You are my glory (2) tenth letter

Qiao Jingjing and Zhai Liang played a game all the way. Zhai Liang’s network was really hacked, but Qiao Jingjing’s network speed was not too high when he was on a high speed. After pitting passers-by, the two happily went to play the five-army showdown, which was newly launched by the king during the Chinese New Year.

The five-army duel is a two-person team, five teams altogether ten people fighting in a new map. The two of them had poor networks, and they were simply going to give away their heads. However, they refused to admit defeat. They played one game after another. After more than two hours of driving, they didn’t even win the first place.

When parking in the basement, Qiao Jingjing was playing in full swing, holding her mobile phone in full concentration and getting out of the car, leaving the driver behind to turn on the follow mode.

Soon the elevator reached the floor with a “ding”, the elevator door opened, and Qiao Jingjing walked out while playing with her mobile phone. It took a few steps to find that something was wrong. Why is it in the lobby on the first floor?

She looked up suspiciously, “You don’t even forget how many floors of my house are, do you?”

Zhai Liang on the phone was stunned, and immediately sent a head to express his shock, “What? What? What? You go to Mianhua’s house on the way?”

Qiao Jingjing then remembered that the voice was still on, and quickly turned off the microphone. But as soon as she interrupted, her promise was also broken.

Qiao Jingjing let out a depressed cry, and Yu Tu sighed, took her mobile phone and stood there to help her start a call.

The same hero is different in his hands. Once he was resurrected, he took a few heads in a row. There was no need for Qiao Jingjing’s science rules.

Zhai Liang found out immediately, and shouted there, “Did you change people?”

Yu Tu turned on the microphone again, and said leisurely: “What you hit on the way is simply insulting to my ears.”

Then he took the first place in a panic.

Qiao Jingjing’s eyes gleamed from the sidelines, and I have to say that it is better to play games than Teacher Yu. At the end of the game, I was so panicked and sent an invitation. Qiao Jingjing decisively took the phone and pressed rejection, snobbishly touting Yu Tu: “You are right. Panic is the five-point level. You are still the best. I will still play with you. Bar!”

Then she walked into the elevator.

Hurry home and get the first place with your own hands.

Yu Tu grabbed her. “Wait a minute, I will get a letter.”

Qiao Jingjing suspiciously followed him to the mailbox in the lobby, watched him find her mailbox, opened the password without thinking, and took out a letter.

Uh, although her home mailbox and door are the same password, his movements are too smooth, she has no sex at all.

“Why is your letter in my mailbox?”

Yu Tu glanced at her helplessly, “Play less games and eat more starch.”

“……What’s the meaning?”

“The brain needs sugar for thinking.”


Whose boyfriend is so venomous, I just want to fight a few times a day. But she finally reacted, “You sent it to me?”

“Well, did you only receive nine letters before?”


“This is the tenth letter, it’s late, so it’s only here now.”

“What is written in this letter?” Qiao Jingjing reached for it, but Yu Tu held the letter and didn’t let it go. He looked at her and said, “Jingjing, guess what I was thinking when I wrote this letter?”

“What?” Qiao Jingjing tilted her head slightly and looked at him.

“This letter is a bit esoteric. At that time, I was thinking as I was writing, when you got this letter, would I be able to read it to you and help you answer your questions?” He paused. , The corners of her mouth curled up slightly and asked her, “Would you like to listen?”

The game…the number one…does it matter?

Qiao Jingjing forgot all about it.

This night, they ate something casually, and Qiao Jingjing sat on the sofa and listened to him reading a letter. Listening, she was half wrapped in her arms. The content of the letter is a bit too professional. Even if there is a professional explanation, it is often incomprehensible, but it doesn’t matter, she was not very attentive.

She felt that the readers were also very inattentive. The evidence was his pauses from time to time, long and long pauses.

Winter nights always fall quickly, and when the hour hand points to nine o’clock, the letter is finally finished. She was lying in his arms, her voice a little coquettish: “You make me sleepy.”

He lowered his head, breathing in his ears, “Then go to bed early and catch the plane tomorrow. You don’t need to pack the boxes?”

“I let Xiao Zhu clean up in the morning, and don’t have to come in the afternoon.”


Qiao Jingjing felt wrong as soon as he said the words, and just said the first half of the sentence, but the second half is just superfluous! Silently prayed that he didn’t react. But how could it be possible that someone reacted quickly, and immediately chuckled lightly, and his chest vibrated. Qiao Jingjing beat him, “If you don’t walk, there will be no subway.”

“I live here tonight.”

Qiao Jingjing blinked, suspecting that she had heard it wrong, and said blankly, “Huh?”

“Sleep on the sofa.”

Yu Tu said, “Jingjing, I will take the initiative in the future.”

Qiao Jingjing sat up from his arms and looked at him steadily. Yu Tu also sat up straight, touching her cheek with his fingers.

He thinks he will never forget that at the gas station that day, she was so wronged that she was about to cry, and what she said that day.

“I’m a little willing, but I am not happy to say that.”-The moment I heard this sentence was a tingling pain, and every time I recalled it, the bottom of my heart continued to sore.

He knew very clearly that although they were already together, there was something in her heart that had not been smoothed. So in the future, at every step and every node, he must take the initiative to walk towards her.

She didn’t give him the formula, so he had to find it himself.

The room is quiet.

“But I am not very experienced in taking initiative. If it is too much, remember to remind me.” He said seriously, “For example, today I want to stay overnight. Is it too much?”

Qiao Jingjing was silent.

Yu Tu sighed slightly, took a step back, and explained: “Tomorrow morning your plane at 8 o’clock, I want to take you to the airport, do you want me to come from home at 4 o’clock?”

“Are you going to give me away?” Qiao Jingjing asked.

“You have such a low demand from me? Don’t take you to the airport on vacation?”


Qiao Jingjing was quiet for a while, and then Yu Tu heard her say.

“Not too much.”

Her voice was soft, but very clear and solemn, “Not too much, you are like this, I am very happy.”

On the morning of the fifth day of the fifth day, the train quickly drove the Benz on the track back to Whale City.

Yu Tu sat by the window and read a book. Not long ago, he had just sent Qiao Jingjing to the airport to meet with other staff, and now they should have taken off.

Yu Tu couldn’t help but smile slightly when she thought of the stunned look on sister Ling and the others when they saw him. However, thinking that Qiao Jingjing had been away for three months, he sighed slightly.

He felt that he had really thought too much before. He felt that he was too busy to take care of her on business trips, but in fact, Miss Qiao probably spent more time on business trips than him.

Who delays whose youth?

Yu Tu fixed his eyes on the book, but suddenly smiled.

When the train arrived at Whale City, he received Qiao Jingjing’s WeChat.

He opened it, and Miss Qiao sent him a very cute expression.

Jingjing: hellojpg

Yutu input-landed? Before it was sent, her second message came again.

Jingjing: “Meet me for the first time. Guess who I am?”

Yu Tu: “…”

He deleted the typed words and cooperated with his quirky girlfriend: “We first met, are you?”

The other side sent a cuter expression over and said, “I am your mobile phone girlfriend^_^, ai Jingjing.”