You are my glory (3) mobile phone lovers trivial daily

Jingjing: Today’s crew dish.

Jingjing: Bento.jpg

Yu Tu happened to be eating in the cafeteria and took a picture and went back.


Jingjing: So rich!

Jingjing: Is it delicious?

Yu Tu: Very good.

Jingjing: Your work canteen?

Yu Tu: Well, there are five canteens in our courtyard, which are similar to universities.

Jingjing: Take me to eat next time, I haven’t eaten in the cafeteria for a long time.

Yu Tu hadn’t answered yet, she denied it again.

Jingjing: No, can you not enter your confidential unit?

Yu Tu: Yes, but you have to hold your ID card at the door, don’t you mind?

Jingjing:? Mind what?

Jingjing: My ID is as beautiful as a fairy.

Yu Tu:…

Yu Tu: That’s good.

Yu Tu: Actually mine is also good.

Little Zhu, who accidentally caught sight of this conversation, drifted by silently, feeling that he had misread Mr. Yu before.

Yu Tu: Breakfast.jpg

Two hours passed.

Jingjing: Did you do it yourself? You can actually cook breakfast!

Yu Tu: Only breakfast.

Jingjing: r(st)q

Jingjing: Did you get up too early?

Yu Tu: I usually sleep for four to five hours.

Jingjing: …I hate it!

Jingjing: So you used to have such good grades, did you secretly study while normal people were sleeping?

Yu Tu: You can take a closer look in the future.

Yu Tu: By the way, you are ai. We normal people are not suitable.

Jingjing: worry.jpg

Jingjing: nbsp; =

Jingjing: Sister Ling said that you have a transparent physique.

Yu Tu: Transparent?

Yu Tu: I am sure that light cannot penetrate me.


What they say about scientific research is really…

Jingjing: Show you the chat history.

She gave Yu Tu two chat records.

Sister Ling: I now think that your teacher, who is in the entertainment industry, will not make it out.

Jingjing: Why! Isn’t it more handsome than all first-line niches? !

Sister Ling: But he has invisible special effects, haven’t you shown it?

Jingjing: What o_o?

Sister Ling: You see, he went to your house every day for more than a month, and he has not been photographed. Of course, you rarely go out together, so it’s reasonable not to be photographed. But you are so blatant in your hometown, no one broke the news?

Sister Ling: My public relations plan was done in vain.

Sister Ling: Lonely.jpg

Open the picture at the point of the tour and read it.

Jingjing: It’s a bit strange. No one of our classmates broke the news.

Yu Tu: I went back to get your coat and car keys that day, and gave everyone a red envelope.

Jingjing: (Surprised) Why didn’t you and Pepe tell me!

Jingjing: No wonder you have been there for a long time.

Jingjing: == How many red envelopes did you have?

Yu Tu: Almost one month’s salary?


Jingjing: It’s better to let them expose the material!

Jingjing: Are you stupid?

Jingjing: Angry.jpg

Yu Tu couldn’t help laughing.

Yu Tu: After that, deduct from the offer?


Jingjing: nbsp; =

Jingjing: I just finished work and saw your message~~~Did you sleep?

Yu Tu: I am writing a letter.

Jingjing: Uh, Martian immigration?

Yu Tu took a picture of the letter paper.

Qiao Jingjing looked at it for a while.

Jingjing: Yu Xiaoqiao?

Jingjing:……nbsp; =

Yu Tu: The data is too boring. Suppose there is a protagonist and describe it from her perspective. You might find it interesting?

Jingjing: Hard work!

Jingjing: So you put our last name together? It’s too random. . .

Yu Tu: Martian immigrants are still far away, so the protagonist should be our offspring. There is the possibility of being called by this name, which is not random.

Jingjing: ==

Yesterday’s bride price will be offspring today…

Jingjing: Write a letter and don’t think about it.

Jingjing: crying on the ground.jpg

When Yu Tu came out of the laboratory, he saw that the message was dialed directly through the voice call, and Qiao Jingjing refused.

Jingjing: No voice, my throat hurts.

Yu Tu: What’s wrong?

Jingjing: There was a big scene today. The director has been dissatisfied and has been doing it many times.

Jingjing: It’s been a long time since I have been so many times, so embarrassing.

Jingjing: crying on the ground.jpg

Yu Tu: Yes.

Yu Tu: Have you passed?

Jingjing: Passed, but a little depressed, please comfort>_