You are my glory (5) Forum Love Diary


Am I not Koi: Ah, ah, I ran into Qiao Jingjing today, and there was a handsome guy next to him. Qiao Jingjing is really beautiful, and the boys are also handsome, but unfortunately he didn’t dare to get close and didn’t get the front. Could it be that he was filming nearby? But ours is very remote. Not a fan of Qiao Jingjing but very excited. Figure 1-3.


Entertainment section of a forum.

Title: Wiping qjj hot search, is your romance going to be exposed?

Content: Qjj was shopping with a man and was photographed by passers-by.

Figure 1-3

There is also a small video, but only the back view, and it’s too far away.

1l: The picture is too vague. I just want to know who this man is. Is he an actor depending on his height and leg length? It’s not traffic, right? No fans claim it?

9l: No such person is found? Newcomer? Qiao Jingjing fans are going to blow up? Cooking is about to suck blood.

10l: Qiao Jingjing is making a new drama recently, right? Director Li’s movie was finished last month. The new drama costume has just entered the group. The second male has not been officially announced yet. Will this be the second mysterious male?

12l: This hype routine is very slippery, and it attracts a wave of attention to the romance with qjj, and then clarifies that it is just a co-worker of the crew, um, everything is there.

15l: That’s not bad. The height and legs are long. The picture is too blurry and far away, but the outline is also good, and I feel good temperament inexplicably.

25l: Do you guys think too much, will qjj cooperating with this kind of hype?

113l: The newcomer is a ghost…We have solved the case on Weibo. Why are you still studying who it is? It is the teammate of Qiao Jingjing who participated in the King of Glory game last time. She is a high school classmate, a handsome guy, and graduated from Tsinghua University. Now she is an aerospace engineer.

115l: Your eyes are so good? Can’t see his face at all, how can he be sure that he is the same as her classmate?

117l: The detailed process of solving the case shows the way “Did Qiao Jingjing fall in love today?” Weibo.

What kind of Weibo name is like an old mother who urges marriage.

125l: I moved Weibo over! (picture)

I have to say that the argument is very strong. First, the height is the same as the height difference between the two in the last match. Secondly, from the previous Weibo of the photo blogger, she lives near xx road, brothers, do you remember what her classmates did, aerospace! Then the Shanghai Aerospace Research Institute is nearby. If it weren’t for him, I couldn’t figure out why Qiao Jingjing went to such a remote place. And after having a clear picture, comparing the blurry pictures taken by passersby, the more they look like the same person.

I think it’s a real hammer.

127l: Now netizens are really terrible, and they have strong ability to solve crimes.

128l: I can understand the Weibo id of the blogger who solved the case! I’m not a fan of Qiao Jingjing, but I only watched that game video a hundred times. It’s so handsome. I hope Qiao Jingjing will marry him so that he can appear frequently. Pleasing to the eye.

131l: Dear upstairs, which video?

137l: Give directions. (B site website)

147l: The amount of broadcast is a bit exaggerated, for a game video.

149l: It might be Yan Gou licking it. Zhuge Liang was handsome and cracked the sky.

155l: Zhuge Liang is not t0 now, and I want to see my younger brother play other heroes.

180l: No, can you stop talking about games? I just want to know, will Qiao Jingjing make it public?



601l: The hot search retreats so fast.

603l: The next hot search.

610l: Well, are you planning to admit it?

623l: Qiao Jingjing’s fans denied it, saying that they were not recognized by an official. They are classmates. Isn’t it impossible to come out and play together?


Entertainment section of a forum.

Title: Today the host ran into Qiao Jingjing and her boyfriend

Content: I met by chance in the cinema, located in Beijing. The boy is really tall, Qiao Jingjing wears a mask, and he also wears it. It seems to be a couple model, a little cute. Could it be the 233333 that was stuffed by Qiao Jingjing? The host only dared to take some side and back shots.

Figure 1-5

Movie ticket jpg

Title: Please don’t define it casually. This is Qiao Jingjing, not a boyfriend.

Content: The original poster is a fan, yes, it is a love blessing, but before the official announcement, please don’t define it casually. thank you all.

Title: Qjj can’t you open so many posts every time about dating?

Content: I’m talking about this when I go to other forums to play. It’s really annoying.


Entertainment section of a forum.

Title: qjj was photographed again. Is the paparazzi too useless? How many times has qjj been photographed by passers-by, and the paparazzi hasn’t photographed it yet? ? ? ? ?

Content: as the title.

Title: Qiao Jingjing is not on the hot search again, I have a guess, let’s discuss it.

Content: Qiao Jingjing and her boyfriend were on the hot search for the first time, but they also quickly withdrew. Later, they basically didn’t go to the top of the hot search, and they just started to crawl and disappear. It’s impossible to say that it’s not hot. Every time the forum is discussed a lot, why can’t it be hot search? Moreover, the host observed several Weibo accounts of marketing accounts and Yuji, and they did not even forward the pictures of passersby, so the host concluded that the qjj team must have given money to reduce the heat of this matter. It feels quite useful. People who don’t pay much attention to gossip around the host don’t even know.

So the question is, why did Qiao Jingjing’s team do this. It is speculated that the first reason is to protect the other party. After all, it is an outsider and a scientific researcher. The second reason is that Qiao Jingjing is not satisfied with the incumbent and has no long-term plans. It will not be troublesome to break up in the future.

What do you think is the reason?

Title: Qjj is muddled, her love affair is really not interested in paparazzi.

Content: Does the fan admit that it is so difficult to cook it? There are piles of reasons. Without a paparazzi for so long, it is no newsworthy.

1l: My Jingjing’s new movie will be released soon, and there will be a TV series to be broadcast in January. Please take care of the paste coffee, please give a sunset red, thank you everyone, thank you all.


Entertainment section of a forum.

Title: I saw Qiao Jingjing on the highway!

Content: Rest area of ​​Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway! I saw Qiao Jingjing and her boyfriend. No picture. It’s too cold, the landlord didn’t bring his mobile phone when he went to the bathroom, regretting it! Look at this day, Chinese New Year! Spring Festival! Together! Are you going home together? ? ? ? ? So is this going to be publicly about to get married?