t laugh or cry.

“That’s not necessary, but maybe you can come to my class and watch a rocket launch by the way? Isn’t your scene about to come to an end?”

“Ah?” Qiao Jingjing was stunned, and then quickly reacted, “Can I go? You are at the rocket launch base? I want to go! Where are you, can you tell me now?”

She was amused by a series of questions, and explained: “You can come, this time a family visit was organized in the yard.”

“I’m in Hainan, Wenchang Launch Center.”

Seeing how the rocket launch can be taken by the way, it is obvious that Teacher Yu is by the way →_→

Hainan half a month later.

Qiao Jingjing arrived in Hainan two days later than the scheduled time. There was no other way. In bad weather, she couldn’t shoot the location. The finishing time was two days late. As soon as the plane landed at Haikou Meilan Airport, she sent Yutu WeChat.

“I got off the plane.”

Then another one was posted among the family members of this visit. “I’m in Hainan, I’m sorry to be two days late.”

This time the space department organized a total of ten places for family visits, mainly for the families of Soshen researchers. Yu Tu’s 80x was awarded as the chief research and development unit. Three places, the other seven family members are from all over the world and other research institutes participating in the development.

The logistics staff in charge of this event specially pulled a WeChat group for the family members so that everyone can contact. However, the astronauts were not drawn into the group. After all, the launch mission was imminent, and it was not too much to disturb them due to too many chat records.

The group quickly responded.

“My granddaughter also called me in the morning to ask if the sign-in name is, you are coming soon.” This is Professor Zhao, the wife of Academician Xiao, the chief scientist of Soshen.

“It’s not too late, I didn’t miss the launch.” This is Brother Wang, a male family member from Tianjin.

Qiao Jingjing replied to them one by one, then put away the mobile phone and went to get the luggage with the little sister Zhu Ling.

It is more than an hour’s drive from Meilan Airport to Wenchang. Sister Che Ziling had arranged it a long time ago. After getting in the car, Qiao Jingjing took out her mobile phone, but Yu Tu still did not reply, mostly at work. But the group brushed a few more, most of them welcomed her, except for one.

“It’s good to be here two days later, it’s meaningless, I feel like I’m here to help wash the clothes.”

Qiao Jingjing was slightly surprised. She knew the speaker, Xiao Li, the wife of Yu Tu’s colleague Xiao Hu from the research institute. Everyone has met several times during dinners in recent years. She has the impression that she is a shy girl, but this sentence is quite bitter. smell.

However, there are staff and other family members in this group after all, so it seems inappropriate to say this.

Sure enough, after she finished speaking, she was cold for a while, and it took several minutes for the staff to come out and finish the scene.

“When the mission is over, there must be time for everyone to have fun with their families. Teacher Qiao, don’t you really need us to pick you up at the airport?”

Qiao Jingjing replied, “Just picking up the luggage. Don’t bother you, I will send it. Please pick me up when you reach the gate of the base.”

Staff: “That’s for sure.”

According to the navigation provided by the staff, the driver drove the car to a relatively biased gate of the Wenchang launch base. The door was already in front of us, and the car started to slow down. Xiao Zhu, who was sitting in the passenger seat, suddenly said “Wow”, “Jingjing, teacher Yu is here to pick you up!”

“Hey, why is he free?” Qiao Jingjing opened in surprise. From the car window, I saw Yu Tu’s tall figure at the door of the base. He also saw them at this time and walked towards them.

The car stopped, Qiao Jingjing jumped out of the car and hugged Yu Tu who was in front of the car, “Why are you here? Are you busy today?”

Yu Tu caught her, “Just have time.”

Sister Ling was in. There was no eye to see from behind, and she coughed to remind her that the soldiers guarding at the base gate were watching.

Yu Tu smiled and thanked Sister Ling Xiao Zhu: “Sister Ling, Xiao Zhu, trouble you.”

Sister Ling said, “No trouble, we will come to Hainan for vacation.”

Xiao Zhu nodded again and again, “Jingjing said we will be reimbursed. “

Qiao Jingjing dislike to say:” when are you going to reimburse the travel I do not “?

Xiaozhu immediately rainbow fart:” Long live the boss, Love for All Seasons “

. way to laugh,” Xiao Zhu more lively, “

Ling Jie said, They agreed, “Aguo has already arrived in Sanya with the child and Xiao Zhu’s mother. We have been playing in Sanya for a few days and also came to watch the launch. I think the official news was announced yesterday, right? This time, right? Your launch this time has attracted a lot of attention, it seems that CCTV still has a live broadcast.”

Xiao Zhu said: “Just can’t watch it in the launch site like Jingjing.”

“There are several viewing spots in the town which are also very good.” Yu Tu recommended. Several places.

Sister Ling said, “You can see it in the hotel too?”

“It should be possible.”

“That’s fine, I’ll confirm with the hotel at that time. Okay, then let’s go.” She rushed to meet her husband and children. .

Qiao Jingjing waved to send them off.

Waiting for Sister Ling and Xiao Zhu to leave, Yu Tu dragged the suitcase and brought Qiao Jingjing to the security check. Space bases are stationed by military personnel because of secrets. Qiao Jingjing handed her ID card to the soldier at the security check, while Yu Tu registered it in the visitor register.

After checking the ID, the soldier returned the ID to Qiao Jingjing. Yu Tu hadn’t finished the registration. The boy looked at her for a few times, and finally blushed and said, “Miss Qiao, I’ve been watching since I was a child. Your TV series grew up.”

Qiao Jingjing: “…Thank you.” Bro my


Yu Tu laughed facelessly next to him, Qiao Jingjing kicked him secretly, and Yu Tu registered and walked and dodged with training. When the registration was completed and the registration book was handed over, he politely thanked her again. “Thank you for your support.” The

little brother

flushed even more, and waved his hand slyly: ” No need.” Qiao Jingjing: “…”

Oh, brother, how can you find a girlfriend in the future?

The shocked Qiao Jingjing faintly followed Yu Road through the security check, but it quickly became fresh again. Because she discovered that Yu Tu actually drove a convertible electric car to pick her up.

It is the kind of sightseeing electric car that can take more than a dozen people, which is common in tourist attractions!

It feels kind of cool.

Qiao Jingjing immediately climbed into the front passenger seat, “Why did you get such a car to pick me up?”

“Whatever you borrowed.” Yu Tu carried her suitcase to the back row, and got in the driver’s seat again. He took out a big straw hat that he had prepared a long time ago and said, “I will give you sun protection.”

Teacher Yu must be the straight man with the strongest learning ability in the world. Qiao Jingjing buckled the straw hat on her head with satisfaction and urged him, “Go away. Now, the tour guide drove.”

Sightseeing cars drove leisurely on the wide coconut forest avenue. With the blue sky and white clouds on his head, the gentle sea breeze blowing, and the green coconut trees everywhere he looked at, Qiao Jingjing leaned comfortably on the back of his chair, feeling that the exhaustion of playing in the past few days was wiped out, and the whole body was relaxed.

“It’s almost like a tourist attraction.”

“This base originally has both tourism and science and education functions.”

“Guide, you are very dereliction of duty, don’t introduce it to me.”

“Oh.” Yu the tour guide responded and began to recite the information. “Wenchang Aerospace Launch Site is one of the four largest launch sites in China and the only low-latitude launch site…”

Qiao Jingjing: “…I have seen these on Baidu Encyclopedia!”


Tu : “The cafeteria is very delicious.” Qiao Jingjing “What else?”

Yu Tu: “I want to send the Search God into space here.”

He stared at the car driving ahead, with a faint smile on his lips, and a confident look between his eyebrows, Qiao Jingjing looked at him, myself have pride surging up, “Okay, here is my favorite of the launch site!”

she pointed to the distant stands of huge steel building and asked, “that is the launch tower right?”

“Yes long Five launch towers, the other is seven long.” “

What are the two tall white buildings?”

“Assembly test plant.”

In her twitter question, the sightseeing car turned a corner and drove into one. On the narrower road, the coconut groves on both sides seemed to be denser, quiet and deep. Qiao Jingjing became quiet, and asked him for a while, “Are you monitoring here?” The

sightseeing car suddenly slowed down and slowly stopped on the side of the road.

Qiao Jingjing turned

her head suspiciously, “Why stop… Hmm…” Her lips were suddenly blocked, Yu Tu leaned over, clasped her straw hat with one hand, and held her hand with the other, and kissed deeply again. gentle.

She struggled not too hard, “What are you doing?”

Yu Tu took the time to answer her, with a low voice, “Do you ask if there is surveillance? Isn’t that what you mean?”

… That’s a little bit, but how can you understand it so quickly? !

Qiao Jingjing asked in confusion, “Is that there?”

“Of course.” Master Yu said, “We keep the unit secret.”

Qiao Jingjing glared at him, and then pulled hard in his smiling eyes, actively Kissed back.

Anyway, keep it secret… Then what are you afraid of? !