You are my glory (4) the adventures of the 3 person

On the map navigation, the line from Hongqiao Airport to Lujiazui has become sauce-red.

Da Mao let go of his sex, a little anxious: “It’s like this, it’s even more blocked than Beijing.”

“I hit the Friday night rush hour.” The driver Xiaolan opened the window and lit a cigarette. “Don’t lose it. It looks like they are going to Qiao Jingjing’s house, in Lujiazui.”

“Probably, Qiao Jingjing will have an event tomorrow. Hey, by coincidence, I missed the target. I caught Qiao Jingjing. It will be released on April 1st and will be available for three days of hot search.”

“This man is her boyfriend?” A Dou leaned up from the back seat.

“Mostly, it’s handsome, it’s definitely not a staff member. Looks pretty rich, Mercedes commercial car, hey, these female stars.”

It took a full ten minutes for the car to start moving slowly. Xiaolan followed and suddenly said, “Something’s wrong, why did you get off the Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway and get on the outer ring? This is not Lujiazui.”

“Where he goes, keep up with him.”

When the target vehicle drove into a somewhat old community outside the outer ring, the Yuji trio was a little confused.

“This…in the community, it’s definitely not Qiao Jingjing’s house, the man’s house?”

“It doesn’t look like it, it’s all outside the outer ring, he drives a Mercedes.”

A Dou said, “I just wanted to say that this car seems to belong to Qiao Jingjing. I have seen it a few times. Don’t dare, take pictures, wait until they get out of the car to find out where they are staying, and see if they can find a place to shoot indoors. .”

As a result, the car in front did not move for a long time after it stopped, and the picture in the police station was still.

This time the three people smoked together, “What are you doing in the car?”

“What do you guys say, but we can’t take pictures when blocked by a tree.”

Single young people are very upset.

Adou said, “I will step on the terrain first when I get out of the car.”

Finally, after a full cigarette, Qiao Jingjing got out of the car wearing a mask, empty-handed, and walking very cheerfully. The tall man followed behind with her bag.

Da Mao was very satisfied as a photographer with aspirations. He commented while taking pictures: “This guy is quite tall. I feel that he is 185 up. The side is handsome and the nose is tall. Is this a newcomer with long legs?”

Xiaolan had a different opinion: “I didn’t look at it. People in the entertainment industry can live here? It’s not convenient. I have to rent on Huaihai Road in Xintiandi or something.”

He said, dialing A Dou’s phone, “They got off the car.”

Soon A Dou issued a house number. He always had a way to follow up the elevator by pretending to be a courier and delivering water, and he could see which floor he lived on. Xiaolan looked at the news and was very satisfied, “Living on the third floor is good for shooting.”

This old community building is very close, so it would be better to take pictures. They quickly found a good location on the opposite corridor. It’s a pity that the curtains are closed, only the curtains in the living room have a slit, and only the TV wall is visible.

I am afraid of pulling the curtains when doing entertainment. The three of them are not at all anxious. They commented on other people’s houses, “This is not good, right? This buddy doesn’t seem to be rich?”

“The curtains in the room are closed, what else can we take today?”

“Wait, the previous scenes of getting off the car and entering the building are enough. See if you can get out of the corridor together later.”

As a result, when it was past eight o’clock, he saw that the man went downstairs alone and took out a pink suitcase from the trunk of the car.

Xiao Lan was so excited that she was about to explode, “Quick shot, quick shot, real hammer, Qiao Jingjing’s suitcase, she actually lives here tonight.”

The three of them were so excited that they could barely explain that they were going to a friend’s house before, but now they have all their suitcases in the middle of the night, which is hard to prove.

With full of excitement, they watched in shifts at night, and at 6 or 7 the next day, they photographed Qiao Jingjing’s team rushing over in a hurry.

“Everyone in the team knows that they all came here to pick her up.”

After more than an hour, all the people came down, including Qiao Jingjing’s boyfriend. The three took photos of everything, and then drove to follow them to the event site.

It’s not easy to shoot in crowded places, and the backstage of the event can’t get in. Fortunately, the handsome guy didn’t go backstage either. He separated from Qiao Jingjing and the others in the underground garage, and the trio simply followed him.

He found a cafe to sit and read, and they sat down at the door of another cafe opposite.

A Dou said, “Today is the event of xx diamonds. Qiao Jingjing is the spokesperson. This brand is very expensive.”

“The same thing is several times the price, why do women like to buy it?”

“You said this buddy, can you afford to buy this brand of diamonds as a gift to Qiao Jingjing?”

“Mostly can’t afford it. This buddy will have to thank us when he looks back. Now they are playing underground love affairs. When they look back, we helped him expose it. Qiao Jingjing can’t admit it?”

“Maybe, Qiao Jingjing didn’t admit it when she turned her head, maybe she was divided just to avoid suspicion, it’s not uncommon.”

“It’s okay to stop the loss for this buddy. We are also doing good deeds.

After being poor for a while, Xiaolan pushed A Dou Damao, “Look.”

The two followed his gaze and saw a stylishly dressed girl talking to Qiao Jingjing’s boyfriend with a mobile phone, and then quickly left with disappointment. Qiao Jingjing’s boyfriend continued to read the book calmly, as if he was used to it.

Adou: “…this buddy is not easy either.”

At eleven o’clock, the man got up and left the cafe. The trio quickly followed, but Qiao Jingjing’s activities began. Qiao Jingjing was on the stage to cooperate with the organizer’s activities, and he stood in the crowd watching. Qiao Jingjing on the stage was shining with stars, and the men in the crowd were tall and straight, and they were equally eye-catching. Da Mao didn’t know if he was preconceived, but when he looked at it, he felt a little bit of radiance.

The trio secretly took a lot of footage. Then I followed lunch again, and later, I followed back to the old community.

The three returned to their old positions to shoot.

Xiaolan said, “Go back here, in the love period, this is.”

God detective Adou said, “I knew they were coming back in the morning because I didn’t see the pink suitcase.”

Da Mao said, “Don’t make a noise.”

He looked at the picture in the camera a little fascinated.

In fact, the picture is almost still.

It’s a very small study room, full of books. The window opened, the curtains were slightly fluttering in the wind, the man was sitting behind the desk and writing something, while Qiao Jingjing was sitting on a small sofa opposite, holding his knees and watching something like a script.

This picture lasted for ten minutes, Qiao Jingjing put down the script in her hand, ran to the desk and watched him write. The man raised his head, said something, and then kissed her across the desk.

Da Mao’s hand shook his arms, and a heart that had seen a lot of yin and selfishness all the year round felt a little bit sour and sweet.

He felt that he was innocent.

After the two left the study, they didn’t take any more pictures. But the trio was very satisfied. They followed the airport again early the next morning and successfully completed a tracking sneak shot.

Da Mao was actually a little reluctant, “I’m going to cut them a little bit more beautifully, with romantic little music, so I can’t make them trivial.”

“You have to cut it better. It can’t be a black house. After two days, I think it’s true love. Qiao Jingjing is quite rare.”

Adou said, “I have an idea, what about the background identity of this man? Looking back on the first wave of romance, everyone must be curious about what this man does. Let’s have a second issue, boyfriend identity. Big reveal, aren’t all the hot spots of this week ours?”

Xiao Lan patted her thigh, “I think it will work, just do it.”

The trio did what they said, and immediately returned to the original community, found a small hotel nearby to stay, and planned to follow the target to the work unit on Monday.

It was dark, and the target got up early for a run.

Xiaolan commented: “Life habits are healthy, good. But he also got up too early. Fortunately, we came early.”

Goal to buy pancakes.

A Dou praised: “This handsome guy has a very simple life, similar to us.”

The goal finally went to work.

Then the Yuji trio saw him walk in…

Shanghai Institute of Aerospace Technology.

The Yuji trio was a little surprised: “Scientific research?”

A Dou suddenly said, “Yes, I asked before. The neighborhood he lives in seems to be from the Aerospace Research Institute. No wonder it’s so close to the Research Institute.”

Xiao Lan is worried: “The confidential unit, we can’t get in, we can only take pictures outside.”

“I wanted to get in there and inquire about it.”

The three of them drove around the research institute in a circle, and took some materials casually. In the end, they were a little bit unwilling and parked on the road opposite the side door.

“If you go in, you won’t be able to go in. Let me see if the material is enough for the second issue.

As he was talking, someone knocked on the car window, Xiao Lan opened the window. Outside the car were two middle-aged men of medium build. The fatter man smiled and asked, “Master, I want to ask something. Near here… “

He didn’t finish his words, his eyes suddenly fell on Da Mao’s hand in the front passenger seat, his face suddenly changed. He went around the three of them with his eyes, took out his ID and dangled it in front of Xiao Lan’s eyes.

“National Security Bureau, please come with us.”

A few days later, Yu Tu was called from the laboratory to the director’s office.

Academician Zhang is also there, and there are also two strangers, one old and one young.

Yu Tu brought the door to the door, and the director opened the door and introduced, “Yu Tu, these two are the staff of the Security Bureau. If you have something to ask you, you must answer truthfully.”

Yu Tu was startled slightly and nodded calmly, “Okay.”

“Please sit down.” The two investigators were very kind. “Don’t be nervous, just ask you a few questions.”

Yu Tu nodded.

The young investigator asked, “Who were you with from Friday to Sunday?”

Something flashed in Yu Tu’s mind, but he answered without hesitation: “My girlfriend.”

The two investigators glanced at each other with a strange expression. Academician Zhang and Hu Suo were surprised.

The young investigator asked again, “What’s your girlfriend’s name?”

Yu Tu paused slightly this time, “Qiao Jingjing.”

Academician Zhang suddenly coughed and adjusted his sitting posture. The two investigators looked at him and Hu Suo. The two leaders sat upright and looked calm, as if they were not surprised at all.

On the contrary, it was the young investigator with a hint of excitement on his face, “Is it the star Qiao Jingjing?”


“She has been in your house for the past three days?”

“During the period, she went out to participate in a diamond brand promotion event, and I was with her.”

The older investigator suddenly said, “Then you didn’t find anyone following you?”

It’s not unconscious…

Suddenly there was a trace of speculation in Yu Tu’s mind, and he felt a little weird.

However, what the investigator said later confirmed his conjecture, “According to their account, they followed you for three days and followed you outside the unit on Monday morning and took a lot of camera material.”

The investigator took a sip of water and said lightly, “Then he was caught as a spy.”

Yu Tu suddenly wanted to laugh, and asked as seriously as possible, “Then what will they do?”

“Since the facts they explained are consistent with what you said, we will collect the evidence and make sure that there is no problem and education will be released, but we have confiscated the video data.”

The older investigator warned earnestly, “Young people don’t get fainted when they are in love. So many confidential classes are in vain? There is no vigilance at all.”

Yutu was taught, “We will pay attention to it later.”

“We will also educate them and let them know how to measure, can they wander around at the door of a confidential unit?”

The two investigators left after they were fucked, and sent them to the door. Once the door was closed, the room suddenly fell into silence.

Academician Zhang drank a few sips of tea and stood up with a teacup, “I’m going to work first.”

Then the old man wandered off humming a song.

Hu Suo was silent for a long time and said: “This is a good thing, but it’s still a little bit low-key, don’t make too much publicity, of course, this is a natural thing, and there is no need to deliberately conceal it.”

Yu Tu nodded, “I understand.”

Hu Suo: “Okay, let’s do something.”

Yu Tu closed the door and left. Before he left, he vaguely heard Hu Suo also humming a song in the office. It was the same song as Academician Zhang…

When Qiao Jingjing received the call from Yutu, Sister Ling happened to come to visit the class.

After hanging up the phone, Qiao Jingjing’s expression was… indescribable.

Sister Ling waved in front of her, “What’s the matter with you?”

Qiao Jingjing said: “When I returned to Shanghai last Friday, the road to Lujiazui was too blocked. Did Yu Tu let me go to his house to play? Later, I was too lazy to toss and stayed at his house.”

Sister Ling: “Oh.”


Qiao Jingjing: “On the way, Mr. Yu said that he felt someone was following. I said it didn’t matter. Just shoot.”

Sister Ling clapped her hands, she was a little excited, “Really being photographed? It makes you so blatant, what shall we do? Should we admit it when we are blown up? Or do we not admit it or deny it?”

“Should it not explode, right?” Qiao Jingjing’s expression was even more indescribable.

“Ah? Why?”

“They were caught as spies.”

A week later, Sister Ling received an unfamiliar phone call, and the other party was grateful on the phone, “Thank you Teacher Qiao’s boyfriend for helping us clarify. This is the end of the matter. We will never break the news, and we will never take pictures in the future.”

Sister Ling coped with a suffocated smile. When she hung up the phone, she couldn’t help it anymore, and she lay on the table and laughed.

Later, I didn’t know how to spread it. In the entertainment circle, Qiao Jingjing’s boyfriend became the mysterious Mr. Unshootable. Who else doesn’t know? People from xx Yuji went to shoot, and they were all caught by the Security Bureau!