You are my glory (16) You are my glory

After Yu Tu took Qiao Jingjing to the hotel where he was staying in the base, he hurried to work overtime. Facts have proved that Master Yu personally came to take care of this kind of thing and it was really short-lived, and it was the norm to be too busy to see people every day.

But Qiao Jingjing didn’t have much difference with this. She was mentally prepared before coming. After all, the search for the gods was about to launch, and their work must be very busy.

She was very tired from coming to play for days, so she also took a good rest and relaxed, and then she began to take a happily vacation.

I have to say that the base is really a good place for vacation. The air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful. It also includes food and accommodation. And he was free to move. There was no need to go out and wear a mask. Although it was unavoidable to be seen a few more times on the first day, everyone soon became accustomed to it.

Qiao Jingjing first brushed the places allowed in the base, and then began to call friends in the family group, calling on everyone to form a group to visit the town outside the base.

The family group became active all of a sudden. Originally, the visiting group was not the same as a tourist group, and the base did not organize too many activities. When the family members are busy at work, the family members will inevitably be a little bored. But when Qiao Jingjing came, the atmosphere immediately changed, and everyone immediately had a tour group leader!

Soon Mr. Yu received various opinions from colleagues in his busy schedule.

Those who are grateful, such as Academician Xiao.

“Your wife is very nice. Since she came to my home, Professor Zhao has never been boring anymore. She has fun outside every day. She just takes me to look at the photos when she goes back at night. Less than, I have a little opinion about taking pictures, you See if you want to talk to Xiao Qiao? For example, don’t you need to take ten pictures for Professor Zhao in the same place? I am dim-eyed and I really can’t see which one looks better.”

Of course, there are also complaints.

“In the past, my wife used a rice cooker to make soup for me when I went back. As soon as your wife came, only the supper brought back from outside was available. Once I went back, they didn’t come back.”

Yu Tu conveyed to Qiao Jingjing . Qiao Jingjing’s complaint, however, has its own rationale for this: “We have fun so that you can work without any worries. Otherwise, you will feel guilty that you don’t have time to spend time with us, and the psychological pressure is so great.”

With such a considerate wife, what can Yu Tu say? Of course, he gave his wife’s reasons back to his colleagues and generously expressed no thanks.

Colleagues: …It seems to make sense, but what is wrong with it?

However, after playing for a few days, Qiao Jingjing was a little worried about Xiao Hu and his wife. One day before going to bed, she asked Yu Tu: “Xiao Li seems to be unhappy all the time. What happened to her and Xiao Hu?”

Yu Tu said simply. “Xiao Li was sick and hospitalized a while ago, and Xiao Hu was too busy.”

Without him, Qiao Jingjing understood.

“Then, do you want me to do something?” Qiao Jingjing was also not sure, as if it was not appropriate to say or do anything.

“No need.” Yu Tu thought for a moment and said, “If Xiao Li feels that he is not happy to pay too much with Xiao Hu, we can’t persuade

others to pay.” Qiao Jingjing sighed. Yu’s view of marriage and love is sometimes simply Calm to the cold. She agreed with him intellectually, but both Xiao Hu and Xiao Li Mingming were such good people.

She leaned in Yu Tu’s arms, “Fortunately, I’m also very busy, or maybe I’ll blame you.”

Yu Tu didn’t speak, and stroked her long hair. Qiao Jingjing snuggled quietly, his movements gradually slowed down, and after a while, his even breathing sound came from his ears.

He fell asleep.

Qiao Jingjing gently broke free to make him sleep more comfortable, she played with his hair and fingers for a while, and closed her eyes contentedly.

Soon it’s time for the rocket to launch.

The viewing place for the family members is arranged on the square in front of the command and control center building. This is one of the best viewing points and the closest place to the space people.

After dinner on Saturday night, they followed the staff to the viewing point early. There were already a lot of people gathered there, earlier than they came.

The logistics staff in charge of them pointed to the building behind him and said, “This is the accusation center. Now your family is in the building.

I think they are all nervous.” He said a bit regretful, “I originally wanted to arrange everyone in the accusation center. I watched it, but it was cancelled due to some special reasons.”

“It’s okay, it’s also good here.” A family member said with a smile, “It’s just that there are a little more people, it seems that it’s not all the people in the base? Jingjing will wear it. It’s a mask.”

Qiao Jingjing, who was wearing a mask, waved her hand, “It will be taken off after dark. In fact, even if it’s taken off now, it’s okay. Everyone looks at the Rockets and won’t pay attention to me.” That’s

true, at this time. The huge Long March 7 rocket is already standing at the launch station in the distance. Everyone is watching it, full of excitement and excitement, and they don’t feel the waiting process is boring at all.

Just chatting like this, the launch time was approaching bit by bit, and the 01 commander’s voice came from the broadcast on the square.

“Two minutes to prepare.”

The crowd that was a bit noisy suddenly calmed down, and everyone looked at the rocket in the distance with bated breath.

“One minute to prepare.”

“Fifty seconds.”

“Forty seconds.”

“Thirty seconds.”

“Twenty seconds.”

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one , Light it up!”

With the order of Commander 01, the huge white arrow on the launch tower burst into the sky in the smoke, rushing towards the sky with a huge roar and a long flame tail.

The crowd was extremely quiet at the moment of takeoff. Everyone stared at the night sky closely. As the rocket flew higher and farther, cheers gradually sounded in the square.

The rocket turned into a light spot in the sky, the cheers turned into long-lasting enthusiastic applause, and the shouts of “Successful launch” came one after another.

Qiao Jingjing was also excited, but still worried, took out his mobile phone and opened the CCTV live broadcast.

The live broadcast looked a bit calmer than the live broadcast. Most of the time, the screen showed the real-time dynamic simulation of the rocket flight, and occasionally cut the accusation hall and the CCTV studio.

In the live broadcast, the report kept sounding, “Wenchang Optical Radar tracking is normal, telemetry signal is normal, Wenchang flight is normal.” “Tongguling tracking is normal, telemetry signal is normal.”…

This is the state of the rocket flight from various measurement and control points across the country . .

Unknowingly, the family members were all around Qiao Jingjing, and everyone looked at the mobile phone and listened carefully to the announcement.

About three minutes or so, the booster separated.

Next, the first and second stages were successfully separated.

Throw the fairing.

Finally, about ten minutes later, the second-stage engine shut down and the arrows were successfully separated!

The Search God probe successfully entered the predetermined orbit.

Qiao Jingjing let out a sigh, a real smile appeared on her face, and the family members who watched the live broadcast around her cheered.

Brother Wang said: “I really don’t understand, is this a success?” I

can only say that the launch was successful, and the journey of the Soshen in space began. But in any case, he has successfully set off.

Professor Zhao, who knew a lot, explained patiently to Brother Wang.

Qiao Jingjing looked up at the infinite and far-reaching night sky, and then looked back at the brightly lit accusation building behind him.

The probe carrying Yu Tu and the hard work and dreams of many people has left the earth and is flying in space according to a predetermined orbit. What is Yu Tu’s mood now? Should be more excited and proud than her.

But that’s not necessarily true. Teacher Yu has become more calm and restrained since he was promoted to chief designer. Perhaps after a brief celebration, he is staring calmly at real-time data analysis.

Suddenly want to see him and be with him.

The family members only then discovered that the surrounding crowd watching the rocket launch had long since dispersed, and their family members were left in front of the accusation building.

“Everyone is gone.”

“Then we went back?”

Qiao Jingjing retracted her gaze from a distance, and suddenly remembered Yu Tu’s instructions before leaving in the morning, and said quickly, “Wait a minute, there may be an interview later. We will finish watching. Let’s go for the interview.” As

he said, the live broadcast cut from the CCTV studio to the accusation hall, and CCTV reporters began to conduct live interviews.

The first person to be interviewed was Xiao Hu.

Qiao Jingjing immediately shoved the phone to Xiao Li, “Look, Xiao Hu has been interviewed.”

Xiao Li was taken aback for a moment, and his eyes fell on the screen of the phone. The reporter asked a lot of questions about Xiao Hu, and Xiao Hu did not rush to answer one by one. He is the one who is usually the most clumsy at words, but now he talks eloquently in front of the camera, full of professional charm.

Xiao Li looked intently.

The interview with Xiaohu lasted for a long time, and then the reporter interviewed Academician Xiao, the chief scientist of Soshen. Academician Xiao answered reporters’ questions about the significance and scientific goals of Soshen. The last one was interviewed. Respected aerospace senior.

All the interviews ended here, and the camera cut back to the CCTV studio. The family members were still unfinished. Someone asked Qiao Jingjing, “Why didn’t your family Yu accept the interview?”

Qiao Jingjing knew that Yu Tu had assigned the interview opportunity to Xiao Hu, but said wittyly: “Maybe the reporter will interview whoever pleases his eyes.

Right .” Everyone laughed, “Then Mr. Yu will do my part.”

Xiao Li was still in a daze with her mobile phone, Qiao Jingjing took it back in no hurry. She glanced at the accusation building behind her and got a new idea. “How about we wait for them to come out here and go back together?”

This idea was immediately recognized by everyone, and they nodded, but some people were a little worried, “When will they come out?”

Brother Wang said, “I don’t know, but I will also go back. Wait, can you sleep?”

The family members who had just watched the rocket launch shook their heads. “If you can’t sleep,

why do n’t you sleep, why do n’t we talk to everyone here.” “Can we stay here and wait?” Qiao Jingjing asked the staff.

The staff nodded, “It should be possible, just don’t walk around.”

So it was decided. The place where they are standing now is too central. A group of people walked to the far side and found a place where the door could be seen a little further away. They chatted while reading the news, waiting for the family to come out. About an hour later, people came out one after another, but they were never seen on the way.

Professor Zhao is more experienced: “These are supposed to be responsible for the launch of the rockets, and the ones in charge of the detectors must be later.”

After a while, Academician Xiao came out first. He was surprised to see them waiting and pointed at Qiao Jingjing.

She said, “Is it your idea?” Qiao Jingjing smiled playfully, “Yes.”

“I knew that the two husbands and wives had the same ideas and cleverness. Wait a minute, the launch today is ideal, it won’t be too late. “

Unexpectedly, Mr. Yu had such a lively and lovely comment from the old academician, Qiao Jingjing couldn’t help but secretly smile.

The staff took the two old people and left first, and one after another others waited for their families to leave. In the end, only Qiao Jingjing and Xiao Li were left outside the building.

Qiao Jingjing waited a little sleepy, and finally saw Xiao Hu come out. Xiao Hu was flattered when he saw them, and asked

Xiao Li incredulously : “Are you waiting for me?” Xiao Li was a little embarrassed by him, Qiao Jingjing spoke on her behalf, “Who are you waiting for? Why can’t

he come out?” “He walked with me, as if he was being held back to talk. He is about to come out.” Xiao Hu scratched his hair and said, “We will accompany you and wait for him to walk together.”

“Don’t stop. “Qiao Jingjing is helpless, can Xiao Hu put out some IQ booth for EQ? “Don’t bother me and my family Yu’s two-person world.” As

he said, from the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the figure walking down the steps of the accusation building. Qiao Jingjing quickly said, “I saw him, you can go first, bye bye, go faster and don’t be our light bulbs.”

Before Xiao Hu and his wife could react, she ran away. He walked a few steps in the direction of Yu Tu, but saw that Yu Tu walked down the steps and stopped on the side of the road. He took out his mobile phone and seemed to be turning on.

They turned off their mobile phones inside, and turned them on as soon as they came out. Could it be that they wanted to call her?

Qiao Jingjing hurriedly stopped and adjusted the phone to vibrate. As a result, after a while, Yu Tu was already on the phone, but her cell phone was still silent.

This is too much.

Who is he calling?

Qiao Jingjing walked around on the grass beside her, approaching Yutu from behind, and when she approached, she was trying to startle him, but heard him say.

“There are still many tests behind the Search God, but so far, it has

lived up to the expectations .” Qiao Jingjing stopped all of a sudden. She knew who he was talking to, and she was locked in.

The birth of the Soshen ship had twists and turns. The earliest plan was designed and demonstrated by Guan Zai and Yu Tu. Later, after Guan Zai was out of work due to illness for two years, Yu Tu took over most of the work in Guan Zai. The national overall plan was shelved for a while, and it was restarted the year before. Yu Tu was directly appointed as chief designer. Yu Tu initially refused, on the grounds that Guan Zai had already returned, but when Guan Zai knew about it, he scolded him. Because of technological advancement and innovation, Soshen’s later plan has been fundamentally different from their initial plan, and the body at that time was not enough to undertake such a heavy work. Undoubtedly, Yutu is the most suitable one. Candidate.

In the end, Yu Tu accepted the appointment and put forward higher requirements for himself.

He had never forgotten the entrustment to him once locked up in the hospital.

For a moment, Qiao Jingjing was sad and proud, she looked at the man’s straight back under the night light. This man has ideals and responsibilities, always dazzling like stars in her eyes, unparalleled in the world.

The phone in her hand began to vibrate, and Qiao Jingjing returned to her senses, only to realize that Yu Tu had finished the call with Guan Zai and was calling her.

Not wanting to be seen by him with red eyes, she quickly hid behind a coconut tree next to her and answered the phone.

“Did you see it?”

“I saw it.” Qiao Jingjing swept away the little bit of soreness, clutching her phone and said happily, “Congratulations, the launch was successful.”

“Yeah.” Yu Tu smiled and called her name. “Jingjing.”

“Everyone was applauding when the arrow was successfully separated. I suddenly thought that a long time ago, you said to me, “You are the rabbit who has seen the most stars.” Today, I really went to watch the watch. There are so many stars.”

“Thank you.”

Qiao Jingjing was stunned while holding the phone . The astringency that had just been swept away in her heart suddenly came back and became worse. Her eyes were so sour that she couldn’t say anything for a while.

After a long while, she walked out from behind the coconut tree and said, “You turn around, I’m behind you.”

Yu Tu turned around, saw her, and smiled suddenly, “It’s so big and skinny.”

He put away the phone and walked to her. , When she got to the front, she realized that her eyes were wet. He stretched out his hand to wipe her eyes, countless guilt surged to his heart, he pulled her into his arms, “

Thanks .” Qiao Jingjing buried her in his arms and shook her head. Sometimes hard work is hard, and occasionally a little complaint, but these are not the reasons why she suddenly wants to cry at the moment.

The tears in my eyes at this moment reminded me of countless times when he worked at his desk late at night, because the phrase he just said to Guan Zai, “to live up to his trust,” is for the persistence, glory, and dream of a group of people.

It’s for more stars.

For the more distant galaxy.

(End of full text)